A Definitive Animated Marketing Video Guide For Businesses

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Animated Marketing Videos

The world-changing every day with the Internet is taking over our lives and is accessible in the palm of a hand. The world has grown closer as a global community with Social Media, and consumers now experience more benefits from shopping online than any other medium. This rise the challenge of acquiring the right customers and building revenue for the company.



Have you ever used animated marketing videos for your business?



Here we will learn the different aspects of an animated marketing video and how efficient they are for boosting the organization’s growth.


Businesses are struggling with ways to reach the target audience and persuade them to choose their brand over the competition. Video content in marketing is better for expanding the reach and addressing the target audience.


Using video content for promoting the business is 73% more effective than using test content or images only.

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    Why are Animated Videos Important in Marketing?

    Organizations using video content are getting more results as compared to other organizations. Video content is suitable for many organizations because 53% Of Users prefer to watch videos before buying a product or service.


    People changing nature tend to move towards videos, which indicates opportunities for organizations to implement the use the marketing video for their products or services.


    Here are some benefits that indicate why animated marketing videos enhance your marketing practices.

    Engage Viewers

    The animated videos for businesses provide better customer engagement. Various motion graphics styles are there to choose a suitable video style for your business. Higher viewer engagement helps in generating more traffic to the company’s website.




    The video content in your marketing practices increases engagement by 87%.

    Better engagement indicates an increase in the traffic to the website. Higher traffic helps in interacting with the customers and provides a chance to convince them to buy the products of the company.

    Content Attractiveness

    The content used in animated videos for business is attractive that grabs the viewer’s attention. Content attractiveness helps the user to recognize the products. Content attractiveness helps in connecting the audience to the organization.


    Address Large Audience Groups

    Videos are flexible because of their adaptability. The videos can use on different platforms and ensure the achievement of marketing goals. Videos are effective in addressing large customer groups irrespective of the customer’s tastes and preferences.

    Educate the Viewers

    Videos are an efficient way to explain products or processes. Consumers often use the videos when they want to know anything about the products or services. educating viewers helps to build a brand within the industry.


    Types of Animated Videos

    Animated videos are divided into different types, and these styles have unique specifications. Businesses have to choose suitable styles that fulfill their marketing objectives after implementing them into their marketing practices.


    Here we discuss some of the different types of animated video styles. How do they ensure the betterment of the business using the proper style of video production? This will help in efficiently choosing the animated explainer video for your organization.

    2D Animation Videos

    2d motion graphics video

    The 2D animation Videos are two-dimensional images that are present in a sequence to create an illusion of movement or motions.


    These videos are prepared to market the product or service and advertise the brand. This style is cost-effective and ensures better customer engagement.

    Whiteboard Animated videos

    whiteboard videos

    The whiteboard animation style looks like the content is handwritten, which ensures higher customer engagement with the videos and improves marketing practices.


    Whiteboard videos are good for explaining a process or product. Also, the start-ups offering unique services can use the whiteboard videos to promote their businesses.

    Stopmotion Animation Videos

    stop motion vector

    Stop-motion animated videos are a collection of pictures or short movements of life that present frame by frame as a film. The creation of stop-motion videos is expensive and time-consuming but an organization like this a most because it ensures they give an emotional touch.


    Stop-motion videos are mainly preferred by organizations to promote their brand and ensure the creation of a competitive advantage within an industry.

    Kinetic Typography

    a definitive animated marketing video guide for businesses

    Kinetic typography is a style of animation that use moving texts to attract the audience’s attention. This style ensures better customer engagement and easily grabs the attention of the viewers. These are mainly used for special media ads to deliver quality content.


    Kinetic typography can be used for many purposes but the core purpose of using this style is to attract the user’s attention to the organization. Many organizations can implement this for commercial advertisements.

    3D Animation Videos

    3d animation

    The three-dimensional videos refer to the process that presents the three-dimensional space of an image, characters, object, etc. This technique helps people to design their complex ideas into virtual reality to ensure how it looks in real life.


    These help to develop creative thinking and provide an opportunity for the software and other organization to implement the 3D animation videos for ensuring higher benefits.

    What is the Cost of Creating Animation Videos?

    In the presence of different motion graphic styles, organizations have different options to choose suitable videos for their business. These video styles are not the same and the cost of creating these videos also depends on the needs and requirements of the organization.


    The cost depends on the different elements such as the length of the videos, graphics, characters, voiceover, etc.


    These videos are cost-effective as compared to the other styles that ensure better results in marketing. The animated marketing videos help in enhancing the sales funnels of the organization.


