9 Brilliant Youtube Video Ideas(With Examples) To Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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    Content across the internet is being consumed widely in form of videos. It won’t be wrong to state, ‘Video Content Is The Most Widely Consumed Content Type Across the Internet’.


    Thus, It is now mandatory for businesses to dive into Video Content creation to reach their target audience. But unfortunately, there’s no secret formula to achieving success with videos.


    So how do you decide what is the right content to publish on your video channels?

    Well, I’ve no secret formula, but I did compile a list of YouTube Video Ideas(With Examples) To Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaign In 2023.

    Interesting Fact

    88 percent of marketers have found that the ROI of video marketing campaigns is better than satisfactory

    These ideas will help your business to get started with YouTube and create videos that not only grab the audience’s attention but also engage them long enough to make a decision.


    If You’re not sure how to begin working on the YouTube platform
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    So Are You Ready To Create Your Own Secret Recipe Of Success?
    Let’s unravel these 9 brilliant starter ideas for  businesses to win the video marketing game and stand out from the competition

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      1. Brand Videos

      Brand Videos are short videos that help brands to share their values with the audience. Unlike Traditional Videos, which aim at advertising or promoting brands products, or services, Brand Videos are aimed at sharing your brand’s core values to create a unique proposition in market. 

      Brand videos are a great choice to begin your online video marketing journey. These videos help to share your brand’s core values and help your target audience to be a part of your growth journey and become loyal customers of your brand

      Microsoft Build: AI for Accessibility

      Target Audience: People Wanting To Help Differently Abled People 
      Animation Style: Live+Typographic
      Company: Microsoft
      Industry: AI and Tech Development

      Zendesk - Relationships are complicated

      Target Audience: Public Relationship Managers
      Animation Style: Live+Typographic
      Company: Zendesk
      Industry: SaaS

      The Lego Story

      Target Audience: End Customers
      Animation Style: Cartoon Animation
      Company: The Lego Group
      Industry: ABS Construction Toys

      2. Animated Advertising

      Animated Advertising Videos are short videos created to get the word out about your brand. These videos are the entry step to your sales funnel and share your brand offerings with your audience within seconds creatively and engagingly.

      Animated Advertising is the best way to get the word out about your brand and share all your offerings with the demographics you are targeting. They’re a great tool when it comes to local promotions via social ads.

      My Food My Place

      Target Audience: Foodies
      Animation Style: 2D Animation
      Company: My Food My Place
      Industry: Food Delivery


      Target Audience: TV Viewers
      Animation Style: MotionGraphics Animation
      Company: Skrill Money Transfer
      Industry: FinTech 

      3. Explainer Videos

      Explainer Videos are short marketing videos created to explain your product, service, or brand to your target audience. They help to break complex ideas and creatively engage your audience to convince them to make a buying decision.  

      Explainer Videos are a great choice to boost sales by using self-explanatory and comprehensive content in engagement campaigns. These videos help users relate to your brand and generate a need for your offerings in daily life.

      OPA Marketing

      Target Audience: Micro-Influencers
      Animation Style: 2D Animation
      Company: OPA Marketing
      Industry: Digital Marketing(Influencer Marketing) 

      Portfolio | Financial Explainer

      Target Audience: Banking Related Audience
      Animation Style: MotionGraphics Animation
      Company: Portfolio Plus
      Industry: FinTech 

      AssetMark | SaaS Video

      Target Audience: Tech Companies
      Animation Style: MotionGraphics Animation
      Company: Asset Mark
      Industry: SaaS Product 

      Curious How We Create Such Flawless Animated Explainer Videos?

      4. DIY Roundabouts

      DIY Roundabouts are creatively engaging tutorials that help your viewers with what is next, related to your offerings. These videos are created with to help your audience perform various tasks related to your product or service.

      These Videos are a great choice for all services and product industries to help the audience understand why the product is necessary and what are the various possibilities once they opt for your offerings.

      Why Use Animated Explainer Video For Your Business?

