Why Choose an Explainer Video Company Over DIY Tools?

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Why Choose an Explainer Video Company Over DIY Tools
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    Without a doubt, video marketing is one of the crucial marketing strategies that the majority of video marketers will adopt in 2023 for their marketing needs.


    However, a few challenges they face regularly is maintaining consistency in the quality of video content creation.


    Also, distributing the content is another obstacle that makes them worry.


    Let’s understand how companies worldwide can minimize their marketing efforts and achieve their target goals by maintaining both consistency and quality in their videos.


    Explainer videos are one of the best marketing instruments to attract a target audience and potential customers toward your business. And going by the numbers, these videos have time and again proved in drawing sales and boosting revenues for tons of brands.


    They are pretty easier to from choosing hundreds of templates provided by DIY tools. Also, the tools provide quick output in the form of videos that are ready to share.


    Nowadays, a lot of marketers and brands are contemplating about a question:


    Why should I choose an Explainer Video Company over DIY Video Tools available in the market?  


    You see – Explainer videos are aesthetically appealing which is one of the plus points for having them in your marketing arsenal. 


    Keeping in mind human psychology, anything that is visually rich has a superb recall value.


    With the help of explainer videos, complex topics can be broken down into simple concepts conveying the central message loud and clear in less time.


    This leads to strengthen the thought that the need for animated explainer videos turns out to be perfectly justified.

    Need Help in Planning An Explainer Video for Your Business?

    How can you get an Explainer Video for your business?

    There are majorly two ways of getting an explainer video for your business:

    DIY Online Tools

    DIY stands for “Do It Yourself.” As the name suggests, you get to make your video as per the elements provided. DIY tools often involve making use of templates and screen captures.


    Numerous video templates can be found on platforms like Adobe Spark and Powtoon. This way you can get an explainer video for yourself for as low as $500.


    However, if you look closely, the cost and time frame are the only two benefits DIY Explainer Video Tools provide you.


    More importantly, the drawbacks are many in the form of customized video solutions, lack of professionalism, and engaging elements which they fail to provide

    Animated Explainer Video Production Companies

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    These companies work to provide you with customized animated explainer videos.


    The videos are focused on communicating your brand or product’s key message. Also, they help raise brand awareness around your product and establish relationships with your potential customers.


    Explainer Video Companies house talented animators and professional creators that are experienced in creating engaging videos. 


    Such skilled artists blend creativity and leverage the power of storytelling in your brand’s vision, thus giving birth to an explainer video that brings you product conversions.


    The videos are created after an in-depth analysis of your brand, vision, and product specifications. 


    Although getting such videos produced would cost you higher than what you would pay for DIY tools; there’s one thing for sure: After receiving the result, you will find them worthy of investment made.

    Why choosing an Explainer Video Company for your video is a better decision over DIY Tools?

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    Saves a Ton of Time

    Deciding to create an explainer video yourself is a time-consuming process due to the complexity of understanding animation styles, background effects, etc.


    There are chances you might not come up with an ace video despite investing a massive amount of time and effort.


    Whereas, by getting it produced from an explainer company, you get a professionally designed and animated video uniquely aimed at attracting your target audience.

    Helps Improve Sales & Revenues

    No one wants to compromise the quality of their video while pitching their brand during sales or presentations.


    Dropbox’s fascinating case study validates the idea of how explainer videos can boost revenues.


    Through its video, the SaaS company generated a staggering 10 Million extra customers yielding an impressive ROI of $48,000,000 in revenue.


    This tells us how animated explainer videos can help you attain your monthly or yearly sales targets and expand your business.

    Want an explainer video that attracts more users toward your SaaS Product?

    Ensures Proper Detailing

    Animated explainer video companies know the specifics of creating videos aptly.


    The videos they create include all the details in a beneficial way, whereas DIY tools are mere bots and templates that won’t care for your vision and goal you wish to achieve.


    After all, when the audience watches your video, they must get a clear picture of your brand and products.


    And, explainer videos are capable of delivering the right message to your target audience.

    Helps Present Your Brand Strongly

    Trust us, an explainer video created by an Explainer Video Production Company will leave an impression that a DIY video wouldn’t.


    Well, that’s exactly like the difference an expert creates.


    When you present your brand in the market, a professional explainer video will level up your pitch to offer your products or services in the strongest way possible.

    Results In Higher Conversion Rates

    You would not want to miss out on conversion opportunities due to a poorly developed explainer video.


    Professionally developed videos are more customer-centric because they are developed in a strategic manner to address the pain points of customers.


    As a result, the videos developed by companies increase your chances of triggering product signups and increasing conversions. 

    Boosts Web Traffic & Engagement

    boosts web traffic & engagement-01

    An interactive video embedded on your website can improve the chances of attracting an audience by 80%.


    Hence, when opting for videos made by professionals, you can expect a great inflow of web traffic.


    Explainer videos fulfill the business’s requirements by grabbing the viewer’s attention and encouraging them to visit the website.

    Wrapping It Up...

    Believe it or not, hiring an explainer video company is more of an investment than an expense. A poorly created video would never serve your purpose, no matter how many templates you insert or how fancy your video looks.


    You can always hire professionals like MotionGility to serve your purpose of an ace explainer video.


    Concluding with a fact: A well-created Explainer Video can garner 30% more sales for your business. 


    Instead of taking risks, an organization can always utilize their time and effort in the best way by hiring an explainer video production company.


    By leveraging their experience, such companies can help bring compelling marketing results for brands.


    If you want us to create a result-oriented explainer video for you, get in touch today.

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