Why Investing in Music Video Animation is a Great Choice

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investing in music video animation
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    As we grew up, we witnessed many changes in animation. We have seen a major transition from 2D to 3D.


    Animation has always been an evolving industry and there is no end to this. With new technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality, animators are making every effort to create objects that are close to reality.


    With the broad acceptance in the animation industry, the young generation as well is very much inclined toward animation. They are captivated by the visuals and technological advances in animation. 


    Now, Animation has also become a significant part of music video production. Previously, music videos were only about the live-action with the singers or bands performing in front of the camera.


    But as the years progressed, the directors started looking for a more imaginative and unique approach. Then, they thought of investing in a music video animation. The use of animation allows them to explore endless creative possibilities in music videos.

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    They can create all sorts of characters, and backgrounds matching the theme of the song on a low budget. Using animation in music videos has surely grabbed the attention of people on a different scale.


    With the creative visuals used in these videos, animation has paved the way in the music video industry and is undoubtedly here to stay.


    Let’s learn why everyone loves animated music videos and why you should too:

    Unleash the emotion through Visual Storytelling

    Music is deeply connected to emotions. Animation is a great way to express and evoke these emotions through visual storytelling.


    Through investing in music video animation, you can create opportunities to develop narrative plots that complement the music’s emotional journey.


    Using animation in music videos can create seamless experiences by merging visuals with sound designs. It can help in creating an immersive environment that can enhance the storytelling of the music.


    For example, check out this music video by Imagine Dragons.

    Imagine Dragons – Birds is a music video that communicates the emotional journey of a young boy. 


    The video is a perfect combination of powerful storytelling, beautiful cinematography, and empowering lyrics. It captures all the feelings that boy goes through be it isolation, resilience, and triumph. 


    This video was successful in emotionally connecting with viewers.

    Stand out from the Crowd

    Two CEOs of major labels have stated that 100,000 songs are released each day. Unrealistic numbers, right? 


    But it’s true as each day globally, a number of songs are released.


    Hence, the competition is unparalleled. It becomes very important to stand out in this competition.


    Here, animated videos turned out to be a great way to make yourself visible and stand out in this competitive industry. Video animation offers a unique opportunity to establish a distinctive visual identity and brand image. 


    By creating visually stunning and original animations, music production companies can enhance their brand recognition and create a memorable impression on their audience. 


    This differentiation can contribute to increased visibility, fan loyalty, and ultimately, commercial success.


    Let’s look at this video by Taylor Swift:

    This video has made great use of Kinetic Typography and has perfect synchronization with the music.


    The creative visual effects capture the essence of the song perfectly and successfully leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

    Unlock the Viral Potential

    Apart from the many benefits of music video animation understanding how to productively use animations in music videos can help you increase popularity.


    Animated music videos are a great source of attracting more viewers and fans. These videos can attract an audience swiftly, especially younger ones who have grown up watching cartoons.


    And hence, the use of animations makes the music video more memorable and shareable on social media platforms. 


    A music video with clever use of animations and great visual storytelling has the ability to go viral in no time.


    Dua Lipa’s “Hallucinate” music video stands as the perfect example leading to viral success.

    The colorful visuals used in this video attracted the audience of all age groups. This video was spread like wildfire all around the internet.

    Discover Unlimited Possibilities

    Animation has the power to convert imagination into reality. It is not limited by real-world hindrances.


    Directors and musicians get the complete freedom to push the boundaries and create unique and never made before music videos.


    Animated videos help directors to experiment with different animation styles. Whether it’s the ease of motion, the vibrant colors, or the craftsmanship, animation allows for endless possibilities to enhance the energy of music.


    One such animated music video is Ed Sheeran, Pokemon- Celestial

    This video showcases the boundless power of mixed media used in creating music videos. It is the perfect combination of inhuman elements and animation. 


    This video showcased a new direction of visual storytelling and surely opened doores to unlimited artistic possibilities.

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    The use of animations in music videos is undoubtedly the best combination one can ever see.


    The smooth blending of music with the visually appealing characters in animation turns out to be the finest visuals ever created.


    Investing in music video animation can offer more creative possibilities, emotional expressions, and audience engagement than realistic versions.

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