    Although, the aspect of cost efficiency of these motion graphic videos indicates the betterment of the organization. The positive results having video marketing and improvement in user engagement ensure sustainable development of the organization.


    Are these Animated Marketing Videos Really Beneficial For Businesses??


    Let’s understand how animated video content type is the best choice for marketing experts and cloud businesses in the era of social media and web performance marketing

    Benefits of Animated Videos

    The animated videos for marketing have several benefits that indicate the betterment of the organization. Here are some benefits of adopting animated videos for enhancing your marketing practices.

    Easy to Repurpose For All Branding Portfolios

    The investment of the organizations in the videos is a kind of investment that can use several times. The videos can be repurposed by the organization according to their needs.


    Organizations can use the videos many times. Also, organizations can use animated videos on different platforms to cover the different customer segments.


    The chance to repurpose the videos helps the organizations to save the cost of making other videos and helps them by reducing the expenditure for further investment.

    Higher Conversion Rate

    The animated videos help the users to convert the visitors into the customers of the organization.


    Animated videos ensure better customer attraction and help the organization grab attention on social media. Animated videos engage the audience better than other marketing tools.


    The cost to create an animated video for businesses is lesser than the cost of other marketing tools. The cost varies as per the needs and requirements but still, the amount of investment is lower and increases the sales of the organization.


    Cost-effectiveness is a factor that also provides a chance for small organizations to adapt animated videos for their marketing practices.


    Are You Looking Forward To Having An Animated Commercial For Your Brand?

    Elements of a Good Animation Video

    Small things make a big difference and the small elements ensure the effectiveness of the videos. The small elements of an animated marketing video ensure the attractiveness and efficiency that help in getting better results.


    Various factors ensure the quality of a good animation video. These elements collectively indicate the attractiveness of the videos. Some of the important elements are mentioned below.

    Type of Video

    Various types of videos indicate the different options among the organizations to choose the suitable one according to their needs and requirements. The suitable video ensures better results and helps the organization achieve its goals and objectives.


    For example, if the organization wants to introduce the products or explain the process then the organization has to choose the explainer video because they are effective in introducing the products or explaining the process.

    Characters of the Video

    The audience prefers videos that are simple and easy to understand because the complexities in understanding the videos impact their decision and distract them from other options.


    Proper characteristics that attract the audience and engage them by delivering the information based on their needs ensure the fulfillment of the organization’s marketing goals.

    Length of the Video

    Animated marketing videos mainly depend on the length of the content. The lengthy content impacts the user’s decision-making to watch the videos or not.


    Users generally prefer short videos for their business and ensure all the expected information. The short length of videos is highly preferred by users.

    Pitch of the video

    The pitch of the videos ensures to grab the attention of the users. Proper pitch matched with the video and style of animation can engage the customer.


    Having similarities in the pitch and content of the videos helps in attracting viewers.


    Also, the pitch of the video impacts the decision-making of the users through the tone of delivering the pitch. Overall, the role of pitch is also important in the effectiveness of the videos and the organization’s success.

    Things to keep in Mind

    • Do not use many characters in your videos.

    • Information should be specific and relevant.

    • Videos should be short and well-researched.

    • Target the specific audience.

    The Best Channels to use Animated Videos for business

    The animated videos can use on different platforms or channels. The effectiveness of the animated video depends on the channels and the users connected to the channels. These videos create to target specific users.


    The organization can use animated videos for several purposes. Also, explainer videos are effective in explaining the process or products. The different categories of the videos are useful in different circumstances and the organization has to ensure the effective utilization of the videos.

    There are some channels mentioned below that indicate the effectiveness of the videos:


    • Social media platforms
    • YouTube and other digital platforms
    • Explainer videos for advertisements
    • Commercial ads
    • Animated videos for presentation

    Final Thoughts

    The video production for enhancing the marketing strategy and ensuring the growth of the business by using animated video is efficient for the organization. The organization has to ensure the proper utilization of explainer videos and other animated videos in its marketing practices.


    The well-researched marketing strategy also helps the business to ensure growth and implementing the video marketing practices in their strategy will open different opportunities for the growth of the organization.


    In a nutshell, animated marketing videos are essential for businesses these days. Effective utilization of video marketing ensures the betterment of the organization and leads the business to create a competitive advantage within the industry.

    MotionGility Expert Tips


    Businesses have to understand the opportunities of video marketing and understand the opportunities using video practices. The use of videos increases quickly these days and indicates the different ways to ensure the growth of the organization. 

    Continuous moving is not a success. Success means continuously moving in the right direction by timely taking the right decision that leads toward growth and development.

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