The Ultimate Guide to Using Animation for Business

The ultimate guide to using Animation for reaching potential customers and making sure the leads convert effectively to achieve target marketing goals.

guide to using animation
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Business trends are changing and target audiences are shifting more and more toward shopping from the comfort of their home. People are consuming content more and more using social media, web surfing, and video-sharing sites.


Statistics say An average user spends 17 minutes 31 seconds daily on YouTube. And an average human spends 4 hours daily using social media on his phone. 


Although it’s challenging to be consistently active but the ROI on content distribution is a factor that makes up for all the efforts. But shooting video content is either time-consuming or costly, which is one of the significant buzzkills for businesses. 


So is there a way businesses can leverage creativity without burdening the pocket or suffering the loss of time?


Well, marketers are shifting towards animation as a preferred content type as they’re repurposable, engaging, and don’t burden the pocket with hefty bills. From e-commerce products to complex IT services, all businesses can leverage animated content at all stages.


But what makes Animation so special? How they must be implemented?


Let’s unravel the mystery step by step starting with why they’re marketers’ favorite…

Why do marketers prefer Animation over other Content Types?

With tons of internet users consuming content over social platforms and making a buying decision at the moment then only.


This fact encouraged marketers to invest in content that not only reaches the target audience but also engages them effectively to encourage a buying decision.


But creating such content is not just challenging but requires a lot of equipment, actors, production crew, and time. Thus costing a fortune at times. To avoid such costs and increase ROI on campaigns, businesses are actively shifting toward animation content. 


Animation Content has tons of benefits when it comes to boosting insights, but here’re the top reasons why businesses must opt for Animated content:


  1. Engage all ages of people long enough to make a potential decision
  2. Animated video production doesn’t require famous actors and huge crews, making them an effective choice compare to other video types.
  3. Animation Content is easy to repurpose, they not only help to outreach the audience but can also help you to position your brand as a part of audiences’ daily life.

This makes animation worth every penny invested in production. And with the right distribution channels, the content can help to achieve marketing goals 300% faster.

Business Animation: Animated Content for Sales and Marketing

Business Animation refers to all the animation assets created for businesses to improve the achievement of all marketing goals such as outreach, engagement, creativity, and conversions


These videos are created to help users creatively engage with their target audience and make sure the content created pushes sales.


Business animation doesn’t require you to manage actors and make sure you don’t have to spend unnecessary effort in managing a lot of people.

the ultimate guide to using animation for business

Business animation content is easy to repurpose and can effectively engage a lot of audiences with the potential of converting them into paying customers. This makes it easier for businesses to generate and convert leads effectively.

It’s not just that business animation content is beneficial, we have a ton of options when it comes to creating animation content. Let’s explore them one by one

Looking forward to creating your own Business Animation Content?

Types of Animation Content used by Businesses

Animation content is now one of the most preferable content types used by marketers. It is now a fact that videos tend to have a conversion impact of a whooping 74% when it comes to converting leads into paying customers.


Leveraging animated content can help your business grow exponentially by making sure your audiences take buying decisions and can comprehend your product, by visualizing your business as a part of their daily life.


With the right content and distribution strategies businesses can reach out to potential customers and convert them into loyal buyers for your brand.


So, Here’re some of the most commonly used business animation assets used by businesses now-a-days.

Animated Explainers

Animated explainers are short animated videos created by companies to explain their product or service in detail. These are creative, which makes them sharable on a scale that improves ROI on campaigns.


These are a great choice for all businesses including complex tech services like Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, and SaaS. 

Animated Commercials

Animated commercials are short videos created to promote a product, service, company, or brand. These videos are usually leveraged at the beginning of a sales funnel and can help to boost marketing insights effectively.


Animated commercials are a great choice for companies and businesses of all sizes to make sure they gain a good reputation in the market 

Animated Product Demos

Product Demos are short videos created to showcase your product to your audience and make sure they can relate to its use in daily life. These videos are easily repurposable and can be used at all stages from product launch to distribution.


Animated Product Demos are a great choice for everyone owning a product and can effectively help to improve e-commerce sales too.

Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos are short animated videos created to make sure the organic and paid campaigns on social platforms actively get engaged by the target audience and the campaign gets an effective boost over social channels.


Social Media Videos are a great choice for all businesses to outreach new potential customers and engage with them creatively.

How are Animated Videos created?

Creating Animated Videos is a simple process. The expertise and knowledge of how a product or service works can, however, be an add-on benefit to creating a precise and optimal workflow using graphics.


Creating Animation for Business can be fun when experimented with proper understanding and knowledge of the industry but a slight mistake in research or production at any stage can cost you a lot of time and effort. 


Although you can hire an expert Animated video agency but you must know this to start working with them. 

Creating an Animated Video with an Expert Animation Producer

Creating a video with an expert animation producer is simple. You need not worry about complex processes, hiring and managing a team of experts, and bearing the cost of production resources.


All you need to do is, share your requirements and a good company will help you by taking care of the rest while involving you at all stages of production. 


