5 Music Video Animation Benefits All Producers Can Leverage

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

5 Music Video Animation Benefits Music Producers Can Enjoy
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    What if there was a way to transform your fantastic music video into a piece of art that your audience remembers for decades?


    Well, the concept of animated music videos is relatively not new but if you look at their impact, they have been instrumental in enhancing the brand value of musicians globally.


    Today, with user preferences changing at an incredible pace, music producers and production houses are resorting to animated videos and taking advantage of animation to extract music video animation benefits.


    Given their ability to reach billions, these videos can be considered as an extension to an artist’s vision that they have depicted in their original live video.


    Below, we discuss the numerous benefits that music producers can extract from using animated videos.

    Need help exploring the various music video animation benefits Music Producers can enjoy?

    1. Helps you Stand out from the Competition

    Animated music videos are one of a kind since they carry outstanding visuals in terms of quality.


    So if you look on YouTube, you would find many animated videos created by artists as well as music labels that portray excellent visuals alongside a compelling storyline.


    This helps music producers in attracting their existing audience base as well as newer set of audiences globally.


    As a result, your animated video will complement your live video and thus provide you the additonal exposure you require.

    2. Produces opportunities for Brand/Industry Collaborations

    In today’s age, thousands of artists are resorting to striking collaboration deals to increase their reach amongst their target listeners.


    Accordingly, many renowned musicians have joined hands in creating an animated video thus producing a unique way of musical entertainment for their global fans.


    From the business perspective, such collaborations over an animated video also increases opportunities for musicians and producers, thus ending up in a profitable crossover for their professional careers.

    3. Boosts brand awareness

    boosts brand awareness

    Another way of making the best of music video animation benefits is by using videos for boosting your music label brand’s awareness.


    You see – animated videos come with this massive advantage where they can be instrumental in increasing your music brand’s awareness.


    Considering the availability of multiple social media and digital platforms, these videos can accelerate your branding efforts and provide you with a competitive edge over your competitors.


    On top of that, such videos can also help you win attention from unexplored locations globally thus helping you expand your fan following.

    4. Extended Lifespan and Durability

    Animated music videos contain aesthetic visuals that provide a longer lifespan to music producers as compared to live-action videos.

    Their style and themes tend to remain relevant for decades and enjoyable for the target audience as they are not averse to becoming obsolete soon.

    As a result, musicians get an opportunity to stay in the minds of their fans for years by offering them an additional unique perspective on their original live-action music video.

    5. Flexibility and Versatility

    generates engagement & social sharing

    With these videos, artists have infinite possibilities in terms of creativity, storytelling, and animation styles to try their hands on.


    Musicians can enjoy the maximum music video animation benefits by experimenting with mixed themes and telling a compelling story that’s in sync with their music.


    In the end, this will allow them to enhance the overall impact of their song or album on their target audience thus strengthening brand recall.

    Looking forward to creating an appealing animated music video and transform the musical journey of your fans?


    The world of animation is advancing at a rapid pace and the transformation in the music industry is no surprise.


    By letting your chart buster song or music album navigate the lanes of animation, you can ensure that your fans are in for a visually rich and entertaining surprise for the rest of their lives.

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