8 Benefits of Using Video on Landing Pages

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benefits of using videos on landing pages
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    A Landing Page is a web page that is created with the sole purpose of generating leads or encouraging users to take the desired action.


    They are designed in a way that is direct and focused on guiding the user toward the intended goal.


    Users arrive at landing pages by clicking on the link from all across the web. They can be either ads on Google, emails, social media channels, or YouTube.


    To engage visitors, landing pages commonly make use of attractive elements such as good sales copy, impactful headlines, images, or videos.


    Where all these elements have their own importance, videos surpass all of them by proving that it is one of the most effective tools to use on landing pages.


    As more than 80% of landing pages that use video content can generate better sales and have higher conversion rates.


    Before we dive in and explore the benefits, let’s first understand what video landing pages are.

    What are Video Landing Pages?

    8 benefits of using video on landing pages

    As the name suggests, the video embedded on the web page is a video landing page. It is designed in a way that highlights the video as the star of the page.


    Like when a user is landing on a landing page, a video is placed in the hero section of that page showing all the features and benefits of the product or services.


    These pages are typically used for marketing campaigns, product launches, crowdfunding campaigns, educational initiatives, and many such activities.


    The purpose of a video landing page is to communicate a message in a visually attractive form.


    The videos include product demonstrations, explainer videos, stories, or any other content that aligns with the page’s intent.

    Benefits of using Videos on Landing Page

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      1. Videos on landing page help in converting leads

      videos help in converting leads

      Through the ads and all the strategies, your user has finally arrived at the landing page. Now what?


      Will you take a risk by showcasing the long paragraph that nobody pays attention to or just create a good explainer video?


      Videos have become more popular as a marketing tool due to their ability to attract and hook audiences.


      They can effectively communicate complex information in a simpler form, and by doing this, videos can remove confusion and clear any doubts the potential customers may have.


      When a visitor is familiar with the brand and feels reassured by the information provided in the video, there is a good chance that they will convert.


      A good explainer video on the landing page can do wonders for businesses. It effectively moves potential customers through the conversion funnel and increases the chances of converting leads into valuable customers.

      2. Videos creates an emotional connection

      Videos have the capability of engaging multiple senses at the same time. This type of experience creates an emotional connection with the viewer.


      Great storytelling, compelling narration, and colorful animations—when all these are combined together, they evoke a wide range of emotions, from joy and excitement to nostalgia.


      By tapping into these emotions, videos build a connection with the viewer and enhance their overall experience.


      Let’s look at an example here:

      landing page of opa marketing

      This is a landing page by OPA Marketing; they have very smartly used an explainer video as the supporting element on their landing page. 


      This video is aimed at OPA’s audience to help them understand the growth potential of their brand. 


      By highlighting their pain points, they are instantly hooking them to the solutions. It is successfully connecting the brand to its audience and evoking their emotions.

      Check Out how an explainer video worked for OPA marketing : OPA Case Study

      3. Videos help boost SEO rankings

      Search engines consider the presence of multimedia content like videos when evaluating the overall quality and relevance of a webpage.


      When videos are embedded on a website, it enhances the overall user experience and has a positive impact on SEO efforts.


      They capture the visitors’ attention in no time and even make them curious enough to visit the site again and again.


      They effectively communicate with the viewer and make the landing page more engaging and informative.


      Videos make users spend maximum time on the page, which reduces bounce rates and gives signals to the search engine that the content is relevant and valuable.

      4. Videos help in understanding complex information

      When videos are particularly used on the landing page, they greatly contribute to understanding complex information. 


      Complex information requires a detailed explanation, and videos can deliver this in a systematic way.


      The use of narration helps with clear explanations and highlights the key points. On the other hand, if we talk about visuals, the use of attractive animations and motion graphics makes it easier for the viewer to comprehend the information.


      In the following picture below, Portfolio+ just does that.

      portfolio+ landing page

      Here, they have used the animated explainer video as the supporting element on the page.


      As soon as the user arrives on the page, after the written description of the service, this video enhances the user experience by giving the visual context of the services.


      Portfolio+ envisions an open banking ecosystem for data-driven, personalized banking, and financial services.


      Through this video, they are not only communicating their service effectively but also helping their audience understand the growth potential of the brand.

      5. Videos makes the page memorable

      The right use of video on a landing page has the potential to make the page memorable and enhance the user’s experience as well.


      A major reason why videos make landing pages memorable is their potential to deliver information fast and clearly. 


      When videos are used on landing pages, they have the advantage of explaining the products and services in action.


      Whether you want to show off a software application, demonstrate a product’s features, or highlight the benefits of a service, videos make this an interactive and engaging experience.


      Users can experience for themselves how a product or service works and develop a deeper understanding of its capabilities.


      The inclusion of videos on a landing page plays a vital role in making the page memorable and leaving a positive and lasting impact on the audience.

      6. Videos Are Easy to Share

      With the rise of social media platforms and messaging apps, videos have been effortlessly shared across channels.


      It results in the quick distribution of content to a wide audience and increases the chance of engaging the maximum number of viewers.


      The traffic on the landing page also increases because of the shareability.


      Increased traffic leads to better conversions and increased sales. That sounds like a win-win situation for the marketers.

      metricaid landing page

      Here we can see how MetricAid has potentially made use of an explainer video on their website’s landing page.


      Through this video, they have perfectly showcased their brand and explained their services, which resulted in maximum engagement as well as social sharing.

      7. Helps to Increase Session Duration

      Imagine this arriving on a landing page through an ad, and seeing a compelling brand video in front of you. What are the chances you would want to miss that? None!



      Videos are an engaging form of content that makes visitors stay and watch the whole thing till the end.


      A video can not only be seen as an effective tool for engaging visitors but it can also be seen as an indicator of a genuine interest in your offerings.


      It creates curiosity in the minds of visitors to know more about your brand and ensures that the user stays on your page for a longer period of time.


      It allows users to be updated about the offers and discounts provided by the organization.

      8. Video helps in Building a Strong Connection

      videos build strong connection

      When videos are embedded on a landing page, it presents the content in a more engaging and interactive way.


      This helps to instantly capture the user’s interest and encourage them to explore more about the brand.


      It provides an amazing opportunity to explain the product or service in action by showcasing the features or explaining how to use the product.


      Videos can effectively convey all this information, which might be difficult to convey with text. This detailed explanation through videos helps users understand the offerings better and builds credibility.


      This kind of transparency fosters trust and makes users feel more comfortable engaging with your brand.

      Want to create a compelling explainer video for the landing page of your website?


      A video landing page video improves the organization’s marketing practices and helps increase the business’s customer base.


      The landing page video on the website more efficiently describes the details to the visitors and develops trust among the visitors about the brand.


      Above mention, benefits will surely encourage you to create an explainer video for your landing page. You can contact us for an ace video, and we would be happy to help.

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