At MotionGility, we make sure your efforts are minimized while we do all the heavy lifting. We take care of everything from Research to Rendering. This not only helps to create brilliant, error-free campaigns but also helps you focus the majority of your time on production.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
connect with our expert
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Now that you know how simple creating a video with a video producer can be, all that’s left to do is hop on to start your marketing campaign with the animation content.


But you’re someone with experience in graphic design and animation and want to create your own video content. Well, experimenting with animated videos is fun but messing up at any stage of production can mess up all the efforts.


In that case, here’s a simple recipe to create your own business animation videos.

Creating your own Animated Videos

video content creation
how to make explainer videos

Although the recipe to create the video is the same for all businesses, making sure the amount of research done about the target audience is intense is super important.

Once you’re done with your market research here’s a video production process to help you create stellar videos


Step 1: Research and choose the product animation video style best fit for your video needs.


Step 2: Start with a script to tell a stellar story.


Step 3: Create a storyboard while you brainstorm the visual treatment for your script.


Step 4: Take your storyboards into the design and prepare characters and background elements.


Step 5: Get Voiceover and sound library ready for action.


Step 6: Animate the final design prepared and wait for the final video to render.


Your Video Is Ready For The Web…

Now that you’re sure of how to create your own Animation videos, here’re some most commonly used software to create animation videos.

Some of the most commonly used Business Animation Software

Animated videos are a good choice for all business content and creating them is a simple process with modern tools available. Although they won’t help you create custom animations like an animated video production house, but they can help you start your journey into animation by leveraging creative content effectively.


Here’s a list of the Best Animation Software on the web to start your video animation journey

1) Adobe Animate

Key features:

  • Use vector brush to animate your graphics.
  • Can export animations to multiple platforms easily—HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, Flash/Adobe AIR, etc.
  • Create motion graphics with accessible drag-and-drop features.
  • Adobe Animate camera allows you to pan, zoom, and rotate animations.


Adobe Animate starts at USD 20.99 per month[Paid Annualy]

2) Animaker

Key features:

  • Multiple video styles with millions of stock footage and videos to choose from.
  • A thousand pre-built templates with paid plans. 
  • Free sound effects and HD-quality rendering.


Animaker starts with a basic price of USD 10 per month

3) Cinema 4D

Key features:

  • Polygon reduction to preserve smooth UVs, vertex maps, and lightweight meshes.
  • Reliable tools to create real-life-like characters.
  • power to clone objects
  • Supports adjustments and randomization scale, and rotation of objects.


Cinema 4D cost around USD 94 per month and comes at an annual fee of USD 708

4) Blackmagic Design Fusion

Key features:

  • Animation curve modifiers that let you retime animations automatically.
  • Noise reduction and enhancement tools.
  • Easy to Customize templates.
  • Audio sync feature to add, edit, and clip playback audio.


Blackmagic Design Fusion is available at a lifetime cost of USD 295

5) RenderForest

Key features:

  • A lot of pre-ready templates for quick designing.
  • A good amount of customization is available from the perspective of design.
  • A great option for producing product demo videos & explainer videos.


Limited features are free forever and the premium starts at USD 6.99 per month

Want to learn more about Animation Software?

Web Trends in Animation

Business Animation is hype and all websites and applications are leveraging them one way or the other. While animated headings and logos are consistently creating hype, trends are evolving every day creating unique perceptions and brilliant engagements.


Following top Trends can be a revolutionary approach to engaging the audience effectively

Animated Logo

Simply put, a logo animation (or animated logo) is your logo with motion graphics or animation added to it. It’s critical to consider the company’s values and goals while animating a logo so that we can incorporate these concepts into your animation.

Fake 3D Animations

Isometric Animation

It is an animation that is two-dimensional and represented graphically in three dimensions.


The animator must be able to place the camera in angles that coordinate in order to create an isometric animation perspective in three dimensions.

Cyberpunk Web Animation


This animation style is created by integrating glowing graphic elements in an environment of low lights.

Also, it houses a futuristic vision as most elements created are based on science fictional icons, wholistic hovers, and glowing colors. 

Mixed Media Animation

Mixed media animation refers to all animation videos created by merging two or more animation styles to create unique videos to engage the audience effectively. These videos are created by mixing live footage with animated assets effectively.

Storytelling with Animation

Storytelling in animation has been a long ongoing concept and it’s the best way to engage the audience long enough to influence a decision.

Hover Effects

social media management services

The boundaries of animation are being pushed here, and connecting web assets with mouse tracking can create brilliant hover effects to engage audience better. 

Using Animation in content can boost Marketing Insights

Regardless of the target demographic or the marketing objectives, animated videos are a powerful tool. Animated assets have shown to be helpful at all levels of marketing and sales outreach, whether it’s attracting the audience’s attention or explaining to them a specific product or service.


When it comes to businesses, developing a distinctive brand identity is something that encourages customers to connect with you. This makes it easier for people to engage with your business and build a satisfying relationship that increases sales by fostering trust.


Marketing campaigns built utilizing videos may help you obtain a greater ROI compared to any other kind of digital marketing campaign since the audio and pictures have an overall psychological influence.

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