7 Effective Ways to Create an Amazing Explainer Video Concept

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    In this digital era, explainer videos have ruled out one of the best marketing tools for marketers out there. They are nothing but short animated videos that tell a story about your brand or product. They have lately turned out to be one of the best marketing tools for any business out there. 


    When it comes to an explainer video concept, you have a list to choose from. It can be a product explainer video, a whiteboard video, or even a mobile app explainer video.


    Whatever style you choose, you know you will be having a great promotional tool for yourself. Going by the facts, explainer videos also get traffic to your website and they turn to have a reputation of getting more and more conversions.


    But Why Exactly do You Need an Explainer Video For Your Business or Product? 


    Well, to be honest, who doesn’t love animation?


    It turns out to be one of the most engaging things to do to a video. And while you plan to get an explainer video for your brand, business, or product.


    Here are 7 ways that can help you create an interesting explainer video. After all, if your explainer video lacks a nice concept, it won’t be worth the watch at all. 


    Let’s have a look at the ways that lead to an amazing explainer video concept:

    1. Define an objective for Explainer Video Concept

    When you sit down with a thought of the video, make sure you have an objective defined. Why do you need this video? What are you expecting out of it? Is it sales that you are looking for? Is it just traffic? Is it brand awareness? Is it Video Marketing? Decide, and then stick to it. 


    Once the objective is ready, then you can pick the animation style or the style of the video. What suits your objective and business? And the audience as well. It can be a corporate video or just a simple audience-oriented video. 


    Don’t try to put everything in one video. Keep it simple, clear, and eye-pleasing.

    2. Have a defined script

    An explainer video has two main components, the animation, and the script. Choose your words very wisely. Choose the script length very wisely. It is the length of the script that will decide the explainer video length. Use dialogues that intrigue the audience.


    You can always refer to previous videos or read a bit about the art of scriptwriting. Don’t keep it lengthy, or else it might not interest the audience. These days, the attention span of humans is as it is declining. 


    Make sure to have a set mood or tone while writing the script. This way, your voice-over artist will not face difficulties while recording for you.

    3. Storyboard

    Often, a lot of forget the importance of this important step. A storyboard is the foundation of your video. It will tell your animator and motion graphics artist what you want out of the video. It has all the emotions captured in the purest form.

    start sketching vector idea

    4. Have your resources aligned

    Once you have the thought in your head, an objective defined, and even your storyboard, sit and think about what you would need next. What are the resources? Where would they come from?


    Of course., an explainer video is not something that would require a lot of resources or money or equipment, but you can always Contact Us at MotionGility and we can help you with an ace explainer video at minimal costs. 


    If you don’t wish to hire an explainer video production company then you would need people. Animators, motion graphic artists, writers, and storyboarding people. Have a hold of them else your video would be delayed.


    Give them a time frame and ask them to work according to it. Always keep a check at every step, in case you don’t want to skip a minute detail or flaw.


    Remember the fact that once you involve other people, it will create a bit of unpredictability. Not everyone can work as per your ideas. Deal with it calmly, yet wisely. in the world of animation, there are always clashes of ideas and creativity. 


    Don’t forget to have a character that would define you or your product. This can turn out to be

    5. Have an effective edit

    Once you have created your video, make sure you put the cuts in the right place. Keep your audience always hooked, hence it is very necessary that you be brutal towards your video and cut out things that are of no interest to the audience.


    Even if you have slogged for hours to create that part of the video. The animation process is a tough part to deal with, if you are not a pro, make sure that you have watched and read enough before you decide to jump into it single-handedly. 


    Once your video is complete, see if it is giving out the message loud and clear. Go back to step 1 and see if the message of the video matches your objective.

    6. Voiceover

    It is a worldwide fact that videos are about visual stuff. But voiceover matters. It holds your video strong. Hence, you must choose a voiceover artist who understands the tone of the video and goes with it.


    Also, make sure that you choose a smart soundtrack. It creates an ambiance for the watchers. Also the dialogs. They have to be engaging enough to create a connection with the audience and the viewers.

    7. Choose a platform

    Once your video is out there ready to be posted, make sure you choose the right platform for it. It would be indeed very shameful if your video is amazing yet you don’t choose the right platform to promote it. Research the fact where would the viewers react to the video most. Is it Facebook, is it Instagram, or is it your website? Or even YouTube.


    Alter your video as per the platform. Add subtitles and titles and descriptions. Make sure that the video that you have created fits with the context of the platform as well. Match the elements and give it a go.

    cost of video

    Summing up, let’s have a quick look at everything you should be doing to have an amazing explainer video concept.


    Firstly, make sure that you have the creative brief that defines you and the message you want to give out. The brief can also happen to have a set of questions like:


    • Duration of the video?
    • Concept of the video?
    • Audience
    • Platform?
    • Voiceover Accent Preference?

    Once you’ve all of that defined, next up comes the audience. Your target audience should never be overlooked. You must have an idea about what they look out for. And make sure that you add elements to the video that entices your target audience.


    If you don’t impress them, it would mean that you are failing at your video. Hence, goals, interests, and everything should be considered. In case you have a client base, you must already be aware of their preferences.


    Every video must have a problem. If your video doesn’t have a problem with it, the audience won’t watch it. Not just a problem, but also a solution, an effective one. Once you portray the problem effectively, the audience, of course, has your attention. And that is all you need.


    Also, never forget about the tone. Your brand must have a tone. This way you can have a series of videos for your brand and the audience would love it. However, if you don’t maintain consistency, you would not be able to hold the audience to your concept. Since they would not connect. 


    A great explainer video must be 30-60 seconds long. This is all the time that you have got to send out your message to the audience. It shouldn’t be too short to miss out too. Every second of the video must be informative and fun to watch. Your main goal should be to have your audience glued to the video. 


    Not to forget, when you set the timeline for your video initially, every person who is involved in the production of the video must abide by the fact that the video cannot lose its vibe at any cost. Hence it is better to always supervise your resource time and again, in case you want to avoid the risk of blunder, which of course you should. 


    While you might have great resources, brainstorming never does any harm. Believe us when we say that. A group of people coming together to put out their ideas for a video is just amazing. It is the multitude of these ideas that make the videos so dynamic.


    Also, never forget competitive analysis. Have a close eye on what the competitors are doing. It will help you realize how to be outstanding. How to offer everything that your competitors are not offering. Review your ideas well and just go with them. It is a digital era, your videos will rule.

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