How to Boost Growth in Medical Industry Using Animated Healthcare Videos? 

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Boost growth using healthcare videos

Without a doubt, healthcare marketers globally are fighting a couple of key marketing & growth challenges in terms of building trust & increasing brand awareness.


On top of that with healthcare services now being available on our fingertips, the need to establish its credibility in the minds of target users has increased than ever before.


So in a conceptually complex medical industry, overcoming various growth barriers has become more like mandatory for medical professionals.


To solve this, the healthcare industry is at present transitioning to boosting growth using healthcare videos.


In an industry where multiple stakeholders are involved, using such videos has been beneficial for professionals, healthtech startups, and pharmaceutical companies.


Let’s understand in detail how healthtech explainer videos can help brands address their multiple growth challenges.

Need help understanding how Healthcare videos can help you strengthen your brand's growth efforts?

Audience Targeting and Retention using Healthcare Videos

audience targeting and retention

Targeting audience and retaining them in a cut-throat competition driven healthtech space can be a bit concerning for marketers.


However with animation videos, startups can now break down complex medical concepts & procedures into easy digestible pieces through rich visuals.


Now how does this benefit them? Well, when complex information is broken down, it helps smoothen the communication to patients, investors, healthcare providers, etc.


For marketers looking to boosting growth using healthcare videos, this can be a concrete option to capture attention, evoke empathy, and encourage engagement in their target customers.


The biggest benefit of these videos lies in the customization and the ability to get repurposed for digital platforms. 


This directly allows companies to connect with their audience and increased brand visibility.

Easing Stakeholders' journey and building trust in services

Talking about easing stakeholders’ journey, animated videos carry a user-friendly and engaging approach which helps healthcare brands build trust in the market.


By helping hospitals and medical devices manufacturers demonstrate their products easily, these videos have been proving in enhancing user experiences of customers.


As a result, crisp demonstration is also helping brands increase user adoption, boost conversions, and improve sales respectively.


Check out below a stunning example of a tech-enabled platform developed and designed uniquely for health professionals:

MetricAid: Animated HealthTech Explainer Video

In the animated healthcare video above, you would have noticed how the power of animated characters have been leveraged to showcase a product’s features. 


On top of that, the use of realistic backgrounds and motion graphics improve the software’s comprehension for the target audience which in this case, are medical professionals.


To add more emphasis and hook attention of viewers, the use of background voiceover adds up to the impact created due to the animated video.

Establishing Healthcare Brand's value in the Target Market

brand value of healthtech startups

Nothing works better than explainer videos when it comes to establishing a healthcare brand’s value in the target market.


The reason is – Such videos have been proven to excel at brand communication, thus helping brands differentiate themselves from the competition.


What’s make them more appealing is the way they showcase the key benefits and features of medical products and services in a visually compelling manner.


Now this automatically makes them a solid instrument where brands can use them to boost growth.


Another key aspect of such videos is the power they carry to potray a startup’s vision through brand storytelling.


This helps them connect with their audiences on an emotional level, thus paving smooth ways for future relationships.

Looking forward to boosting growth using Healthcare videos and improving customer services better?


In the race to establish themselves as the best HealthTech brand, startups are now transitioning to leveraging the power of Animation more than ever before.


To say the least, brands can ride on the wave and improve their patients’ and overall customers’ experience by large by using healthcare videos.


Thus, this will ensure they boost their growth and overall marketing efforts in a goal-oriented manner.

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