8 Best Blockchain Explainer Video Examples To Inspire Your Next Video

Komal Kokate
Komal Kokate

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Blockchain Explainer Video Examples

Our explainer videos effectively connect people and familiarize them with blockchain products or services by using blockchain explainer video examples.

The uneven growth of the crypto industry brings more competitiveness than our imagination. 


Blockchain technology is considerably more popular in the context of user safety and is complicated to understand as well.


In addition, the top-edge technical aspects of blockchain technology create barriers for organizations offering blockchain products or services because it’s hard for the users to understand their offerings.


Although, explainer videos are capable to present complex things effectively to the audience and ensure delivering the organization’s core message. 


Today, the blockchain industry’s businesses need some advanced tools that boost marketing practices by connecting them to large audience groups.


In this blog, we bring some exceptional blockchain video examples that help the users to know everything the enterprises want to explain. But let’s understand what features of explainer videos make them irreplaceable.

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    How Can Explainer Videos Help to Ace Your Marketing Efforts?

    1. Creative elements not only attract the users but also engage them till the last. Similarly, explainer videos are like a fully loaded gun with a magazine of unique content and shoot unpredictable scenes for better engagement. 
    2. Atractive visuals and user-friendly content elaborate complex things easily and ensure building better connectivity with the audience, which also helps to increase conversion.
    3. This video content is suitable for large audience groups and enables enterprises to cover large market areas.
    4. Proper explanation of technical jargon and efficient visuals helps the audience to understand better all the specific terms and develop their knowledge about the same. 

    Here are some outstanding video examples that will blow the audience’s mind and encourage them to watch videos till the end for better understanding. 

    Best Animated Blockchain Explainer Video Examples

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      1. Lucidity: Blockchain Technology

      Whenever the users prefer to watch an explainer video, they have some expectations from the videos, which help them by delivering the required knowledge or solving their doubts. But you know that the purpose of creating the explainer videos is based on the user’s requirements..


      Similarly, the video explains the transparency of blockchain technology for the users because better transparency help by preventing them from any kind of fraud. The video explains different aspects of blockchain technology and elaborates on how efficiently blockchain manages the transparency of work.

      2. Blockchain: Explainer Video by Fromsquare

      Enterprises offering blockchain products or services are unable to develop connectivity with the target audience because it’s hard to explain the technicality of blockchain to the users. But, explainer videos successfully explain the different terms to users without any effort.


      The video example creatively presents the importance of blockchain technology. The video engagingly delivers all the important information along with suitable background music. The moving objects grab the user’s attention and encourage them to watch the videos till the end.

      3. Blockchain Explainer Video: AIP

      Today, blockchain technology effectively replaces other technologies because of its exceptional features. Now, from the crypto industry to other industries, blockchain makes a significant position. However, people are not so familiar with blockchain technology, and this impact the enterprises offering blockchain products. 

      The video example explains the importance of blockchain technology in the Music Industry. The video example presents how efficiently explainer videos present the benefits of using AIP. The video includes an explanation of the blockchain products or services of the AIP enterprise.

      4. Triall Promo

      Videos explain the modern tools and gadgets that are complex to operate. The videos provide proper instructions for operating the tools along with a visual presentation of how to do the specific tasks.


      The video style is a template video animation that presents how to set up the Amazon Echo at home. It also includes a live video for ensuring better user engagement and efficiently presenting the procedure of setting the mentioned tool.

      5. Blockchain Video- Buglab

      Effective storytelling in video content ensures better user engagement and encourages them to learn more about specific products or services.


      Also, voiceover has a significant impact in grabbing the user’s attention and connecting them with the brand to know more.


      Buglab offers different services based on blockchain technology and assists different businesses. Also, the video explains how the organization works using blockchain technology to ensure the safety of its customers.


      The video also includes the different aspects of the businesses for providing better growth opportunities. 

      6. Jump Force Controls and How to Play | Jump Force Beta Tutorial

      The popularity of the games depends on its familiarity with the people and how much they like the content. For completing this purpose, gaming companies release videos for increasing the user’s familiarity with the game and videos effectively connect the content to the people.


      In the same way, the video example includes the screen recording and added the instructions for performing specific tasks that how to jump or deliver a powerful kick. The video is so engaging and relevant data helps increase the connectivity with the viewers.

      7. Zense

      The main thing blockchain technology covers are people’s trust in business and brands. The blockchain explainer videos increase the organization’s familiarity with the people and make the brand memorable. These videos also help people to explain complex issues for better understanding. 


      In this video, Zense explains its services based on blockchain technology. The video begins with a problem related to documentation for a specific task and presents Zense as a platform that provides all types of solutions regarding documentation work.

      8. Cloudbric- Secure Your Blockchain Experience

      Cloudbric is a well-known name in the cyber industry which provide different services and won several awards within the industry. The enterprise use explainer videos to promote its services in a simple and understanding manner. 


      Explainer videos help businesses to present blockchain technology and their business ideas effortlessly. These videos efficiently explain the organizational services and proper explanation help in building connectivity with the audience.


      This video presents different solutions that Cloudbric has expertise in solving the same. Also, the clear and engaging voiceover of the video motivates the users to watch videos till the end.

      9. Neon Video Explainer

      The explainer videos are the one right-click that will help you to learn everything about blockchain technology. These videos are prepared to explain everything about the blockchain simply and understandably.


      The blockchain explainer videos are capable of building the community of the people and connecting them to stay longer with the brand. These videos develop the audience’s knowledge about the services and educate them about the same.


      In this video example, Neon provides various solutions based on blockchain technology by focusing on several factors. The effective use of graphics and suitable video style grab the audience’s attention and explain all the complex information for increasing familiarity with blockchain technology.

      Need An Explainer Video For Your Blockchain Product?

      Final Words

      These videos have the potential to explain every complex thing irrespective of their terms or technicality. Also, these videos are creative and have a humoristic element that ensures to engage of the people till the end.


      Blockchain technology presents various opportunities for businesses but people are not aware of that. But enterprises started using the explainer videos for building a community of people and ensuring better organizational growth.


      Our expertise in creating perfect animated explainer videos helps you to uplift your brand within the industry and build a competitive advantage for better sales and profitability.


      Also, our experts are happy to deliver engaging and creative explainer videos to enhance your marketing practices.

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