Explainer Video vs Product Demo Video – Which one to choose?

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

explainer video vs product demo video

Take any business scenario – Choosing one between the 2 solutions has always been a complicated scenario for decision-makers.


Quite obviously, this has a lot to do about how each option suits a business’ requirements, promises desired outcomes, and aligns effectively with the strategy.


Here’s a similar scenario where we sit down to discuss the agenda: Explainer Video vs Product Demo Video and figure out what’s best for your business.


In general notion, both serve a common purpose which is to help brands present their agenda in an engaging manner.


However, they take different paths when it comes to the approach and scope of their usage.


Therefore, to arrive at a conclusion, it’s necessary to list down what both options are all about, explore a few of their examples, and understand what objectives each hold.


Let’s understand this in detail below.

Want a deeper understanding on which can be a better choice between an Explainer Video & a Product Demo video for your business?

What is an explainer video?

what is an explainer video

An explainer video is a short animated video that is intended to explain the concept of a product or service in a simple and engaging way.


Businesses and organizations use these videos to showcase their services and reach out to their target audience.


In recent times, explainer videos have turned out to be the most effective tool for marketing businesses, as these videos do half the work for marketers by holding onto the audience’s interest.


They can be used for simplifying complex topics and making them easily understandable for the audience.


The versatility of explainer videos makes them more popular, as the same video can be used on websites, social media channels, and ad campaigns.


But one has to remember that any video cannot have the potential to present a brand.


Here are some of the key objectives that one should keep in mind to get the most out of an explainer video:

Objectives of an Explainer video

[A] To communicate complex information

The first and foremost reason why explainer videos have become so popular is their ability to communicate complex products in a fun and engaging way.


With colorful visual elements and a playful sound used in these videos, explaining a complicated subject becomes simplified for brands.

[B] To increase web traffic

why are social media videos critical for your brand’s growth

When an explainer video is placed on a website’s homepage, it not only results in increased engagement but also reduces the bounce rate.


Visitors stay longer and explore more on the web page if they are caught up with valuable information in an engaging format.

[C] To tell stories

The way a brand is presented greatly depends on storytelling. Good storytelling is useful to engage the audience from start to finish.


This is because people remember the information better when it is presented in a story format rather than as dry facts and figures. 

[D] To improve brand awareness

When a business makes an explainer video representing its products and services, people start to learn about the business through the video.


It creates a memorable brand image for them and also increases brand recognition.


Alongside continuing the flow on Explainer video vs Product Demo video, explore a few explainer video examples:

Best Explainer video examples

1. OPA Marketing | Influencer Marketing Platform

Target Audience: B2B and B2C Businesses

Video Type: Motion Graphics Explainer

Industry: Marketing

2. Freshworks CRM: Overview

Target Audience: B2B Organizations

Video Type: Motion Graphics Explainer

Industry: CRM

3. Workhall: AI-driven No-code Platform

Target Audience: Small & Medium Enterprises

Video Type: Motion Graphics Explainer

Industry: B2B

What is a product demo video?

A product demo video is a video that demonstrates how a product works by showing it in action. 


It helps showcase the features and functionality of a product in detail to help the viewer understand the product in a visually appealing manner. 


Videos like these use infographics and animated characters to explain how the product works, how it can solve problems, and why customers should consider it.


Businesses and marketers frequently use demo videos as part of their sales and marketing strategies to promote their products and boost conversion rates.


They engage customers, educate them about the product’s benefits, and contribute to their purchasing decisions. 


Product demo videos can enormously boost a product’s visibility and sales.

Objective of Product Demo Videos

[A] To understand the product better

When a new product is launched on the market, it becomes important for businesses to help people understand what it is and how it works.


Making people understand the whys and hows of the product builds trust among them. The target audience becomes more confident in the benefits of your product.

[B] To explain the main features of the product

When customers encounter a new product, whether it’s software or any innovative item, they face the daunting challenge of understanding its features.


The lack of clear demonstrations makes a person doubtful about their purchasing decisions.


Product demo videos can clear all their doubts by taking them through the features of your product.

[C] To educate the target audience with the right information

The last argument put forward in the debate of Explainer video vs Product Demo video is about – Educating the target audience.


A new service or product comes with lots of questions and doubts, and it takes time for people to accept the unfamiliar service and get used to it.


Demo videos can effectively solve all the doubts a customer may have and help them educate themselves with the right and honest information.

Product Demo Videos Examples

1. TapOnn - Smart Networking Card

Target Audience: C-suite Executives, Professionals, Freelancers

Video Type: Live+Animated Product Demo Explainer

Industry: Corporate

2. ClickUp: Introducing ClickUp AI

Target Audience: B2B Organizations

Video Type: Product Demo Explainer

Industry: Project Management

3. Shopify: Growth with Shopify Forms

Target Audience: Retailers/Store Owners

Video Type: Product Demo Explainer

Industry: E-commerce


Pulling down the curtains on the debate – Explainer video vs Product Demo video, it’s evident to say that:


Both animated video styles play a huge role in any brand’s successful marketing strategy.


Hence, to generate interest and familiarize customers with your services, explainer videos should be used early in the buyer’s journey, followed by product demo videos to build trust.


However at the end of the day, the choice between the two depends on the specific needs and goals of your business.


If you’re still stuck between the two, feel free to connect with our video marketing expert for a quick ‘Need Discovery Call’ and arrive at a benefitting solution.

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