Implementing these Fintech Marketing Tips can help you boost ROI Exponentially

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

fintech marketing tips

Fintech startups are on the rise. Google search has witnessed a 900% hike in search trends related to Finance Technologies. But with the rising competition on the web, deploying the app and taking care of the servers is the least concern for starting a financial business.


Marketers are working hard to create offers and discounts, but the moment it ends, another competitor brings in the better coupons which led to a whopping 35.5% uninstall rate in fintech applications.


This generated a need for Fintech Marketing Tips that can not only help acquire new users but also make sure the existing users stay. And the only way to do so is by being unique and keeping up with the user trends.


But how to make sure which is the right strategy for me?


Well, when it comes to making a decision about which strategies to opt for there’s no size that fits all. A lot of it depends on the target location and app interface.


But making sure to engage existing customers along with acquiring new ones is a challenge every company must concur.


But Where do I start?
Let’s unravel the mystery of how to boost ROI by implementing fintech marketing tips

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    Don't miss out on using Mobile Marketing

    Mobile marketing is using mobile phone devices to push brand recognition and using location services to push promotions such as notifications, texts, and e-mails.


    Recent studies have cleared that an average user uses mobile more than 5 hours a day and more than 68% of traffic on the web comes from the Mobile.


    Thus making sure your website is mobile-optimized and the ad content is created in accordance with mobile formats can help you optimize your performance. 

    Missing out on the true potential of mobile marketing can cost you a fortune.


    The ads on mobile don’t only reach potential audiences based on demographics but also make sure to target users’ behavior, this makes sure that outreach is limited only to potential leads that can convert effectively.

    Making sure the campaigns, as well as the site, are mobile-optimized can open multiple opportunities for growth and improving ROI.

    Want to know how you can attract more users through an animated explainer video?

    Check out: How Explainer Videos For FinTech Can Help To Improve User Acquisition

    Make AI your best friend

    AI has evolved and can now help you with a ton of tasks in marketing. This range from planning a campaign to executing it effectively, by helping you with tasks like keyword planning, competition analysis, content creation, etc.

    AI can collect, process, and analyze huge amounts of data that help companies better understand what works and predict how to proceed forward. Specifically, marketing experts implement AI to focus on improving the customer acquisition and outreach journey.


    AI can understand such factors as customer interaction patterns, buying behavior, preferences, and habits to generate behavior insights that can influence marketing decisions.

    Go Global with Social Media Marketing

    Making sure your business is available across the web is no longer as complicated as it used to be. Everyone’s now available on social media and with good campaigns there’re no limits to what locations you can reach out to.


    The logistics industry no longer relies on a network but is now connected like a web making sure all parts of the world are now interconnected and with social media, and e-commerce businesses are now going global without struggle.

    Don't leave out from using Videos

    The internet is now a global community of users, interacting with each other to achieve target marketing goals. And with users’ attention span decreasing exponentially using a content type that can engage users effectively to influence a decision is the only way to improve ROI.


    Videos make sure to do it for you. With host communities like YouTube and Facebook and Audio and Video comprehension abilities, Videos have the power to not only engage customers but also reach more users effectively

    Portfolio Plus - Animated Fintech Video

    Video Name: Portfolio+ | Animated Financial Videos | SaaS Explainer Video For FinTech

    Use Case: Banking Service Explainer
    Animation Style: MotionGraphics Animation
    Brand Name: Portfolio+

    Create valuable content to impart wisdom

    With tons of choices and a lot of options available across the web, choosing the right brand is now more of a struggle than searching for a product or service.


    The competition across the web is now rising exponentially and the only way to stand out from the competition is to build trust. And most effective way to do so it by solving problems and building a community rather than selling a product or service

    By making sure your users get insightful outputs and can solve a part of their existing problems with your content expertise, you can make sure the leads convert to paying customers  by choosing you over the competition.

    Here is the Case-study of one of our Fintech Client
    Check Out : Skrill – Fintech Explainer Video

    Make sure you build a brand

    With the competition across the web and people spending a lot of time on Social Media, making sure your business reaches potential customers and grabs attention can help you grab prospects.


    But making sure these prospects convert to paying customers, is one of the biggest challenges that a business needs to concur.


    By building a brand we can make sure the prospects trust your values and choose you over the competition.

    Want to create an engaging animated video for your marketing campaign

    Fintech Startups will grow actively in the next decade and these strategies can help them boost ROI exponentially

    With the rise of Web 3.0 and the decentralization servers being super secure across the web, Fintech startups are rising and a lot of companies are moving forward with finance applications and reward system integrations.

    This proves that the scope for Fintech startups in the next decade is unexpected, and using these strategies can help them connect with prospects and make sure the app performs well.

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