How To Do SEO for Videos?

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    Videos are everywhere! 
    From social media to websites, videos are now an integral part of all marketing campaigns. Not just that, videos are now indexed and are ranked on top of SERP too.

    This makes optimizing videos a necessity more than a luxury. And with SERP being dynamic, making sure to be visible to your audience everywhere is crucial. 

    People consume more videos than ever thus making sure your videos are search optimized is important. But to do so, let’s understand what search engine optimization is

    What is SEO?

    SEO is a blend of strategies, tactics, and techniques to trigger the number of visitors to a website. SEO is the process of acquiring a high-ranking placement on the result pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

    Internet users are used to clicking on the links or search results displayed on the initial pages. Hence, the marketer needs to realize the importance of where your website ranks.

    How to do SEO for Videos ?

    SEO ensures the growth of the business by providing a better ranking on search engines. There are some tips for organizations to ensure better SEO practices for better results.


    Choose the Right Video Hosting Platform

    When you are about to pick a hosting platform for your video, consider the main objective of the ranking. Is it just to derive traffic? Or new leads. Then choose the suitable platform.

    Interesting Fact


    Good SEO content can drive the conversion rate by 19% and grab the visitor’s attention.

    Suitable platforms help businesses to fulfill their marketing goals and objectives. These platforms increase the brand’s market reach to address a large audience group.

    Insert a Video Transcript

    video transcript means converting the video’s audio into text using speech recognition. These texts define your video. Video transcripts make your video highly accessible to a large number of people. 


    Not to forget, transcripts directly impact the rankings on the search engines. A proper transcript helps your video to get a better rank and enhance the marketing practices of your business.


    An Engaging Thumbnail

    Your video thumbnail is something that will attract the visitor to your video. If you want your video to be well-indexed, then make sure you have a relevant and compelling thumbnail for the video. 


    A proper thumbnail attracts the visitors to watch the videos by grabbing their attention. Thumbnail is your first weapon to attract the audience and encourage them to watch the videos.


    Title and Description of your Video

    youtube studio console

    Similar to blogs, the description, and the video’s title play a crucial role in your video ranking. If you include keywords that people are searching for, your video will surely rank. 


    The title and description of your videos are the indicators of the videos that provide information about the videos. The video title and description present a preview of your video content and explain to users what the video contains.

    Backlink Your Youtube Video

    Backlinks the videos is another effective trend and trick to have an effective SEO for your video. For example, if you have an explainer video that you’d like to rank, you need to have its backlink. 


    Building YouTube backlinks drive traffic toward your video and website. This way, your explainer video will rank better. The backlinks attract users to the company website from different sources and engage them.

    Share Links to your Videos on Social Media

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    Share your video content directly with your followers to grab their attention. When you post the URLs of your video on social media, you are creating brand awareness amongst the audience. 


    The enhancement in brand awareness boosts the market reach of your videos and improves the SEO. Also, generating social shares turns out to be very organic and helpful.


    Create a Video Playlist

    Create a playlist of relevant videos. A playlist having relevant videos improves user engagement, and the user can share multiple videos by sharing the link to the playlist


    A suitable playlist ensures better customer engagement and helps organizations to increase their watch time.

    Role of videos in SEO

    Videos are easy to share and better to interpret than the textual form of content. Also, you can consider having an SEO strategy from within YouTube’s ecosystem. Google gives away a preference for YouTube videos if you create relevant videos


    Secondly, if Google’s algorithms consider, the time visitors spend on your website is crucial in the ranking.

    If people spend more time on your website, Google will consider you an expert in your niche. Videos play a vital role in creating a more engaging website. Video content turns out to be very beneficial from SEO’s perspective. 


    Videos also trigger on-site conversions. Since they attract new traffic now and then, there are chances of enhanced conversions. Having interactions with visitors play a significant role in a successful SEO strategy.

    Importance of SEO

    One primary function of SEO is to enhance your website’s overall visibility and searchability. However, there’s more on the plate than it appears to be.


    Here are a few points to make you realize the importance of SEO. Have a look:

    SEO generates traffic

    Organic reach for any business is a boon. It plays a crucial role in the conversion and buying process. Quality SEO takes the brand to the initial pages of search engines, which leads the audience toward the first choices available.

    Interesting Fact


    More than 106% of traffic can generate by repurposing the old content.

    A better user experience

    Organizations need to deliver exceptional content and optimize it to manage SEO effectively. This whole process helps in creating a smooth customer experience. Your site becomes responsive, and this provokes encouragement in the visitors.


    A strong SEO means that your website is of high-quality content, is trustworthy, has something to offer, and is relevant. The more your website has credibility, the better ranking it shall have.


    An explainer video can garner 30 percent more sales for you.


    Summing it up, SEO drives growth for you. With better user experience, triggered traffic, and credibility. SEO will surely build a strong relationship between you and your audience.


    The digital world is quickly moving towards creative, fresh, relevant, and visually appealing content. Videos have aced marketing using the digital world.


    Organizations need to cover digital platforms to develop their business, and video content provides desirable results for businesses. An SEO-friendly video generates better results because of better rank on search engines and the quality content of videos.

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