7 Ways to Increase Brand Value with Animated Videos

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Increase Brand Value with Animated Videos
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    In today’s cut-throat competitive market, establishing a strong brand presence is crucial for success.


    Brands are always on the hunt of capturing the biggest pie of the market by improving their customer outreach efforts, increasing user base, and enhanced brand awareness.


    However, brands often encounter ineffective measures to establish their brand’s value and win the hearts of their customers.


    But with an impactful tool like animation videos, brands now stand an opportunity to  fulfill their branding and marketing goals.

    Well, you might ask – How can businesses increase brand value with animated videos?


    You see – Due to their engaging and visually captivating ability to attract viewers, they have been quite instrumental in helping brands make a mark about themselves.


    Before we dig deeper, let’s understand what brand value is all about.

    What is Brand Value?

    what is brand value

    Brand value is the financial worth of a brand.


    It is a measure of how much customers are willing to pay for a product or service because of the brand name.


    Brand value can be influenced by a number of factors, including brand awareness, brand loyalty, and brand image.

    7 Ways to increase Brand Value with Animated Videos

    Before you sit down to check out the integral elements of establishing brand value, it’s necessary to indulge yourself in another important activity.


    It’s recommended to first chalk down a clear and actionable brand strategy as it will help you figure out the requirements specific to your brand.


    Check out the important tips below to increase brand value with animated videos:

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      1. Grabbing attention with Visual Storytelling

      grabbing attention with visual storytelling

      You already know the level at which human attention spans are decreasing.


      In such complex situations, it’s important for brands to finding ways of cutting through the fluff and build their unique identity.


      And a sure shot way of doing this is by leveraging the art of visual or brand storytelling through animated videos.


      The reason is – Such videos offer brands a unique perspective by grabbing the users’ attention via appealing animations, vibrant colors, and a compelling plot.


      In this manner, brands can convey their entire narrative as videos can help them create an immersive experience for viewers.

      2. Breaking down Complexities into Simple terms

      You might have often seen brands struggling to communicate their ideas or products to target audience.


      Before you establish your brand’s value in their minds, it’s important to brief them about what your brand is all about.


      Using videos, you can smoothly break down your product’s complex terminologies into easy digestible chunks for better understanding of users.


      Such videos come with rich and crisp illustrations that help brands enhance their brand communication by manifolds.


      This simplification of complex concepts will help in educating customers about your brand’s core value and vision, thus establishing a clear identity about you in their minds.

      3. Boosting Engagement & Social Sharing

      In the presence of social media, the world is an oyster.


      And if you look at it, social media can play a dominant role in building your value in the market regarding how you as a brand are perceived by the audience.


      By leveraging the power of digital media, you can create videos that demonstrate your brand’s story with compelling graphics.


      Also, you may take use of animated social media videos created purely for increasing a brand’s value in the market.

      4. Enhancing the Consumer Experience

      One of the core challenges faced by brands today is extending their users a smooth & hassle-free user experience. 


      You already know how user experience impacts an identity of a brand in the market as a single negative encounter triggers users into switching to competitors.


      But not anymore! By using demo videos or product walkthroughs, brands can ensure their users experience an easy onboarding journey on their platform or application.


      On top of that, brands can also increase their value by offering customers with a dedicated customer support experience with FAQ videos to increase brand loyalty thus boosting credibility in their minds.

      5. Establishing Recall through Brand Voice

      establishing and increasing brand recall

      Brand recognition and recall play a vital role in influencing consumer behavior.


      Animated explainer videos can significantly contribute to improving brand recall by incorporating consistent visual elements, such as colors, animated characters, and brand logos.


      By strategically integrating these elements into the video, brands can create a lasting impression on the viewers’ minds, increasing the likelihood of them remembering the brand and its offerings.

      6. Evoking emotions & building Connections

      Humans are emotional creatures and thus, emotional connections are extremely significant for establishing brand loyalty and advocacy.


      Through animation videos, brands can evoke emotions utilizing the power of brand storytelling, appropriate music or voiceovers, and relatable characters.


      Thus, brands can end up creating long-term relationships with customers and strengthen their brand identity.

      7. Establishing Thought Leadership

      establishing thought leadership

      Today when branding has reached new heights, it’s evident to say that brands which position themselves as thought leaders, tend to enjoy considerable benefits in terms of brand value.


      As these videos are proven to offer an ideal platform for showcasing a brand’s expertise, they are can be highly effective in boosting a brand’s value.


      As a result, the thought leadership established can be an excellent output achieved to increase brand value with animated videos.


      Standing out from your competitors is one of the key goals brands need to achieve in order to stay on the top of their users’ minds.


      However, it’s necessary to strategically choose marketing instruments that can help attain the highest levels of brand value.


      With animated videos, brands can ensure that their branding game is right on point and aligned with their long-term goals.

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