Top 10 Animated Music Videos To Engage Listeners Effectively

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    The music these days releases at a rapid pace. Music has the power to attract an audience and blow the fan’s minds. Also, releasing animated music videos ensures more connectivity with the viewers and engages them to watch the video till the last. 


    Increasing demand for cartoon music videos allows producers to create more video content and get more benefits. However, many producers prefer animated video content because of its high engagement and attractiveness.


    In addition, another reason the producer prefers cartoon videos instead of in-human videos. The only reason for opting for music videos is their popularity among the audience and their engaging power. 


    In this blog, we bring some awesome animated music videos that not only engage the users but also connect them to watch the entire video. 


    But wait, do you know the benefits of using animated videos? If not so, then let’s discuss this first.

    Table of Contents
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      How using Animated Music Videos is beneficial than In-Human videos?

      Brand Engagement: The animated music videos are way better and more engaging than the in-human videos. Users prefer watching animated content because of its creative element and unproductiveness. 


      Content ensuring high engagement is always the first choice for any producer. Also, higher engagement increases the music video’s effectiveness and delivers better audience satisfaction. 


      Cost-Effective: In-human videos include several costs such as set creation cost, casting, lighting, etc. However, on the other hand, animated videos only required an animation video production company that can help in creating an animation video for your music content.


      Animated music videos are more budget-friendly for users who can’t afford in-human videos and their popularity attracts users of all kinds to create animated music videos. 


      Attention Grabbing: The creativity and unpredictability of animated videos attract users to watch till the end. Also, users encourage the users who spend more time watching related videos which helps in building the connection with the viewers.


      Attractive content not only ensures better engagement but also impacts the users’ mentality to view the content frequently. Grabbing user attention for a long time creates a loyal audience base.


      Time-Saver: Time is always dominant in any situation, if you release the music video at the right time provides a better advantage. And, often producers can’t release music videos at a given time because they need to improve for perfection. 


      The creation process of animated music videos covers all the necessary elements that help in a perfect creation. It needed less time as compared to in-human videos. Also, it saves money and effort along with delivering the best possible results.


      User-Friendly: The sudden rise in watching animation these days encourages producers to create animated videos. The audience shifting towards watching animated videos presents an opportunity for the producers to create user-friendly content. 


      Animation music videos connect users better because they love to watch animation since their childhood and animation videos are suitable for different user groups. Also, producers can give a personalized touch to the audience by altering the content based on region or locality but it can’t be possible in in-human videos.

      Best Animated Music Video Examples

      After understanding the benefits of animated music videos, I am sure that you are keen to watch the awesome music video examples that give a lasting impact. 


      Then here you go.

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        1. Imagine Dragons- Birds

        The video is created by the American pop-rock band Imagine Dragon. The video delivers a beautiful message that love can’t fade or die. 


        The music video presents the story of a young boy who belongs to a family that can grow wings and flies. Also, there are some ups and down in the story to create a better connection.


        The videos have everything that connects the viewers emotionally like how the music videos connect the viewers to the life of the boy. Happiness, sadness, sacrifice, and learning are the elements that engage the viewers emotionally, the video has all these elements that ensure the delivery of better touch.

        2. Ed Sheeran, Pokemon- Celestial

        How animation could be so engaging? Haven’t you watched this video? The unpredictability and immediate switching of scenes will never distract you. Also, the combination of in-human videos and animated videos seems more attractive and engaging. 


        Ed Sheeran connects the video with the different characters of pokemon because of their popularity.  The frequent changes in the scenes ensure better viewer engagement. Also, listening to Ed Sheeran is like an exercise for mental peace and presenting magical characters increases the user’s curiosity.

        3. Taylor Swift- Gorgeous

        In this video, the Kinetic animation video style uses floating texts for better viewer engagement. The floating text and images grab the users’ attention and encourage them to watch the videos till the end. The typography using bold and shaded words helps to connect the users. 


        Taylor Swift is a popular name in the music industry because of her voice, but do you know why she used a motion graphic video style? Because there is another field where motion graphics has a significant place. The reason for choosing this video style is because of higher viewer interaction.

        4. ENGLISH ‘Zen Zen Zen’ Your Name

        One of the best 2D animation lyrical music videos because the words using the video are not so exaggerated and easy to connect. Also, there is amazing storytelling in this music video that presents the characters along with the lyrics. 


        It’s a kind of conversational lyrical video, and a conversation between the song is the most engaging part. The song is created by the famous Japanese rock band RADWIMPS. Simple white background and two characters increase the music video’s effectiveness and lead viewers to watch the video till the last.

        5. GRADES- King

        The video includes the excellent use of visual effects that effectively matched the music.  Also, the girl performed suburb and was well synchronized with the visual effects. Bravely dealing with the situation, the artist encourages the viewers to watch the video till the end. 


        The VFX is used exceptionally in this video, which reflects better user engagement. The video was created by Taichi Kimura, an award-winning director. The great use of visuals attracts the users, and the part when the girl fully converted into the animated characters gives a goosebump.

        6. Dua Lipa- Hallucinate

        The video was created by using cartoon animation music video style which is mainly preferred by the viewers. This video style is suitable for different audience groups and audiences are more familiar with cartoon videos because they spend a part of their childhood watching videos.  


        Dua Lipa is a well-known artist in the music industry who sang this soulful song that blow people’s minds. The video uses multiple colors that seem attractive and engage the users to spend more time watching the video.

        7. Giangrande- Paper Plane

        This video exists at another level, I think no have ever have watched this kind of stop motion paper cut animation video. I wonder how effectively work paper-cutting animation in the context of user engagement and storytelling. 


        The video is the best piece of sweetly crafted visuals and the whole video is created out of paper. The stop motion video style seems so simple but creating a video effectively using this style is not a cup of cake for everybody.

        8. Align- 2D Animation Western

        The creators of this video are masters of delivering dialogue-less storytelling. Also, the audience prefers to watch emotional content like breakups in relationships kind of things. The video presents the journey of two people criminal, how they team up for a crime, and how the trust factor ruin the relationship. 


        The 2D animation video perfectly connects with the audience because some elements in the story are eye-catching. The video easily connects the thieves’ journey with the viewers and their happiness and sadness.

        9. Dua Lipa- Levitating

        The simple moves in the video make it more realistic and authentic. The art style and composition make the animated music memorable and joyful. The music video also uses floating images that also ensure to deliver better engagement with the viewers.


        The Animation Video Style includes cartoon animation which is highly preferable by the audience. This video style helps the creators to get a better number of views and positive responses to their videos.

        10. The Weeknd- Snowchild

        This is one of the most underrated masterpiece videos that indicate the different aspects of the man’s life and presents how his life is going. The video begins with impressive storytelling and easily connects to multiple viewer groups. 


        The music video presents a sad story of a man’s life and presents the ways he accepts things or challenges. The video presents a straight story. There are no specific changes in the plot or storyline.

        Want to produce your next Music Video using animation?

        Final Words

        Animation makes it possible to live with imagination. Things that we can’t shoot are created by using animation. Animation can better present music videos than in-human videos.


        Nobody hates music, some prefer to hear modern and some traditional, based on their preference.


        Creating an animated music video is more beneficial and easy as compared to in-human videos. 


        Also, composers need to get help from animation music video production companies for creating an effective video. These are the experts in bringing the creativity expected by clients.


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