6 Fascinating Doodle Video Examples You Must Check Out

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

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    It’s nearly impossible to find a man who hasn’t seen a single doodle video in his lifetime.


    For years now, these boards have played a significant role in educating audiences across industries. 


    Videos like these have proven effective for the majority of businesses that have implemented them in their marketing campaigns.


    By helping them break down their complex product and service offerings into digestible pieces of content for the layman, videos have come a long way.


    However, there are instances when doodle-based Explainer Videos have been neglected over other animation styles. 


    Apart from helping brands communicate their product in simple terms, they have also been instrumental in generating potential leads and boosting brand awareness. 


    You might ask – But what exactly are doodle videos? 


    Well, before we leave you with the best doodle video examples, check out what they are all about:

    What are Doodle Videos?

    Doodle videos are nothing but a fancy term for whiteboard animation videos.


    They are a compilation of static hand-drawn illustrations aimed at explaining a particular concept. With the help of audio and visual effects, these illustrations are then animated & concepts are narrated and simultaneously presented.


    This animation style is unique in itself regarding how quickly objects are drawn and the message is communicated in a short time frame.


    Considering the explanatory advantage doodle videos bring to the table, they have still held their ground as one of the best marketing tools available to brands in today’s world.


    Without any further discussions, check out the best video examples for a better understanding:

    Doodle Video Examples

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      1) Deep Roots

      Animated video created by MotionGility

      Target Audience: General Audience

      Industry: Dairy and Beverages


      Doodle or whiteboard videos are an excellent choice when it comes to demonstrating or pitching a product to the target audience.


      In this whiteboard/doodle animation video for Deep Roots, we created hand-drawn images to present how beneficial A2 Protein milk is derived from Indian cows. 


      To help viewers understand more about the benefits, we developed a plot alongside a couple of characters and narrated the benefits via an engaging script and an energetic background voiceover.

      2) Dropbox Intro Video

      Target Audience: General Audience

      Industry: SaaS & Cloud Storage


      Who said doodle videos cannot be used for introducing products? Well, Dropbox did it and generated millions of views and revenues.


      With a simple cutout animation style video, the cloud storage giant demonstrated the key features of its platform and how easily users can upload their documents and access it across devices.


      Not to forget, the stellar video script adds more charm to the video as it skillfully leverages the power of storytelling which keeps viewers engaged till the end of the video.

      3) IRIS

      Animated video created by MotionGility.

      Target Audience: Fashion & Lifestyle Brands

      Industry: B2C Goods Production & Wholesale


      The biggest benefit of doodle videos is the versatility that they carry in catering to a variety of industries.


      Right from hardware, and healthcare to SaaS and logistics, videos are a one-stop solution for businesses wishing to reach out to their target customers or even improve their operations internally. 


      In this video by IRIS – an end-to-end merchandising and analytics platform designed especially for fashion & lifestyle businesses, the animation style used plays a major role in demonstrating what the platform is all about.


      While creating this video, we made use of rich icons & characters to establish the context of what happens behind the scenes at production, purchasing, tracking, and storage levels.

      4) Yourekascience - What are Preprints?

      Target Audience: Scientific Research Institutions & Scholars

      Industry: Education


      For the educational industry, videos have become an indispensable part of their marketing as well as training purposes. 


      This is mainly because humans grasp information from visuals 5x faster than text documents.


      Yourekascience’s whiteboard video is an excellent example of how videos can help in breaking down complicated terminologies into easily digestible pieces of content.


      By leveraging the power of visuals in the form of hand-drawn icons, charts, and illustrations, the video aptly communicates the concept of Preprints to its audience

      5) Oxfam - Raising Her Voice

      Target Audience: General Audience

      Industry: Non-Profit 


      Apart from promoting products for a business, videos have also helped non-profit organizations and societies in raising awareness around topics of general interest.


      With a similar thought, this video by Oxfam focuses on spreading the word about how women’s voices are buried in the political, social, and economical arena across the world.


      To foster the idea that women deserve an equal say in the decision-making process, the video carries catchy illustrations and impactful objects that strongly resonate with the viewers.

      6) WOW Motorcycle

      Animated video created by MotionGility.


      Target Audience: General Audience

      Industry: Automotive


      With their ability to help brands establish their presence in the market, doodle videos are now being preferred by startups even more compared to earlier times. 


      Just like thousands of others, WOW Motorcycle’s explainer video is a classic example of how colorful animations and smooth transitions can be utilized to increase brand awareness.


      Why are Doodle videos an effective tool to help achieve business goals?

      If you’re looking forward to meeting your business objectives, doodle animation based videos can be of sincere help. 


      Such videos can help brands strengthen their marketing efforts, drive sales, and unlock branding goals.


      Here’s how they can be of great help:


      Building brand recognition in today’s hyper-competition-driven market is tough. However, with videos, you can ensure the consistency of your message across your marketing channels.


      Using the same font style, colors, and tone in your videos, you can easily create a concrete image in the minds of your target audience. Additionally, this will also create brand recall.


      By showcasing your brand’s values and ethos, an emotional connection with users can be established thus leading to brand loyalty and long-term relationships.


      Videos are among the highest shared content on the internet. To fuel your marketing efforts, videos can help you create engaging and shareable content that can be distributed across multiple channels on the internet.


      If you have a product or service and want to promote it, a well-crafted video can take you to your target users and catch their attention.


      On top of that, these videos can then be leveraged to encourage them into taking action thus landing you quality leads.


      Now that you have generated leads by solidifying your marketing efforts through videos based on the doodle animation style, you can even drive sales by presenting a concise explanation of your products and services.


      Such videos can be utilized in enhancing your sales funnels by making understand potential customers about your offering.


      As a result, this will help them form informed purchasing decisions. Also by including a crisp call-to-action at the end, you can guide users in visiting your landing page or website where you want them to click the final button of your offering leading to a purchase.


      To say the least, doodle animation videos can be a sure-shot way to unlock your target marketing goals. 


      To stand out from your competition and gain a larger pie of the market share, you can utilize the power of videos and enjoy higher revenues and improved brand presence.


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