5 Proven Strategies to Boost Email Marketing Game for Your Business

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Strategies to Boost Email Marketing
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    Checking e-mails every now and then is a habit manifested automatically over time.


    We receive a ton of emails every day but we sit at our desks, turn on our laptops, and roll out our eyes at most of the emails we receive every day from generic campaigns.


    And now, marketers are in doubt that email marketing is still effective.

    I mean how does this question even arise? 
    Don’t believe me?

    Maybe these numbers will help.

    According to a study, the global number of email users is expected to reach 4.37 billion by 2023.


    This is a 2.7% increase from the previous year and represents more than half of the world’s population. In the coming years, these numbers are going upwards and onwards.

    The average person receives 100 to 120 emails per day. The fact that half of the emails are going to spam is something that can’t be ignored.


    So how can you prevent your emails from going into your subscribers’ spam folders?


    We have listed down the 5 email marketing strategies that will help you get effective leads and of course, prevent you from ending up in a spam folder

    1. Enhance Email Delivery Rate

    First things first, it’s important to make sure that more of your emails actually reach the people you send them to.


    Many of you will relate to this, we send the emails and get notified with “Address not found”

    address not found

    To avoid these keep the following points in mind:

    Have an up-to-date email list

    Your number one priority should be having a clean and updated email list. Immediately remove any email addresses that bounce back or are no longer active.


    This will help improve your delivery rate because you’ll be sending emails to valid and active addresses.

    Segment your email list

    Instead of sending the same email to everyone, segment your email list based on factors such as age, interest, or location.


    This will allow you to send more relevant emails to each group, and people are more likely to pay attention and open them.

    Avoid sending too many emails too frequently

    Bombarding people’s inboxes can annoy them, and this lead to them unsubscribing or flagging you as spam. Rather, find the right balance and try to send emails at regular intervals.


    Just remember your number one priority should be quality not quantity.

    Keep an eye on your email analytics

    Sending emails is not the only thing we need to do, we should keep the proper track of our emails by making use of email marketing software.


    Keeping a proper track record of your open rates, and click-through rates, will help you understand what is working for you and what is not.

    2. Your Emails should include interactive elements

    emails should include interactive elements

    A good email will help you attract the eye of your audience in one go. Using interactive elements like CTA’s, images, or videos will encourage the user to engage with your email and take action.


    Here are some ideas to help you make your email more interactive:


    1. To begin with, make the subject line catchy as it is the first impression of your email, it has to be exciting and captivating.
    2. Make use of interesting visuals like images and Vmail to ensure that your email stands out. 
    3. Include buttons, quizzes, or surveys in your emails and make people engage with your content.
    4. Use the recipient’s name in the email to make it more personalized. When people feel that the email is made just for them, their chances of engaging with your mail increase.
    5. 85% of users use smartphones to access email, so make sure your interactive emails function properly on mobile phones. 

    3. Make effective use of the Drip Campaign

    make effective use of drip campaign

    A drip campaign is a series of carefully planned and timed emails sent to a group of people automatically. 


    It’s called a “drip” campaign because the emails are “dripped” out over a period of time, like drops of water from a tap.


    You can plan an effective drip campaign in just 3 steps:

    Plan the sequence

    Think about the journey you want your audience to go through then plan accordingly. Start with an introductory email that grabs their attention and gradually introduce your business or product.

    Build relationship

    Start by providing valuable information, interesting stories, or exclusive offers in subsequent emails. Each email should have a specific purpose and guide the reader towards taking action, like making a purchase or signing up for a service.

    Take care of the timing

    You don’t want to flood your subscribers’ inboxes with emails, as that can be too much. Set up your emails in a way that they’re not too frequent, but also not too far apart.


    This way, your audience stays engaged without feeling bombarded.

    4. Have a consistent Schedule and Automation

    have a consistent schedule and automation

    Having a consistent schedule and automation makes an email marketing campaign more appealing and helps to build a relationship with your mail subscribers.


    Scheduling means to send the emails in regular intervals, like once a week, or once a month


    It will help you to build a stronger connection with your audience as they become familiar with your emails and look forward to receiving them. 


    It is kind of delivering content in a format that your audience will enjoy and eagerly anticipate, like waiting for the next season of your favorite web series.


    If we talk about another important aspect of email marketing is automation. Automation means using tools and software to conveniently send emails to your customers based on certain actions or triggers. 


    For example, if someone signs up for your newsletter, you can set an automated welcome mail in your mailing software for them.


    Automation saves time and ensures that your emails reach the right people at the right time.

    5. Get inactive Subscribers Back on Board

    get inactive subscribers back on board

    Nowadays, when our inbox is bombarded with lots of emails, it’s very natural to have a number of inactive users. 


    You may not be able to retain them due to their lack of interest in your services which is quite normal for old subscribers.


    But getting them back on board can be far more rewarding, as re-engaging your existing customer is easier and cost-saving than landing new subscribers.


    One can try a proper re-engagement email campaign to retain your existing users.


    A re-engagement email campaign aims to bring back inactive subscribers, spark their interest again, and get them actively involved with your email content.


    You can re-engage them by: 


    1. Sending reminder emails – Remind them about your valuable services 
    2. Occasional emails – Send them festival wishes with personalization
    3. Offer discounts and vouchers – Send them a special offer or a discount to grab their attention
    4. Use Vmails – Make your emails visually appealing by adding videos to your emails
    5. Make use of Surveys – Invite your users to fill out the surveys and answer some questions of their interest.

    By re-engagement your only goal should be to make them feel valued and excited about your services.


    Towards the end, test different strategies to see what works best for your audience. With regards to the quote: one size doesn’t fit all.


    Analyze the results and see what performed well for you and what you can improve in future campaigns.


    Stay positive even if you don’t see immediate results. Keep learning, adapting, and refining your strategy based on the feedback you receive.

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