SEO for Videos

How to do SEO for videos

The abbreviation SEO has been doing a lot of rounds in the digital world lately. For those who barely have any clue what SEO really is, well it stands for Search Engine Optimization. As heavy as it sounds, it is one of the best methods to have an enhanced online presence for your business. With that being said, let’s have a look at what SEO really is.

What is SEO?

In simple words, SEO is a blend of strategies, tactics, and techniques to trigger the number of visitors on a website. This is done by acquiring a high-ranking placement on the result pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Internet users have a common practice of clicking on the links or search results that are on the initial pages. Hence, it is very important for you as a marketer to realize the importance of where your website ranks.

SEO for Videos

Importance of SEO

One major functionality of SEO is to enhance your website’s overall visibility and searchability. However, there’s more on the plate than it appears to be. Here are a few points to make you realize the importance of SEO. Have a look: 

1. It generates traffic-

Organic reach for any business is a boon. It plays a crucial role in the conversion and buying process. Quality SEO takes the brand to the initial pages of search engines and hence the audience is inclined towards the first choices available.

2. A better user experience-

To have effective SEO, you need to have great content. Then you have to optimize it. This whole process helps in creating a smooth customer experience. Your site becomes responsive and this provokes encouragement in the visitors. 

3. Credibility-

A strong SEO means that your website is of high-quality in content, trustworthy, has something to offer and is relevant. The more your website has credibility, the better ranking it shall have.

4. Growth-

Summing it up, SEO drives growth for you. With better user experience, triggered traffic and a lot of credibility, it will surely build a strong relationship between you and your audience.

With that being said, another undeniable fact is that the digital world is greatly moving towards content that is more creative, fresh, relevant and visually appealing. Videos no wonder have aced in this section of the digital world. These days, you can find a range of videos for different purposes. From explainer videos to live ones, video is now the king.

Role of videos in SEO

Videos are easy to share and better to interpret than the textual form of content. Also, you can consider having a SEO strategy from within YouTube’s ecosystem. Going by the facts, Google gives away a preference to YouTube videos if you are creating relevant videos. 

Secondly, if Google’s algorithms are considered, the time visitors spend on your website is very crucial in the ranking. If people spend more time on your website, Google will have more trust in you. Videos can surely play a vital role in creating a more engaging website. This turns out to be very beneficial to SEO’s perspective. 

Videos also trigger on-site conversions. Since they attract new traffic every now and then, there are chances of enhanced conversions. Please note that conversions are an important part of a successful SEO strategy.

SEO for Videos

How to do SEO for videos

1. Choose the Right Video Hosting Platform-

When you are about to pick a hosting platform for your video, consider the main objective of the ranking. Is it just to derive traffic? Or new leads. Then choose the platform. 


2. Insert a Video Transcript-

The pairing text with your video is what video transcript is. These texts define your video. Video transcripts make your video highly accessible to a large number of people. Not to forget, transcripts tend to have a direct impact on the rankings.


3. An Engaging Thumbnail-

Your video thumbnail is something that will attract the visitor towards your video. If you want your video to be well-indexed, then make sure you have a relevant and compelling thumbnail for your video. 


4. Title and Description of Your Video-

Similar to blogs, the meta description and the title of your video play an important role in the ranking of your video. If you include keywords that people are actually searching for, your video will surely rank. 

5. Backlink for Youtube video- 

This is another effective trend and trick to have an effective SEO for your video. For example, if you have an explainer video that you’d like to rank, it is important for you to have its backlink. Building YouTube backlinks drive traffic towards your video and website. This way, your explainer video will rank better. 


6. Share links of your videos to social media-

This way you’d be sharing your content directly with your followers. When you post the URLs of your video on social media, you are creating brand awareness amongst the audience. With that being said, triggered brand awareness enhances your SEO. Also, generating social shares turns out to be very organic and helpful.


7. Create a Video Playlist-

Create a playlist of relevant videos. This improves user engagement and the user can share multiple videos by sharing the link of the playlist. 


SEO for Videos


Following the aforementioned tips can help you while you implement SEO for your videos. If you are a business or a brand, and you have the right people to help you with your SEO, your videos can rank higher and better.

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