Using YouTube for Business: Benefits and Useful Insights

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

YouTube for Business
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    YouTube is the new marketing hype. It’s a super effective tool when it comes to a business’s growth and expansion.


    When it comes to user engagement, YouTube has proven itself to be a great tool to influence users to become paying customers.


    Thus, when marketers are planning new campaigns to improve ROI, Using YouTube for Business is a common strategy that comes to mind. 


    As per recent video statistics, a user spends an average of 17 minutes and 31 seconds daily on YouTube. This proves that the platform holds great potential when it comes to improving engagement to influence the decision-making process of an individual.


    With the right content and proper strategies implementation, the platform can help to achieve exceptional benefits without being a burden on the pocket.


    Let’s unravel these benefits one by one and how to get the best ROI on your YouTube marketing campaign:

    Table of Contents
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      1. Helps you improve Revenue Generation

      YouTube is indeed a great platform when it comes to beginning your marketing journey using videos. The platform offers great features such as Embed, Conversion Ads, Traffic Ads, Rich Text Descriptions, and Multiple Engagement Options.


      When videos are captivating and have the potential to engage the audience long enough, the chances of conversion on the platform are comparatively higher as you get to engage with tons of viewers and find potential leads.


      This increases the chances of conversion hence generating better revenue for the business. 

      2. Can help you improve Visibility on Google SERP


      Google SERP has always been user oriented and made sure to offer users the best internet experience. Since videos now are one of the most consumed content types, they’re mostly amongst the Top of SERP on a lot of relevant searches.


      Thus owning a video or embedding one on your website can help you be visible on the top of SERP and since YouTube is the best amongst the video hosting sites with tons of engagement features to improve user experience, a youtube video is mostly among the top results.


      This can help you become more visible on SERP with content that users engage with the most. Videos help to improve your session durations and hook audiences to your site to influence a crucial decision.

      Both are crucial metrics when it comes to improving your site’s performance of SERP hence increasing search visibility.

      3. Get more audience Exposure

      YouTube, at present, has more than 38 million active channels, and 15 million channel owners are content creators. Over 22,000 channels have 1 million subscribers. 


      And it’s been proven that more than 2 billion users are active on YouTube at any given point of the day. And most of these people are exploring content via recommendations and shorts.


      Thus making sure you upload youtube content similar to what your target audience like to watch can help you get better exposure and you can get more potential leads.

      4. Influence potential Leads to become paying Customers

      When it comes to business, the ultimate goal of the sales funnel is to get paying customers. Irrespective of the path chosen, the final goal of a marketing campaign is to get more consumers.


      This helps businesses to build a community and engage customers long enough to make a decision. With videos actively appealing enough, youtube can help your audience gain trust in your brand.


      And with consistent efforts and by building trust effectively, you can influence potential leads to become paying customers in the long term. 

      5. Engage people better to build a community

      to engage and entertain

      Building a community and gaining trust is one of the most common and effective strategies to build a customer base in 2023. And using social media platforms is the best way to do it.


      With a platform offering engagement options like YouTube and the psychological effects of video content, it is no doubt that using YouTube is one of the most effective marketing strategies.


      So without a doubt, your business needs to build an engaging YouTube community!

      YouTube can help you bring in the best marketing outcomes

      Whether it’s reaching new potential customers or engaging users to make a decision, social media has always been a marketer’s favorite.


      And with its incredible video hosting servers and wide range of audiences, YouTube has become one of the most active platforms when it comes to marketing.


      The perfect blend of engagement options and the psychology of video engagement makes it a viewer’s favorite which makes YouTube the Top choice.   

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