10 Reasons Why You Need Explainer Videos in Marketing Campaign

Komal Chaturvedi
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Explainer Video In Your Marketing Campaign
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    In this digital era, it is no surprise that the maximum number of marketers have shifted and opted for videos to support their Video marketing campaigns because videos have turned out to be a promising tool that has captured a great deal of the market. 


    So why this sudden love for videos? 


    Not that it happened overnight. There must have been something that led to this. Here, we will talk precisely about this. To start with, let’s believe that marketers did get great positive results by adding videos to their campaigns and promotions.

    A user spends 88% more time on a website that has a video added to it.

    There have been surveys that proved the fact that videos also offered a great ROI, which certainly sounds impressive. Let’s understand the Reasons Why Explainer Videos Are Good For A Marketing Campaign

    Why Businesses Need Explainer Videos in Marketing Campaign

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      1. Easy to Consume

      Potential clients are occupied individuals. They are immersed with data each time they search the web, so they don’t have the opportunity to lounge around and watch a 10-minute introduction to your organization.


      The mixture of audio and visual content allows the user to understand more because it impacts the user’s psychology and enables them to recognize the products or brands for a while.


      2. Easy to Share

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      The explainer videos are easy to circulate on digital platforms. The accessibility and shareability of these videos indicate the extensive reach and ensure better user response.


      Startup explainer videos are anything but not difficult to share, both for you and your clients. Posting your video on the entirety of your online life accounts is a speedy approach to getting the data to your adherents. Explainer videos give those supporters a simple method to pass it to their companions.

      3. Amazing to Watch

      company profile video

      The explainer videos are more engaging than other marketing techniques. It ensures higher conversion and better user engagement. The users prefer to watch videos instead of texts or images. 


      In only a couple of minutes, you can have a more remarkable effect on potential clients than a few book-driven blog entries ever could. The users prefer to spend more time watching videos.

      4. Explainer Videos Entertain People

      10 reasons why you need explainer videos in marketing campaign

      Making a video allows you to accomplish several things other than expected with your message. So don’t be reluctant to play around with it. Content that entertains the audience ensures higher engagement.


      The organizations create an entertaining video using entertainers or anything that engages the audience without getting bored. The well-energized characters ensure better user engagement and direct to visit the company website.


      The conceivable outcomes for your video are interminable. So utilize the chance to go wild and exhibit your character to your clients.


      5. Conversions

      The explainer videos ensure better conversions by increasing user engagement by using relevant content to turn the visitors into the organization’s customers. The improvement in conversions reflects the enhancement of the organization’s marketing practices, sales, and profitability.


      The more individuals who watch your video, the more possibilities you have of acquiring their business. You can add a source of inspiration and watch your change rates increment.


      6. Explainer Video Inspire People

      One of the primary principles of any fruitful web content is to allow your clients to make a move. Mention what you might want your customers to do and afterward offer them the chance to do it. 


      With a video, you can request that clients look at a specific item or website page and spot a connection right where they can see it and snap it.


      7. Inexpensive

      You’re allowed to spend as much as you prefer on a startup explainer video – particularly if your brand calls for pomposity and creation – yet you don’t need to burn up all available resources for an incredible video. 


      Different organizations will make an incredible video for less cash than you might suspect, even not exactly a couple of hundred dollars. That is justified, despite all the trouble on the off chance that you acquire clients.


      8. Brand-building

      enhance brand awareness vector

      Apple, Adidas, KFC, etc. are a few organizations whose advertisements are commonplace immediately because they have made solid individual brands.


      Making characters, an organizational voice, and style are incredible ways video can help pass your brand to clients.


      Explainer videos enable the users to recognize the brand for a long time. 

      These branding openings permit you to associate with watchers and give them all the necessary and relevant information that ensures brand building.

      9. Dynamic

      The best part about videos is you can tailor them to anything you need. Videos are a one-time investment for businesses. Organizations can repurpose the videos according to their needs.


      Propelling another item, offering energizing assistance, or exhibiting another advertising campaign are extraordinary chances to make crisp videos and grow your crowd.


      10. Versatile

      Videos are extraordinary for portable clients. Since everybody’s continually associated, you will consistently have a prepared assembled crowd who always approaches your video marketing campaign.

      Types of Video Marketing Campaign

      Three kinds of videos effectively help to improve the brand’s marketing campaign. These are Awareness, Engagement, and Informative, which explains below:

      Videos Raising Awareness

      These videos use by small businesses to raise awareness about their market presence. Such promotional videos work wonders for people who either just entered the market or simply want to convey that they are still in the league.


      Raising awareness increases the brand presence within the market and improves the brand value by building relationships with people.


      Videos ensure Engagement

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      Engagement videos use when the brand or business wants the audience to engage with them. For example, a live video wherein the audience gets to interact and answer presents more engagement than other marketing techniques.


      Engagement video creates an emotional connection with the brand and helps marketers to connect with more people within the market.

      Educational or Informative Videos

      educational video motiongility

      Educational videos are the best picks if a marketer wishes to educate or inform its audience about something. It can be an app, a product, or anything in general. Many marketers opt for explainer videos because they are informative and easy to consume. 


      Educational videos effectively lead to sales and conversions. Today, viewers are used to watching videos to decide to buy a product.


      When YouTube was not prominent, viewing web videos were nearly non-existent because it was challenging to discover one. YouTube fulfills the needs of the people by presenting a platform that provides video content.

      Why is video advertising significantly clarify your item more productively than simply composing a decent blog?

      explainer video company over diy video creation tools

      Simply be straightforward if you need to find out about the new iPhone. Is it ok rather to watch a one-minute long video or read a 1000-word article about the particulars?


      Close to time productivity, there are only a few things that words alone can’t clarify, similar to how the new iPhone model looks, what makes it unique from the old models, and how to utilize the recent highlights.

      Final Words

      Explainer videos grab the users’ attention and lead them toward the company’s website. The explainer videos ensure better conversion and engage the people to spend more time on the company’s website.


      Explainer video benefited the company by interacting with the customers and improving the brand value by building relations with the general audience.


      Organizations should implement explainer videos in their marketing practices to ensure the growth of businesses.

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