MotionGility Has Been Ranked 4th Amongst The Top Motion Graphics Studios by The Manifest

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Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Top Motion Graphics Studios in India
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    Another Day – Another Mention!


    Yet again, MotionGility has secured a new spot in one of the world’s most known B2B business rating lists – The Manifest.


    We cannot contain our excitement about getting featured on the list of the Top 100 Motion Graphic Studios of India.


    MotionGility is an animated explainer video production company specializing in creating animated videos for leading startups, large-scale enterprises, and MNCs spread across the globe. 


    For the past 7 years, the company has been catering to world-class startups and business organizations in the likes of Nissan, ADNOC, Porsche, HDFC, Pfizer, AutoDesk, Invideo, and many others, with uniquely curated videos.


    Our ultimate goal while creating videos is to become partners and help our esteemed clients achieve their business and marketing goals. 


    As the world gradually transforms into a closely-knit community, the competition for capturing the bigger pie of the market share seems to furiously grow year after year.


    In such tough scenarios, we are constantly thriving hard to deliver effective and engaging videos and make them act as a catalyst in our client’s growth.


    We couldn’t be happier than watching our name featured on The Manifest – A leading platform featuring the best B2B companies offering development, marketing, design, and IT services.


    While creating videos, we ensure due compliance with the below-mentioned factors:


    • Thoroughly briefing ourselves with the requirements of our clients and what exactly they expect out of us in terms of deliverables.
    • Analyzing various sets of opportunities in terms of script, character design, motion graphics, and the overall presentation of the videos to be produced.
    • Ensuring the video meets the highest quality standards and boosts the marketing efforts of clients.

    As we march forward in our ultimate mission to become the best explainer video service providers in the world, we commit to doubling our efforts.


    Being a Motion Graphics Video Production Company, we look forward to creating a ton of result-oriented explainer videos for our clients and playing an instrumental role in their startup’s success.


    We believe that our rigorous and top-notch approach toward creating effective videos has led us to earn such mentions on various platforms and business lists. 


    At Motiongility, we are passionate about what we do. In the words of our Co-founder turned CEO and Founder & Director:


    Komal Kokate - Co-Founder and CEO

    While dealing and communicating with clients, many a time situations come where what the client wants us to do is not so fruitful as compared to what we suggest. After working across many industries we try to give the best of our experience in clients' favor, as MotionGility is nothing less than the Best.


    Himanshu Chaturvedi - Founder and Director

    On working upon a project we take the work as our own and form a strategy for a flawless chain of process to deliver the client the best of our efforts. From requirement gathering to delivery we suggest and work on all the elements that can make the Explainer Video fulfill the desired object as stated by our clients.

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