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Why Choose Explainer Video Company Over DIY Explainer Video Tools

Many marketers are pondering upon this question these days that, Why choose Explainer Video Company Over DIY Explainer Video Tools.
Explainer videos are one of the best tools to attract an audience and potential customers towards your business. And going by the numbers, these videos have proved to attract sales towards business. Explainer videos are visually appealing and this one of the plus points of having an explainer video for your brand. As per human psychology, anything that is visually appealing has greater recall value.

With that being said, another benefit of explainer videos is that convey the message loud and clear in a shorter span of time than the time taken in reading about the product or service or the company. Hence the growing need of animated explainer videos turns out to be quite justified.

How can you get an explainer video for your business?

There are majorly two ways of getting an explainer video for your business:
1. DIY online tools
2. Animated explainer video production companies

DIY online tools:

As the name suggests, you get to make your own explainer videos. This often involves making use of templates and even apps. Numerous templates are provided by Adobe Spark and Powtoon. You can get an explainer video for yourself for as low as 500$.

The only two benefits DIY explainer videos provide you with are the cost and time frame. However, there will be drawbacks that will include a lack of direction and unprofessionalism.

Explainer Video Company

Animated Explainer Video Production Companies:

These companies work to provide you with a custom animated explainer video. A video that will be dedicated to your brand or product. They work with a direction, a strategy. Here, your video is a work by professionals and skilled people. These artists blend creativity and storytelling in your vision and give out an explainer video that will increase conversions for you and will liven up the pitch of your brand.

The video will be created via an in-depth analysis of your brand, vision, and product. Strategies will be made to make sure that the video is able to convey the message loud and clear. These videos may be charged higher, but they surely come with a promise of visible results

Explainer Video Company

Why choose Explainer Video Company over DIY Explainer Video Tools?

1. Time –
If you opt for creating an explainer video by yourself, then you’d be consuming a lot of time in trying to understand and adjust the effects, styles, and animation. You also might not come out with an ace video, despite having spent so much of time and efforts. 

2. Conversion Rates – 
The video you create for your brand or business might not get you sales or conversion rates. Because these tools won’t get you a professional video. However, if you opt for a video that is made by a video production company, you’d surely get an ace video that will attract potential customers for you, hence triggering the conversion rates. 

3. Detailing – 
Animated explainer video companies know the specifics very aptly. This way, all the details will be inculcated in the video in a benefitting way. Whereas, DIY tools are mere bots and templates that won’t care for your vision and goal of the video. After all, when the audience watches your video, they must have a clear picture of your brand and products.

4. Google Listing – 
If you as a company want to perform well, then it is important to have a reputed Google ranking for you. So one of the wisest things is opting for the professionals who will provide you a tailor-made video, blended with interactive content to drive traffic. 

Will DIYs be this convenient? Well, surely not.

5. Presenting your brand – 
Believe it or not, an explainer video made by an explainer video production company will leave an impression that a DIY video wouldn’t. That’s exactly the difference professionals make. When you present your brand out there in the market, a professional explainer video will liven up your pitch and present your brand in the aptest way possible.

6. Traffic – 
With an interactive video embedded on your website, it is surely going to attract an audience. Hence, when you opt for videos made by professionals, traffic is sure to follow. 

7. Sales – 
If you are pitching your brand for sales or presentation, you surely cannot compromise with the quality. It has to be made by professionals so that it can attract the attention of potential customers and clients. 

Explainer Video Company

Believe it or not, hiring an explainer video company is more of an investment than an expense. A badly made video would never serve you your purpose, no matter how many templates you have inserted and how so ever fancy your video looks. You can always hire professionals like Motiongility to serve you the purpose of an ace explainer video. Concluding with a fact, a well-made explainer video can garner 30 percent more sales to you. Do you really think it’s worth it to risk it via DIY? Certainly not. 

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