How to Decide Whiteboard Animation Video Cost?

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Komal Chaturvedi

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    With the internet being a hub of Graphic and Video Content, Scaling video marketing efforts is now more important than ever.


    A crazy amount of videos are being uploaded on the internet daily as both personal and promotional content. Thus Scaling your video marketing efforts is now more crucial than ever.


    What is the best video type for my brand?

    But how do brands focus on production and making videos at the same time?


    What are their choices when it comes to outsourcing the content?

    How much should Video Marketing Efforts Cost?


    Sit Back And Relax! Whiteboard Explainers have got your back.


    Let us understand everything you need to know to figure out the cost of your Whiteboard Explainer Video.

    Whiteboard Animation Video Cost and Factors affecting it!

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    The cost of an Animated Whiteboard Video differs with factors such as Style, complexity, delivery time, voice-over, and length. All the mentioned factors play a crucial role in deciding the final cost of your video.


    Having an internet presence for your business or brand without animations and videos is similar to driving a car without steering. Thus to stand out from your competitors, you need to think and make your decision wisely.


    Investing your time and money in a video marketing strategy with a compelling animated video can boost your CTR by up to 400%. 


    Let’s go through these factors one by one and understand how they affect your Whiteboard Animation videos’ cost.

    Table of Contents
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      Video Style and Animation Types

      Animated Whiteboard Explainers can be varied into different types like Specific Product Explainers, Campaign Updates, Story Telling Videos, etc. Video Type is the very first and crucial factor when it comes to deciding the cost of a video.


      Each video type requires different Scripting, Efforts, Expertise, Design Time, Animation Time, Software, and computer resources.


      Thus an Animated Whiteboard Video can cost anywhere between 1500 to 35000 USD per minute based on the requirements you kick in for your video.

      Elements, Characters, and Scenes Needed in Whiteboard Videos

      The script is the defining guide for any video. As the number of elements, characters and designs changes, the cost of your video changes along with it.


      A script with more elements and quick image transitions tends to increase the cost of a Whiteboard Animation Video.


      Each new element or scene added to a video can increase the cost of production from 50 to 500 USD based on the Element or Scene’s complexity.

      Voiceover Language And Accent

      Including a voiceover in an animated video is an optional choice but it is always clever to include a voiceover with an Animated Whiteboard video as they make comprehension easier and engage the audience throughout the scenes. 


      Depending on the target audience, the choice of accent and language plays an important role in defining the Whiteboard Explainer Video cost.


      A professional English Voiceover in a regular accent costs somewhere between 200 to 750 USD per minute based on expertise, complexity and voice.

      Length of the video

      It’s an obvious and kind of the most important factor. The proportional cost for 15 seconds and 5 minutes videos is different even for all the same factors.


      The shorter the length of the video, the higher the cost seems as the time and efforts dedicated to building characters, elements, and background is the same for both 15-second and 5 minutes video. Thus cost looks higher as the length of the video shortens.


      30-second video: A 30 seconds whiteboard animation video cost somewhere between 1500 to 4500 USD depending on the animation style, script complications, and voiceover.


      3-minute video: A 3 minutes whiteboard video cost somewhere around 5000 to 10000 USD depending on the animation style, script complications, and voiceover.

      How Does Cost Vary With the Change of Medium of Production?

      The choice of the medium of video production impacts the cost of the video immensely. Based on professionalism, time boundation, and target goal of your video, you must choose the medium for video production wisely.


      The cost is deeply impacted by the choice of your production medium, so let’s understand your option and associated costs one by one.


      Choice 1: Animation Software or Template Ready tools

      This one is the easiest accessible and most inexpensive choice when you want to do it all by yourself.


      A  ton of creative cloud spaces are available with pre-ready templates, just put some colors, and transition into it, and your video is done. Sounds easy and quick?


      But The major problem that arises with these pre-made templates is the linear video style, and similar format, and tons of videos are available on the internet in the same format and style. Thus killing the uniqueness of the brand.


