Why Explainer Videos Are Worth the Investment

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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Explainer Videos Are Worth The Investment
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    If growing your business is on top of your to-do list right now, having a solid video marketing strategy can deliver the desired results.


    After all, when it comes to increasing audience engagement to skyrocket conversions, nothing comes close to video content — when surfing online, the audience is 41 percent more likely to click a video thumbnail over a simple text link. 


    62% of people make the purchase decision after watching the product’s explainer videos.

    While there are a variety of videos you can experiment with, Why animated explainer videos stand out as one of the most easily digestible video formats you can try. As the name suggests, explainer videos provide a brief of a service or product to a new prospect.


    These video marketing practices help you keep your marketing efforts in sync with the current practices in the industry of the audience no longer prefers reading lengthy brochures to understand what a business is all about. 


    Table of Content
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      Benefits of Explainer Videos

      The explainer videos are highly effective in converting visitors into customers of the organization. These are efficient tools for marketing and ensuring the fulfillment of business needs.


      The explainer videos improve the website traffic and improve page visibility helping in the better ranking of the website on the google search engine. These explainer videos mainly work to create a link between the products and the customer’s needs.


      Yet, the benefits of such videos outweigh the cost. This blog will outline why explainer videos are worth every penny to achieve the ultimate goal of letting your customer know why your product is the solution they are looking for.

      Explainer Videos Boost Sales

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      Being persuasive is critical for making great sales. That’s why you need to engage your customers and give them a strong reason to get closer to making a purchase decision.


      When you have an explainer video on your website, you get a chance to present the benefits of the product/service as the perfect solution to the problems the viewer is facing.


      Research shows that when a customer has a positive experience with a video ad. It can boost the purchase intent by 97 percent, thanks to the emotional response that a video helps to trigger. 


      Take, for instance, this style of 2-minute whiteboard explainer video by Dropbox that helped the startup to bag  10 million customers back in 2009.


      The no-frills video helped prospective consumers learn more about what Dropbox offers them and nudged them to sign up for a subscription. 

      Effortlessly Explain Complex Concepts  

      Not all products or services in the market are created equal. While some are self-explanatory, others need to be explained to the customers, especially when your business is a tricky one.


      Using videos in marketing strategy ensures better results for the organizations.


      For example, look at this video for the Med Mart app that helps to locate doctors in your area to schedule a cosmetic procedure.


      Unfortunately, cosmetic surgery is not a cakewalk, and finding the right doctor to perform it can be nerve-wracking. 


      The explainer video uses 3D animation and touches upon the common pain points of a customer planning to go under the knife. It also provides a run-down of the procedure to find a doctor using the app and highlights benefits such as a no-questions-asked refund policy.


      The soothing voiceover and the catchy graphics enhance the storytelling and keep the prospect engaged right to the end.

      Explainer videos are Easily Shareable

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      If you want to ace your social media marketing game, sharing videos is an important practice of marketing. Doing so increases engagement, expresses the unique values of your brand, and makes your audience stop taking note of the content.


      The average conversion rate of a website with videos is 4.8 percent whereas websites without videos only end up with a meager 2.9 percent.


      Explainer videos are filled with nuggets of valuable information which makes them perfect for sharing on social media platforms.

      94 percent of people prefer to watch these videos to get a better understanding of the product or service. 


      So by simply adding a sharing button on an explainer video, you can grab more eyeballs, drive traffic your way, and generate more inbound links.


      Using video marketing by enhancing the marketing strategy brings more opportunities to businesses.

      Higher Return on Investment

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      The explainer videos are a one-time investment for businesses because they are easy to repurpose according to the needs and requirements.


      These videos can use over several platforms such as social media, landing pages, and others.


      The cost of creating explainer videos fluctuate based on needs and requirements but these are highly preferable and deliver exceptional results to businesses.


      Businesses can ensure higher user engagement and higher traffic on the website.


      The use of videos improves the marketing practices of the business and extends its reach of the business in different nations across the globe.

      Stand Out in the Crowd

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      The market is extremely competitive and you need to pull out all the stops to get an edge over the competition. Explainer videos are a useful marketing tool that can help you achieve just that.


      The explainer videos are an essential part of the businesses to promote use these videos to enhance digital marketing strategy.


      You can use explainer videos to showcase the unique style and value of your company. Such videos boost SEO which helps your website rank higher on search engines. They also help arouse strong emotions and responses from the audience, helping them develop a positive association with the brand.


      Take, for example, this video from Notarize which is one of the best explainer videos out there, thanks to the generous use of humor to explain a complex legal concept like notarization.


      Using these kinds of videos improves the digital marketing strategy and allows the business to address the large potential customer groups.


