4 Easy-to-Implement Explainer Video Strategies to Acquire More Customers

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

explainer video strategies
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    Businesses on the internet are rapidly shifting towards a creative approach to outreach target audiences and creating a customer-centric web presence. This created huge competition amongst businesses to ensure their web presence is now more creative than ever.


    The problem was addressed and resolved by local businesses brilliantly using Social Media by creating unique short videos and graphic content to create flawless interactions with the visitors. 


    But it’s a time-consuming process, and as an enterprise owner, I don’t have the time to invest in social media. How do I make sure I’m not left out?


    Well, Internet Marketing is indeed complicated for medium companies and enterprises but the knife-edge competition among the companies is still growing rapidly.


    The companies are hiring marketers and marketing agencies that can help them stand out using visuals and creative content. These agencies are working on Video marketing strategies to create engaging campaigns that help to convert potential leads to paying customers.


    But we tried doing it and all I keep hearing is “All digital campaigns take time to achieve such complex target goals”


    Okay!, I do agree with the same but there’s no such thing as a fixed timeline when it comes to video marketing campaigns. With the right strategies, you will be able to see some visible results in the first month itself.


    Although, these strategies are not easy to implement here’s my secret to acquiring new users effectively with the top Explainer Video strategies.

    Need more help understanding why explainer video strategies can be extremely effective in bringing you results?

    1. Get a Word Out About Your Presence

    Acquiring new users is not at all an easy job. But with the right plans and workflow getting the most out of it is not a difficult task. But defining a healthy workflow that resonates with the sales funnel is not at all easy.


    So to create the best lead flow, make sure that all content published by you is not only engaging but is also effective in convincing users to choose you over the competition.


    And all of it starts with getting the word out about your business in the market. 


    But doing it sounds like a complicated task with little to no ROI.


    Agreed, using animated advertisements or getting a word out about a business does sound like a complex task. The complexity of which makes it the least preferable choice in the market.


    But no business can thrive long-term without continuous awareness about availability in the target market. Lack of consistency will give space for competition to rise and take over your stakes in the market.


    Thus to avoid such situations making sure a word about your brand is constantly revolving in the market is essential. 


    But I really am not sure how this will help me get more customers.


    You may be right, but this is only the first step in getting new prospects. Getting more customers is a step-wise journey that we’ll be unraveling. 

    2. Improve Comprehension about what you do

    Unraveling the journey of acquiring customers regularly is not just about being hyped in the market. The most important part of it is your potential audience being able to understand what your products or services are about. 


    For Ex-


    Cloud technologies have always been one of the most complicated techs in the market. And imagine having a cloud product that works on Financial Blockchain Servers.


    Sound like a complex product to accept?


    Let’s check out this video and then move on with the discussion 

    Portfolio+ | Animated FinTech Explainer

    The video brilliantly describes the entire concept of Portfolio+ using visuals that helps to visualize the product as a part of daily life. The transitions help to generate curiosity about what’s next hence engaging audiences till the end. 


    Thus making sure that our potential audiences are able to be on the same page with us is no more complex than it used to be in the early days. A bit of creativity poured in with a mix of imagination and technology can make you stand out forever.


    But are you sure implementing these 2 tricks can help me acquire customers?

    Not at all! You now need to build trust that your product is a stable solution to your leads’ problems. 

    3. Build Trust by Telling a Story

    Making sure your brand is trusted by your target audience is a great way to make sure you don’t need to invest a lot of effort in sales. And the most effective way to start is by making sure your potential audience knows the ideology behind your brand.


    Telling your story can help you build trust and a good story can help your customers to connect with your brand. This not only has an impact on your sales but also is a great way to make sure your brand is positioned as the top choice in the market.


    And not just that, a great story can also get converted into a cartoon video which can be a great inspiration for the world. Just like this awesome inspirational video by ‘The Lego Company’.

    The video is a great example of brand storytelling with an inspiring story for everyone with a lot of life lessons. The stellar animation and emotional storyline helped The Story to become a part of 36M people’s life.


    And I believe very rare of the world’s population doesn’t know what Lego is. The power of good storytelling has made Lego a synonym for toy blocks.


    Sounds like storytelling is a great way to build a brand position and authority over the target market.


    Well, it is a great way to connect with your audience on a deeper level but to build authority over the market, you just need to add one more detail

    4. Solve Problems with Wit and Humor

    Problem-Solving! A great add-on to your video marketing plan and adding a bit of humor to solve problems is something everyone loves. 


    Thus make sure your brand not only solves your customer’s pain point but is also always aware of the ongoing problems in the market. And you must make sure the product not only addresses these problems but also make efforts to solve them.

    These efforts can be in the form of informative guides, videos, or product updates. Thus it would be safe to say that continuous problem-solving is the only way to make sure you’re a user-friendly and thriving brand in the market for years.


    But what next after doing it all?
    Well, once you make sure all these pointers are covered and you have a business marketing plan that ensures it, all that’s left to do is to make sure your production unit is ready to handle the expansion.

    Want to enhance your current user acquisition numbers and increase brand awareness?

    Summing Up

    And what makes me so sure about it?

    Well, all the strategies mentioned above are tried and tested by the most successful companies across the globe. These include unicorn startups as well as Fortune 500 enterprises.


    Thus it would be safe to say that the clear execution of explainer video strategies can help acquire customers better.

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