7 Reasons To Start Using Whiteboard Animation Videos for Employees Training

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whiteboard animation videos for employees training
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      Videos have evolved and captured a significant part of the digital world. And no wonder why it is so widely loved. Video is one form of content that personifies your product and blends in well with the technology.


      Videos ensure better customer engagement. In less time, it portrays everything needed and engages the audience. Better engagement leads to higher sales and enhancement in marketing practices.


      Videos are the most innovative form of marketing, which grab customer attention using the whiteboard animation video. Whiteboard animation is one artistic way to present your business or product.

      In the video, the author/narrator records a story while physically illustrating the story on a white background.

      Although many marketers and business person choose Powerpoint since the early times. Now, Almost All Major Enterprises are Switching to Whiteboard Animation Videos For Employees Training. 

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      What makes marketers switch to whiteboard animation videos?

      lifeup whiteboard video

      Powerpoint has all the well-deserved respect, but everything evolves for good. Whiteboard animation holds an engagement level worth applauding. They combine audio, visuals, and stories to create a video worth an investment. Not just this, they also turn out to be one of the most creative ways to train your employees and personnel. Can Powerpoint do that? Not really.


      Why should you use whiteboard animation videos for employees’ training?

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        Many years ago, employee training programs used corporate training videos that were straight out of the camera with one person facing and narrating everything he knew. It was more like ‘Knowledge Transition’ than the actual training. 


        However, the emergence of whiteboard animation videos made corporate training easy and funny. Its effectiveness has surprised not just the employees but the employers as well. Here are some reasons whiteboard animation videos are a boon for corporate training. Have a look:


        1. They are interesting

        The engaging capacity of whiteboard animation videos is so high that the employees start loving it. Psychologically, whiteboard animation videos bring out the artistic curiosity of the employees. As soon as the employees watch these videos, they get excited about it and simplify the learning and training process.

        2. The Process of Simplification

        No matter how complex your training process is, a whiteboard animation video can break it down for your employees. The illustrator or the animation artist breaks down the whole process visually while the narrator explains it as per the visuals. 


        The video script design considers the training process of the company. No matter if the new employees are audio learners or visual lovers, whiteboard animation videos will turn out to be their guide.

        3. The video unifies them in a creative way

        When a group of employees or trainees watch such an artistic whiteboard animation video together, they grasp it quickly. The animation video also unifies them and influences them to open doors for creative approaches while working. 


        Whiteboard animation videos create a relaxed, entertaining atmosphere where learning with fun.


        4. Whiteboard Animation Videos are Easily Accessible

        Not that corporate videos are not accessible, but they remain a rower platform. However, whiteboard animation videos can be uploaded on YouTube or other drives and watched as per convenience. 


        They can share with family and friends to flaunt the employee’s new learning process. This way, the whiteboard video doubles the marketing of the videos too. Isn’t that an add-on?

        5. On the Go

        The whiteboard animation videos won’t require rocket science. They are so easy to deal with that corporate don’t opt for just one whiteboard animation video. They go for a series. 


        The launch of a new product, an explanation about the old one, or mere training programs, whiteboard explainer animation videos are a boon. Not to forget, whiteboard animation videos can also trend. 

        They have the potential to grab all the social media attention that is required, to trend, and make a prominent market presence.


        6. They are cost-effective

        7 reasons to start using whiteboard animation videos for employees training

        Creating whiteboard videos is economical in budget. Yes, you read that right. They don’t cost you a fortune. And once you spend on video production, it is a forever asset to you, your employees, and even trainees.

        7. The results are measurable

        When you provide your employees with effective whiteboard animation, you deliver an asset that helps the learning process. Once the video is with the employees, you can track its effectiveness.

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        Pros of Whiteboard Animation Videos

        whiteboard animation video

        1. They are artistic and entertaining. The whole chalkboard process looks very appealing as the product story.

        2. It is easy to consume. People like students, potential leads, audiences, or anyone can consume information easily.

        3. Creativity is at par. The whiteboard video is creative enough to make the product popular and improve the brand value within the market.

        4. Whiteboard animation is one format that blends art and e-commerce in the aptest way possible.

        Have the employees digested the videos well?
        What is the engagement level?

        Thus, you will know whether the training program is successful or not. 

        Why choose Whiteboard Animation Videos over Powerpoint presentations for employee training?

        whiteboard animation videos

        When we talk about Powerpoint, we know that it simplifies complex subjects into simple bullets and graphics. Add some infographics, and you have a crisp presentation to flaunt.

        Final Words

        You can consider whiteboard animation videos as a boon for your company. And if you are planning to opt for a whiteboard animation video, MotionGility is one place you can look up.


        Reach out to us, and we would love to produce a crisp animation video for you because we believe in delivering the best whiteboard animation videos on the most cost-effective budget.

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