      Target Audience: Businesses That Own Explainer Video
      Animation Type: Classic 2D Animation 
      Company: MotionGility Pvt td
      Industry: Children Entertainment

      Tekken 8 Combo Tutorial Jin

      Target Audience: PS5 Gamers
      Animation Style: 3D Aniamtion
      Company: PlayStation + Bandai Namco (Tekken Project)
      Industry: Video Game  

      5. QnA Videos

      QnA Videos are videos created to answer queries generated by your audience across the web. It can be both live and pre-recorded sessions with questions collected from various sources across the web.

      These are usually social media lives, survey response videos, expert opinions, and awareness videos answering queries to most asked questions related to your Brand, Product, or Industry.

      QnA Videos are the best way to establish one’s personality as an expert in a niche. With well-researched and precise answers, one can grab the attention of the right audience and establish a good brand value in niche.

      Sales IQ Testimonial By Mahindra

      Target Audience: Sales IQ Potential Leads
      Animation Style: Live+Typography Compilation
      Company: Zoho
      Industry: Smart LMS Service

      6. Advice and Tips

      Advice and Tips are roundabout videos that help your audience to achieve the full potential of your product or service. They help your target audience to visualize your service as part of their business growth.

      These are usually created with the intention of helping the audience to achieve various business goals in collaboration with the services or products you’re offering.

      Advice and Tips videos are the best choices for businesses to engage audiences by helping them to achieve the best ROI using services or products you deliver. 

      Smart Watch Recommendation

      Target Audience: People Looking For Budget Smart Watch
      Company: Noise
      Industry: Smart Wearable Devices

      WordPress Tips and Tricks

      Target Audience: WordPress Users
      Company:Ferdy Korpershoek(WordPress Tutorial)
      Industry: No-Code Web Dev

      7. Brand Story-Telling

      Knowing your brand is important for your audience and sharing the true story behind building a brand is a great way to not only introduce them to your brand but also build trust by sharing your journey to the present.

      Brand storytelling videos are a great fit for startups and small businesses trying to build an emotional connection with the target audience. A brilliant way to do so is by sharing relatable stories and emotional sentiments related to your brand vision.

      Coca Cola

      Target Audience: Young Adults
      Animation Style: Live + Animation
      Company: Coca Cola 
      Industry: FMCG


      Target Audience: Coffee Lovers
      Animation Style: Live + Animation
      Company: Starbucks 
      Industry: FMCG

      8. Event Coverage Videos

      Event coverage videos are a great way to showcase your company’s culture and reach out to potential stakeholders by showcasing the brand values and team. This not only encourages potential talent to join you but also encourages potential customers to invest in your brand based on your company’s values.

      Event coverage videos are a great choice to kill two birds with one stone. These videos can be helpful for both the hiring and customer acquisition processes. 

      Event Highlights Microsoft

      Target Audience: Tech Enthusiasts
      Company: Microsoft APAC
      Industry: Software 

      9. Interview Videos

      Interview videos are ones created with an industrial influencer or expert to answer the questions people are curious to know about their life or related to their contributions and achievements in the industry.

      In an interview video, the person mostly answers the questions people are curious to know about in a way that solves all audiences’ doubts

      Interview videos are a great way to connect with your audience on a personal level and answering their queries build trust and help you stand out from the competition.

      Interview With Aman Gupta

      Target Audience: YouTube Streamers
      Company: The BarberShop
      Industry: Infotainment

      Looking for a Perfect Video to Boost Marketing Insights?

      Choose The Right Video To Achieve Your Target Marketing Goals Is Important

      Marketing using videos sounds complicated until you have the right inspiration to begin your video journey.  Thus, choosing the right videos to complete your target marketing goals is more of a necessity now. 


      There are tons of digital marketing courses and inspirations available across the web to help you learn which is the right video content type for your upcoming campaigns.


      Well, there’s no right answer to this except choosing the video that aligns closely with your target marketing goals and budget.

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