5 Best Mobile Ad Explainer Animation Styles To Choose Your Next Videos From

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Komal Chaturvedi

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Best explainer video styles for mobile app

Mobile Phones have Undeniably become an essential part of everyone’s life. Today, More than 7.2 Billion People are Actively using Smartphones and more than 52% of Sites are getting Relevant Traffic from Mobile Devices. People are now more engaged in Mobile Videos than in any other medium. 


Let’s Understand Animation Styles For Mobile Ad Videos and How To Leverage Animated Mobile Explainer Videos to Improve Leads Generation and Boost Sales. 


Animated Videos for Businesses are now more popular than ever but responsive sites and accessibility of content across multiple devices have brought up a new opportunity for businesses to stand out from the competition and leverage Mobile Video Content to Boost Brand Awareness and Reach Target Goals.


So How Do I Decide Which Video Animation Style Is The Best Choice For My Business?

Top Video Animation Styles To Achieve Target Goals Using Mobile Videos

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People spend hours on applications using smartphones, and more than 70% of smartphone users have installed Free Versions of Paid Apps which offers opportunities for businesses to Advertise Online.


The right video style ensures the business’s betterment by increasing the market reach using the videos and addressing the target audience.


Videos on smartphones can not only improve brand awareness but also help to build better brand name retention.


Today, the Accessibility of the Internet across Mobile Apps is on expansion, which creates an observable change in people’s feelings and experience processing.


Envisioning Shopping Online from the comfort of home was never thought of by our predecessors but Mobile Phones granted organizations a peer-to-peer reach with AI algorithms to target Ads to the right customer.


The businesses target people using their location, preferences, and other specific datasets.


Similarly, Mobile Videos are now a rare vision very few organizations can Envision today but this is what makes stand out from the competition.


Mobile Explainer Video Ads effectively grab the attention of visitors and Apps provide a Clear CTA to Ensure Increased Traffic and Goal Fulfilling Clicks. 

Here are Top 5 Animation Styles You Can Use To Create Mobile Video Ads
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    Whiteboard Animation

    Whiteboard videos are attractive and engage the audience to get better results. The whiteboard video means to doodle characters or objects on a whiteboard. These videos are more engaging because of their unpredictability. 


    Along these lines, whiteboard videos are your best decision if your item is not easy to build connectivity with the audiences. The explainer videos shouldn’t last over 90 seconds, yet you can expand this time range if you utilize a whiteboard video.

    Motion Graphics Animation

    When illustrations and graphics combine with animation styles, they form motion graphics. They turn out to be a deadly combination for any mobile app.


    They can turn complex ideas into simple videos with simple motion graphics, and the audience loves them. After all, who doesn’t love a good cartoon video with some great storytelling?


    Besides, this video style can be more formal than others. Motion graphic Styles settle a brilliant decision if your crowd comprises. For instance, organization proprietors or directors.

    Screencast Video Animation

    In layman’s words, screencast video refers to the screen recording of how to operate an app or a service.


    It is prudent, even with an expert touch, which makes it perfect for new companies. It includes the screens where a program or application appears as a specific errand performed, so it can clarify how it finishes.


    The screencast videos effectively explain the procedure or the products that create complexities among the potential customers.

    Character Animation Videos

    Character animation videos use animated characters, which makes them one of the most captivating sorts of explainer videos.


    These characters deliver the organization’s message. Additionally, when you’re turning to multi-year representatives, these characters speak to the profile of their crowd.


    The legend of your story may be this era gathering and may be associated with that profession. This technique creates remarkable credentials and engagement with the public.


    Notwithstanding picking a configuration, an outlandish method to make sense of how you might want your explainer video to be is by attempting to record everything.


    To assist you with doing this, you can download our free guide on the best way to compose an explainer video content. 


    Character animation video style is a thoughtful thing to choose what you need your video to resemble.


    However, when you realize that the best thing you can accomplish for your organization with this data is to let experts handle the difficult work for you.

    Live Animation Videos

    The Live Animation Video genre is an explainer video genre that shoots live activities. These help to establish yourself as responsible in an increasingly homely style, this arrangement is a good decision.


    It’s somewhat basic for some individuals to feel that this kind of video is more expensive than others since it wouldn’t require a lot of specialized expertise.


    Live activity videos can be as expensive as an animated video, bearing in mind that they need production, screenwriting, acting, and version you can do without anyone else’s help.


    However, if you are a willing filmmaker, you will understand that getting your video to ensure your business picture as a specialist organization will undoubtedly involve some significant downside.

    Want to increase downloads of your mobile app using Animated Mobile App Videos?


    Mobile Advertising has made Ad Content distribution so easy and accessible that today’s world seems like a Global Business Community on Fingertips.


    Be it Social Media Platforms, Shopping Apps, Banking, or Even e-Learning all apps can target the right audience using quality content and convert them to valuable prospects.


    In this worldwide cut-throat competition, Video Content can deliver unexpected results for an organization and help in the sustainable growth of the company.


    Although, It’s Crucial to choose the Right Video Style for it, and you are good to go.

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