Why do startups prefer Infographic Videos for user education?

Why do Startups prefer Infographic Videos for User Education?

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Startups Prefer Infographic Videos

As a startup owner of a new SaaS or FinTech product, what could be their biggest concerns?


From successful launch to attracting consumers from the target audience to marketing their new product, it could be anything.


Additionally, a crucial concern for these new-age startups offering complex products is Crisp User Education.


So to counter this, today’s startups prefer infographic videos to ensure a clear message about their offering to their target audience.


In this blog, learn the role of how animated videos are helping startups highlight their product’s key features and communicate their value proposition.

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4 Reasons Why Startups Prefer Infographic Videos

Evident from their name, infographic videos carry the power of appealing visuals that allow seamless communication of complex data via graphics. 


Add the power of animation to these graphics, this visual series helps startups establish themselves in the minds of the target audience easily.


Looking at their power from a usability perspective, many industries such as non-profit organizations, educational institutions, blockchain companies, and organizations in general are leveraging its benefits.


Here are the top 4 reasons behind them being preferred by over 92% of marketers who consider videos to be an important part of their marketing strategy:

1. Improved Visual Appeal

As the name suggests, these videos are the best when it comes to evoking emotions and actions by showcasing a certain set of data in a visually rich manner. 


Infographics are an easy way to accommodate large sets of information where the data is presented via icons, numbers, and text that grabs the attention of the audience.


Considering the low attention span of today’s buyers, it becomes obvious why today’s startups prefer infographic videos to cut across the fluff and market their products.


The use of motion graphics helps them keep the viewers engaged till the video’s completion, thus boosting the chances of achieving the target goal which in most cases, is conversions in the face of signups, downloads, web visits, etc.

2. Simplification of Complex Concepts

For reasons known to all, complex terminologies or jargon are better not used when communicating your product to the target market.


This is exactly where infographic videos play a dominant role in helping startups break down the complexities by presenting information that is easy to digest for the target users.


By demonstrating the overall functionality and exclusive features of a topic or organization using graphs, charts, etc., these videos help make the narrative fun and engaging to grab.


Here’s an example of a fine infographic video for better understanding:

3. Strengthened Brand Consistency

Another reason why startups integrate infographic videos in their marketing channels is because they neatly allow them to maintain brand consistency across the internet.


This is done by the incorporation of their brand assets including colors, fonts, logos, etc., in the videos by the video production company


Such an approach makes the reinforcement process of a startup’s branding stronger and impactful as videos serve as a digital representative to the target audience.


And of course, this leads to the creation of an interactive user experience leading to longer brand recall.

4. Increased Chances of Conversions

Apart from educating users, infographic videos take up an additional responsibility of helping brands boost their conversions. 


You ask how? Well, these videos provide an interesting opportunity for brands to highlight their unique value proposition and strike an effective communication with the viewers.


Moreover, infographic videos can also be leveraged in different stages of the customer buying journey where they act as a deal-striking factor, thus bringing potential customers one step closer to the intended goal.


As a result, they end up boosting brand sales and improving credibility as well as identity in the target audiences’ minds.

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Wrapping Up

Given the marketing prowess infographic videos hold, they can be the next big thing for your brand if leveraged effectively.


If you’re a marketer or brand manager looking to educate your target users about your product or organization crisply within 60 – 90 seconds, you must try integrating these videos into your marketing strategy.


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