The Ultimate Blockchain Advertising Guide to Improve Acquisition Using Animation

Everything you need to know about using animation for advertising your Blockchain product to reach more users by improving comprehension and upscaling creativity.

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With the world shifting to an age with all industries moving towards an era of Web 3.0, all products and services are being offered online. Web servers and CDNs have made it possible for businesses across the globe to reach audiences everywhere without compromising the experience.


This gave rise to a new age of technological revolution as decentralized servers are now available in all industries in their own uniqueness. While some are using them to manage monetary resources, others are offering pure entertainment using Blockchain.


This gave an opportunity for businesses to start a blockchain firm but also raised the challenge of marketing and advertising effectively to acquire new customers and build trust in complex technology.


Although tech giants and growing startups are now using these decentralized servers to save costs and offer complex software on simpler devices. AI applications are now available on Mobiles but the use of blockchain servers is still questionable to medium and small businesses.

Wonder Why?

Why using Blockchain Tech is still a Question for businesses?

Blockchain Technology has always been in existence since the early decade, but the use of decentralized servers and CDNs is still not being opted for by businesses due to trust issues with security and management. This gave a new challenge to marketers in the domain to make acquire more users.


A lot of challenges are being faced by the market but some of the most common challenges every business must come across are:


  1. Building Trust in a shared non centralized server
  2. Explaining complex technologies and maintenance plans
  3. Server infrastructure weight and industrial segregation

Although all the challenges revolve around building trust and acquiring users the root of all the challenges is the lack of information about how blockchain works. 


Let’s move forward with a unique solution that not only helps users to comprehend complex products but also engages customers long enough to choose you over the competition.

Blockchain Explainer Videos: Animated Explainers for Blockchain Industry

Blockchain Explainer Videos are animated explainers created to explain a complex software or website hosted on a secure distributed ledger technology online based on a doubly linked list data structure, called Blockchain.


These videos are created to guide users and stakeholders to comprehend the infrastructures and security protocols followed by the provider.


No matter what solutions we’re talking about, having an animated blockchain video can help to market and acquire users for Fintech Applications, Crypto Currency, NFTs, Database Servers, and Cloud Infrastructures.

animated explainer videos for blockchain industry

A Blockchain explainer video is easy to use and can be repurposed on all owned and paid media channels. They not only help you build trust but also help users to comprehend your server protocols and engage them long enough to make a decision.

Now that you’re aware of Blockchain Explainer Videos, Let’s move forward to understand how they’re created.

Looking forward to creating your own Blockchain Ad Content?

How are Blockchain Videos created?

Creating Blockchain Videos is a simple process like any other video animation. The expertise and knowledge of how blockchain products work can, however, be an add-on benefit to creating a precise and optimal workflow using graphics. 


Creating Animation for Blockchain can be fun when experimented with proper understanding and knowledge of the technology but a slight mistake in research or production at any stage can cost you a lot of time and effort. 


Although you can hire an expert blockchain video agency but you must know this to start working with them. 

Creating an Explainer Video for Blockchain Product with an Expert Animation Producer

Creating an explainer video with an expert animation producer is simple. You need not worry about complex processes, hiring and managing a team of experts, and bearing the cost of production resources.


All you need to do is, share your requirements and a good company will help you by taking care of the rest while involving you at all stages of production. 


At MotionGility, we make sure your efforts are minimized while we do all the heavy lifting. We take care of everything from Research to Rendering. This not only helps to create brilliant, error-free campaigns but also helps you focus the majority of your time on production.

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Step 3
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Now that you know how simple creating a video with a video producer can be, all that’s left to do is hop on to start your marketing campaign.


But you’re someone with experience in graphic design and animation and want to create your own video content. Well, experimenting with animated videos is fun but messing up at any stage of production can mess up all the efforts.


In that case, here’s a simple recipe to create your own explainer videos.

Creating your own Blockchain Videos

video content creation

Blockchain videos are animated explainer videos for various products in the Blockchain industry. The product includes various decentralized server-based products like NFTs, Crypto Currency, De-Fi Applications, Cloud Infrastructures, etc.


These products are usually complex to comprehend and gaining the audience’s trust is hard as you’re trying to deal with the decentralization of security. 


Although the recipe to create the video is the same, making sure the amount of research done about the target audience is intense is super important.


Once you’re done with your market research here’s a video production process to help you create stellar videos


Step 1: Research and choose the product animation video style best fit for your video needs.

Step 2: Start with a script to tell a stellar story.

Step 3: Create a storyboard while you brainstorm the visual treatment for your script.

Step 4: Take your storyboards into the design and prepare characters and background elements.

Step 5: Get Voiceover and sound library ready for action.

Step 6: Animate the final design prepared and wait for the final video to render.


Your Video Is Ready For The Web…

how to make explainer videos

Now that you’re sure of how to create your own Blockchain videos all that’s left is to choose the right advertising channel for advertising your video.

Which is the right advertising platform for your Blockchain Video campaign?

Answering the question would be a challenge, as there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the right video advertising platform. But here’re the questions you must have the answer to while choosing the right platform for your video campaign.


  1. Does the platform targets audiences in your niche?
  2. Do they support the type of advertising asset you’re using?
  3. Are the insights and analytics reports impactful enough to help you make a predictive decision? 

If you’ve answered all these questions, you’re ready to create your own impactful blockchain video advertising campaign…

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Starting your own Blockchain Video Ad campaign

Creating a Video Campaign for Blockchain Industry is something that’s usually frowned upon by most marketers. These campaigns are usually considered expensive, as the ROI on Advertising is low and organic outreach of the campaigns demands a lot of time and effort.

These made them a rare phenomenon in the industry. But with the right tricks, process, and content up your sleeves, video ad campaigns can bring in a great ROI and help you achieve marketing goals quicker.

So, Are you ready to start your own blockchain campaign?

The Process of Starting your Blockchain Video Ad campaign

Beginning a Digital Ad campaign with Blockchain Videos is a simple process like setting up any other video advertising campaign. But to bring in the best ROI here’s my secret blueprint for creating an optimized ad campaign 


Step 1: Extensively research your target audience and filter out the irrelevant views 
Step 2: Make sure the budget allocation and target goals are clear in your plan
Step 3: Start setting up your ad campaign using the chosen platform

Step 4: Select the video you want to create an ad with

Step 5: Set up all target metrics using the filtered plan created

Step 6: Deploy your ad and check analytics regularly

The fluent execution of the process can not only help you outreach new customers on a budget but the extensive filtering of the audience can help you get viral amongst the target market. This not only helps to make sure the companies choose your blockchain infrastructure but also avoids any unnecessary ad spending.

Creating a campaign is easy. Once you set it up, you can focus on research and development of your product.

Hence, it won’t be wrong to say ‘Animated Videos are the best tools to Advertise a Blockchain Product online.’ 

Animated Videos are the best tools to Advertise a Blockchain Product online!

Animated videos are a great marketing tool irrespective of the target marketing goals. Whether it’s grabbing the audience’s attention or explaining to a specific product or service, animated assets have proven themselves useful at all stages of marketing and sales outreach.


When it comes to businesses, creating a personalized brand style is something that helps the audiences to build a connection with your business. This helps them to relate with your brand and create a rewarding connection that boosts sales by building trust. 


The audio and visuals impact the overall psychological senses and advertising campaigns created using videos can help you get better ROI compared to any other form of digital advertising.

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