Live vs Animated Videos: Which Is The Best Choice For Your Project?

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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live vs animated videos
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    Scrolling through social media and youtube is one of the most common activities that are an inseparable part of our daily lives.


    The consumption of video-based content is undoubtedly at its peak with generation z taking over the internet. This gives businesses both opportunities and challenges to reach potential customers and rise above the competition.

    A lot of effort and time is consumed trying to make content that engages the audience and creates an impact. With varying audience ages and preferences, choosing the right video style is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to making videos.

    Thus, the battle continues!

    Live vs Animated Videos

    Let’s understand both in detail and various factors to keep in mind while choosing which is the right choice for your target goal. 

    What Are Animated Videos?

    Animation Videos are videos created using static images and still figures manipulating them to appear as life-like moving objects.


    In the digital era, these videos are created with original designs, drawings, illustrations, and computer-generated effects to make them look like they are moving like real-life objects and create beautiful visuals in various animation styles.   

    Types of Animated Video Styles

    Animation videos can be created in various styles based on budget, timeline, target goals, and target audience.


    Often when it comes to engaging audiences using brand stories, animated explainer videos are the most prominent choice as they are not only intuitive but also cost-effective.


    Here are the top video animation styles:


    • 2D Animation
    • Motion Graphics
    • Typographic Animation
    • Stop-motion Animation
    •  3D Animation
    • Whiteboard Animation
    • Cartoon Animation

    All the mentioned video animation styles follow a unique way of creation from graphic design to animation effects. They are not only engaging but also help users to make a decision.

    To know more about various types of explainer video styles: Check Out The Explainer Video Guide


    • Animated videos don’t require producers to search for or handle actors, a production crew, and large editing teams.
    • Characters in animated videos can be customized based on target viewers and demographics.
    • Animated videos can be easily repurposed to use on all paid and owned channels.
    • They are more engaging and cost-effective as well.


    • Animation is a time-consuming process, a well-scripted 1-minute animated explainer video usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete based on requirements.
    • Changes in particular scenes are hard to implement once the video is fully completed.

    What are Live Action Videos?

    Live-action videos are a form of cinematic video production that uses live footage and rapid-succession photography as a base for creating videos. 


    This gives users a real-life-like feel but limits creativity due to factors such as the availability of cast, locations, and production crew. 

    Types of live action videos

    Live-action videos can be created using a handheld camera at home or an entire crew at a designated location based on budget, target goals, and distribution channels.

    The major types of live-action videos include:


    • Talking Head Videos
    • Vlogs
    • Live Streams
    • Interviews
    • One-On-One Live Cams
    • Screen Share Videos

    Live videos are usually informative and work best as tutorials, webinars, and during live presentations. They are the best choice when it comes to training your audience to work on a particular task in detail or have a one-on-one personalized discussion.


    • Live videos can be shot at home with a simple hand-held or mobile camera.
    • They are a great choice when it comes to long detailed walkthroughs for interested audiences.
    • Live videos can be paired with animated elements to create brilliant visual effects and engaging videos.  


    • When it comes to professional marketing videos, live videos require a large crew and tons of resources.
    • They are usually longer in length and can be used to target only interested or knowledgeable audiences.
    • Professional live videos are usually very costly and it’s hard to repurpose them.

    Live vs Animated Videos

    Animated Videos Live Videos
    Animated Videos are easy to repurpose and can be used on all paid and owned channels. Live videos are hard to repurpose and distribution across channels can be hard.
    Creating detailed and informative content using animated videos is a time-consuming process. Live videos are a great choice for detailed walkthrough videos and sharing informative content.
    Animated videos can be a great hook to entice the new audience and engage existing ones. Live video ads are hard to produce and require a large crew and a ton of resources.
    Animated videos can help you bring all your imagination to life without restrictions. Live videos have human and real-life restrictions when it comes to bringing imagination to life.
    It's hard to connect emotionally with the audience using animated characters as emulating emotions is a complex process. The audience can connect with the characters emotionally based on their facial expressions and liveliness in a scene.
    Changes are easier to implement at multiple stages of production. It's hard to implement changes in live videos
    Need help to understand which is the best style for your Explainer Videos?

    Which is the best choice for your next video project?

    When it comes to choosing between live-action and animated videos, there’s no one size fit all. There’s no way there’s one correct answer to this question but here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding the best choice for your next video project: 

    What are my target marketing goals?

    Before starting your video production journey, you must make sure you have a clear target goal in mind. A lot of important decisions depend on your understanding of target marketing goals thus it is crucial to understand them as a priority.

    What is my budget?

    The amount of money you’re willing to pay is one of the most crucial factors in making a decision.


    For example-With professional live-action videos, you need to take care of the budget to handle a large crew and professional actors.

    What is my target deadline?

    Before starting your video production make sure you have a target delivery date in mind.


    For example-


    A professional animated video goes through a long process of scripting, storyboarding, illustration, and animation with iterations at each stage. Thus usually takes 4-6 weeks to finally deliver.


    Understanding all these questions is important to make a lot of decisions with the choice of right style for your videos. 

    Looking For An Animated Explainer Video?

    Are you ready to bring your imagination to reality?

    Now that we are aware of the differences between live-action and animated videos and what factors are necessary to make a decision. There still are a lot of variables you need to consider before making the decision. 


    There’s no way you can be wrong if you choose either.

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