      After watching the video, the audience will know exactly what they need to know to proceed with a notary. 


      Besides, the excellent editing and the narrator channeling the look of lawmakers wearing a wig take the video to the next level and make it extremely watchable. 

      5 Reasons Why Invest in Explainer Videos?

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      Explainer video plays a vital role in the digital marketing practices of the business, these videos explain the details of products or services as we as describe the process of using the videos.


      The investment in explainer videos increases the website traffic and increases the visibility of your landing page on the google search engine, which reflects the betterment of your digital marketing strategy.


      Explainer videos engage the users towards the organization which reflects in maintaining a higher conversion rate.


      These 5 reasons indicate the different business aspects and ensure the overall development of the brands.

      Improve Brand Value

      Explainer videos not only describe the products but develop a connection with the viewers to ensure maintain acceptable conversion rate. Explainer videos on the landing page are most preferred by the visitors and help the organizations in generating leads.


      Explainer videos are created to address the potential customers within the target market. These videos relate the products and services to the needs of the visitors. Explainer videos develop trust between the brand and audiences to ensure brand awareness within the industry.

      Build Relation with Viewers

      People these days, prefer to watch explainer videos instead of reading the articles on the google search engine and others. Video content is accepted at a higher level than other content in marketing.


      The videos present the message effectively by addressing the users and fulfilling the business needs using video.


      Investing in explainer videos is good for businesses because it creates value for the company. Delivering quality content to the users allows businesses to build relationships with the viewers.


      A good relationship creates a loyal customer base which leads the brand towards sustainable growth.

      Effectively Introduce Products

      product explainer video service

      The explainer videos are effective in introducing the business’s products and services. This process makes people familiar with the brands. The organization target potential customers to ensure the improvement in conversion rates.


      These videos present brief details of the products or services of the business. The watch time of the videos reflects the customer’s engagement and encourages them to decide to experience the organization’s products or services.


      Introducing a product of the brand avoids confusion among potential customers. Also, introducing a product increases the knowledge of the viewers which indicates an improvement in brand awareness. Introducing a product also helps in increasing sales and return on investment (ROI).


      Improve Website Traffic and Sales

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      The rate of engagement using video content on landing pages improves the viewer’s engagement. The explainer videos explain the products and services attractively and grab the attention of the viewers to improve the conversion rates of viewers into customers.


      The explainer videos address the potential customers by engaging them and leading them toward the company website. The traffic on the company website ensures better lead generation. Also, higher traffic on the website and improvement in generating leads indicates an improvement in the business’s sales.


      Remove Complexities among the people

      Companies like SaaS and others are unable to connect with users because of unique products or services. In that case, the organizations need something that connects them to the users to explain the products or services using the explainer videos.


      Explainer videos allow the customers to know about the products and services. These help to develop trust among the customers and make them familiar with the company’s products.


      What is the Cost of Creating an Explainer video?

      cost of video

      Unfortunately, the best explainer videos do not come cheap. The average cost of explainer videos ranged between $4,000 and $25,000.


      As a result, many businesses shy away from investing in such videos. Moreover, as numerous production steps are involved, each step can add up to the total cost.


      In addition, the cost of these videos depends on the selection of Motion Graphic Videos because different motion graphic videos are effective in different situations.


      The process of creating motion graphic videos is not the same, and the explainer video’s characteristics varied by the components of the video such as graphics style, characters, length, etc.


      The brands should choose suitable video styles according to their needs and requirements. These videos effectively deliver the core message of the brands and increase conversion rates through the landing page.

      Things you should know while making an Explainer Video

      • Plan everything before moving to the next stage.

      • Do not increase the length of the videos to more than 90 seconds.

      • Do not try to cover all the information in the video including the relevant and specific information.

      • Choose a suitable software for making the explainer videos that ensure better results and fewer expenses.

      • The voiceover and video should be visible and audible.

      Final Thoughts

      By investing in the right type of explainer videos, you can boost the return on investment (ROI) and solidify your brand.


      In addition, you can prove your worth to your customers and give them a reason to do business with you so that they keep coming back. 


      Creating attention-grabbing explainer videos on your own can be challenging. Now that you know about the value explainer videos can add to your business don’t shy away from hiring an explainer video company to help conceptualize and create videos that communicate complex ideas in engaging and meaningful ways.

      But bringing an expert on board doesn’t mean you will be forced to take a back seat. You can still exercise complete control over the aesthetics and style to ensure that the video truly reflects what your brand is.


      At MotionGility, we have video experts who can help you with just that! So get in touch with us if you are looking for someone to create the best explainer videos for your business. 

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