Why should you integrate Animated Healthcare Videos to promote HealthTech Platforms

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

integrate animated healthcare videos
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    The healthcare industry is witnessing remarkable innovations and is pushing boundaries as technology is rapidly innovating. 


    The adoption of health-tech solutions has made healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients. Not just that, technology has made healthcare more efficient and cost-effective.

    Despite the convenience of having advanced health technology, there are challenges we are still facing.


    In HealthTech, one of the most significant challenges is the complexity of its products and services. This can make it difficult for marketers to promote healthcare services.


    But how do we make sure to overcome these challenges?

    By integrating animated healthcare videos…


    Videos can assist in overcoming these challenges by providing simple and straightforward explanations of advanced health technologies. They help users easily comprehend healthcare products.


    Let us learn how you can use videos to promote healthcare platforms

    Want help understanding how animated healthcare videos can prove helpful for your HealthTech platform?

    1. Integrate Animated Healthcare Videos to Train Staff

    train staff

    Medical concepts are complicated and challenging to understand. Making the healthcare staff familiar with the upgraded healthcare technologies is surely a challenging task.


    Some healthcare facilities lack training resources, such as experienced trainers or educational materials.


    Well! there are a number of problems on the list.


    But to save on training resources, Explainer Healthcare videos can help not only train employees but also cut short the training time.


    Animated healthcare videos can make any tricky and difficult concept easy to understand for the staff members. You can create multiple videos that can help by providing on-demand training to the staff.


    But why animated?


    Animated visuals make educational videos engaging, which can help trainees stay focused and entertained while learning. 


    In fact, some healthcare institutes like The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, The Massachusetts General Hospital, and many more such hospitals have already started using videos to make their training procedure easier and faster. 


    These hospitals proved that animated videos are an effective way to not only train staff on a variety of topics but also cut short training time. They were able to improve the quality of their training and achieve efficiency in patient care and safety.

    2. To build Brand awareness

    build awareness

    In the health tech industry, credibility is the key. It is also a relatively complex industry, and many people are not aware of the technology or the benefits it offers.


    An explainer video can help people understand your product and its potential benefits for healthcare. This is especially important in the health tech industry, where products and services are not so easy to comprehend.


    A well-crafted animated video can explain complicated medical concepts in an effective way. With that, potential customers can get to know about the product more efficiently.  

    By creating videos that demonstrate a company’s expertise, health tech companies can build trust with potential customers.

    People are more likely to remember the appealing visuals than a list of facts. Health tech companies can create strong relationships with potential customers by using animated videos.

    These videos can help in telling compelling stories through high-quality animation.

    A well-produced video is a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and generating leads. 

    3. To Educate patients & audience

    to educate patients & audience

    With so much information available on the internet, it’s easy for misleading information to spread quickly. It makes it more difficult for people to find accurate information that they can trust.


    In the healthcare industry, this problem is particularly accurate. Patients may be searching for information about a health condition or treatment, but the information they find may be something else.


    This can lead to confusion, anxiety, and even harm if patients make decisions based on false or incomplete information.


    To address this issue, health-tech companies have begun to use animated tutorials to provide patients and audiences with accurate and reliable information. 


    A rightly informed explainer video in the healthcare industry can go a long way in building people’s trust. These videos can help in eliminating confusion and anxiety by providing reliable information to patients and audiences.

    Without a doubt, An informative video can empower patients to make informed decisions about their health, and ultimately improve health outcomes.

    4. For Marketing Campaigns & Distribution

    Vector Remote | Healthcare Explainer Video

    Target Audience: Healthcare Professionals

    Video Type: Animated Explainer Video

    Industry: Healthcare

    Health Tech is a dynamically growing industry. With so many new innovations in the market, it can be challenging to effectively introduce the product to potential customers.


    Thus, To create buzz and excitement around new health tech innovations, marketers are making the potential use of explainer videos. When people see a video, they are more likely to remember the brand and its services.

    And comprehending a product better can help in improving acceptance leading to the growth of product sales in the market.


    Animated videos for healthtech are also a great way to generate leads by providing information that people are interested in. They provide an opportunity to share information that individuals are actively searching for. 


    But why are they so popular?


    One thing that health tech marketers like the most about explainer videos is the kind of flexibility and versatility these videos offers. They are super repurposable and can be shared on multiple platforms, like social media, website landing pages, and email marketing.

    Interesting Fact

    78 percent of marketers believe that videos have been directly responsible for boosting sales.

    5. For presentations and sales

    for presentations and sales

    This is due to the fact that explainer videos help in educating potential customers, building trust, and generating leads. All of these factors contribute to more sales.


    On the other hand health tech products make it difficult to communicate their value proposition to potential customers or investors who may not be familiar with the industry jargon. 

    Healthcare videos can help simplify complex ideas and concepts, making the products or services more accessible to a broader audience.


    Well-created videos have the potential to convert investors in no time. Visually appealing motion graphics allows people to make quick decisions. It helps in enhancing the credibility and trust of potential stakeholders.

    Want to amplify your HealthTech Platform's reach among your target market with Animated Videos?


    Animated Explainer Videos in the health tech industry have proven to be an effective solution for multiple operational issues.

    As the health tech industry continues to grow, explainer videos can help bridge the gap between complex health technologies and those who can’t utilize them because of a lack of knowledge.


    Thus, integrating Animated Explainers with HealthTech can help boost marketing insights by improving product comprehension and increasing acceptance of new tech

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