      We’ve compiled a list of Whiteboard Animation Software to help you choose the best online video maker for you and the pricing associated with each Online Video Platform.


      A DIY Cloud Software usually costs from 150 to 1000 USD Per month, but the time required is greatly dependent on the user’s expertise.

      Choice 2: Hiring Freelancers

      With the internet rising to be a global community, Freelance Motion Designers, Animation Production Specialists, and Animators are available almost everywhere today. Some of them are pros at their job while others really find it hard to produce quality.


      Freelancers may be experts at one specific skill or can manage the entire project by themselves. The cost of hiring a freelancer depends on


      1. Experience and Expertise of the Freelancer
      2. Their Involvement in management of project
      3. Ability to manage themselves independently

      Based on mentioned factors and traditional factors affecting Video Production Costs, an animated whiteboard video costs somewhere between 750 to 5000 USD based on Freelancer

      Choice 3 : Outsourcing to A Trusted Video Marketing Company [Top Choice]

      Outsourcing your requirements to a well-established Whiteboard Animation Company gives the brand freedom to focus on Production, Supply Chain, and Market Growth without worrying about Marketing Efforts.


      While the hired agency dedicatedly works on marketing chores and producing high-quality videos, the brand can focus on production.


      These companies have experts for every stage of production and marketing which helps them speed up the process without compromising on quality.


      The project is customized entirely as per your requirements and so is the cost. But a standard Whiteboard Animation Video pricing with a Video Production Service Or Marketing Agency is somewhere between 2000 to 4500+ USD per minute based on requirement factors.

      Curious How We Create Videos At MotionGility?

      Where Can A Brand Use Whiteboard Animation Videos?

      Animated Whiteboard Videos are easy to repurpose and can be used to fulfill both Marketing and Engagement needs.


      Here are the top 6 places you can use Whiteboard Animations to enhance your Marketing Plan.


      1. Landing Pages
      2. Presentations
      3. Corporate Training
      4. Social Media
      5. Sales Pitch
      6. Employee Training
      7. Event or Campaign Updates  

      Like every production process, Marketing And Video Production also face a number of challenges related to management, strategies, and trends on different levels of production and management.


      Let us understand these challenges as risk management plays a crucial role in deciding the cost of your video.

      Challenges in Creating High-quality Animated Whiteboard Videos

      Managing Multiple-step Process:

      The Whiteboard video production is not a one or two-step process. It starts with Scripting, Characters, Background Elements,


      Storyboarding, Lighting, Animation, Music Composition, Transitions, and much more.


      For a brand to manage these steps is not easy without a full-fledged team for these tasks. Most brands outsource their video marketing efforts to a proven company in animated videos considering the time required to produce a certain number of videos. 

      Keeping Up With Trends:

      The digital landscape is ever-changing. With customer behavior and preferences changing every moment, it’s tough for brands to create a video marketing strategy that is agile and flexible.


      Without experts in the industry, it gets tougher and brands end up consuming budgets for no results. 

      Lack of Strategy:

      Since Animated video production is time and resource-consuming, it’s important to have a clear and well-defined strategy to begin.


      Without a strategy, it’s difficult to scale the speed, achieve the desired goals, and hit the conversion targets. 

      What About Hidden Fees?

      At MotionGility, we do not charge any hidden fees. It’s truly bad business, period. 


      There may be extra fees, but the fees incurred will be transparent and will only be incurred if you choose to add extra work after a prepared contract, but you are informed prior if you are  in danger of accruing any additional fees. 


      Here are some examples of where extra fees can arise:


      • Changing the VO after it has been approved and recorded
      • Preponing the decided deadlines 
      • Purchasing stock footage to include in your video

      Budgeting is one of the most important skills that every corporation must master thus understanding the right cost of your video is important .


      The above-discussed factors impact the cost of a whiteboard video more than anything else. Brands should focus on getting a balance between quality and cost.


      With clear and well-defined strategies, it becomes easy for brands to find out what is the best step to move forward with. 

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