Educational Videos in E-Learning: Enhancing User Education

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Educational videos in e-learning
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    The educational industry’s scenario has witnessed massive transformational changes after the emergence of the Covid outbreak.


    And if you consider how people watch and educate themselves, you would notice a growing interest towards education through videos which we normally term as E-learning.


    But user education isn’t limited to schools & universities today as thousands of brands are using videos to help customers comprehend their products better.


    The reason is quite simple – Educational videos in E-learning pave way for better user education that not only help educate but also engage the target audience.


    Ask yourself: What would you choose to learn about something faster – A text-based manual or an informative explainer video?


    I bet you wouldn’t choose the latter one considering how unclear it maybe in terms of long paragraphs and a boring format!


    So how do these videos prove to be a gamechanger in terms of user education? Let’s find out.

    4 Reasons why Educational videos in E-learning can be fruitful

    As per recent data, the global E-learning market size was valued at $399.3 billion in 2022.


    Now clearly, this speaks volumes about how rapidly the market is moving at a rapid pace thus producing tons of opportunities for effective marketing solutions like educational videos.


    As far as results are concerned, there are many benefits that videos provide to educational institutions and brands such as easy comprehension, brand recall, engagement, etc.


    Let’s understand each one by one.

    why educational videos in e-learning can be fruitful

    1. Helps improve Comprehension & Retention

    If you look around, the biggest hurdle learners face while e-learning is grabbing a comprehensive yet easy understanding of a particular topic.


    Due to this, they keep switching different video publishers in search for a quality result.


    To cater to this issue, the ed-tech industry can use education-based animated videos to present comprehensive topics in the form of an interesting story.


    This is made possible mainly by breaking down complex terminologies into easy and digestible pieces.


    Moreover, rich illustrations and relatable explainer characters help learners retain the information for a longer period.

    Difference between Inbound & Outbound Marketing | Animated Marketing Explainer Video

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Video Type: Marketing Explainer

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    2. Increases User Engagement opportunities

    The E-learning market today comprises many domestic and international players, thanks to the easy accessibility of internet-based learning platforms.


    However just like food delivery apps, it has been noticed that learners are often not loyal to any particular platform and keep switching between them.


    This could be mainly attributed to the absence of engaging elements required for producing action in terms of engagement on videos.


    Given that ed-tech platforms mainly bank on their dedicated mobile applications through which learners access educational content, educational videos can help boost their various metrics such as:


    • Session Length
    • No. of Daily users
    • Stickiness [how often they return to the app]
    • Avg. Revenue per user 

    Videos can work wonders and largely help increase and enhance overall engagement metrics as – The more appealing the videos are, the more time users will spend interacting.

    3. Boosts brand Loyalty and Recall

    boosts brand loyalty and recall

    If you look at the E-learning market leaders, you would get a dedicated and loyal set of audience who is in awe of the goods/services they’re receiving.


    And for obvious reasons, this directly relates to how strong a particular brand’s identity is taking shape in the market as well in the minds of its existing customers.


    You would agree with me on this – Great service ensures increased brand loyalty and recall. 


    At the end, it’s all about how strong a brand stands on customer relationship parameters. 


    Through explainer videos, brands can build loyal audiences that keep returning by providing an exceptional user experience in terms of services and communications.

    4. Helps increase Conversions and Sales

    With the help of videos, increased brand awareness, simplified comprehension, and enhanced engagement metrics boils down to one thing – Reflection on overall Revenue metrics.


    This is probably what can be the biggest flex relating to how educational videos in e-learning play a key role in impacting the sales of learning platforms.


    These videos come with a catchy CTA that are integrated to either create a sense of urgency or even capture leads from the target viewers.


    Thus, these actions boost the conversion goals set up on the website or landing pages where qualified leads get accumulated for further nurture leading to final conversion.

    Want to enhance the E-learning experience of your learners using educational videos?

    Final Words

    The E-learning industry is currently experiencing a transformational wave in terms of growth in learners, market opportunities, etc.


    By using educational videos in marketing campaigns, ed-tech brands in general can leverage the power of animation and engage their viewers better.

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