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Why are marketers referring to videos as the future of Content Marketing?

The digital landscape has been changing rapidly over these years. People in this era have become more interactive towards web and its content. After all, the digital technology is way cheaper than every other medium that is available today. It also comes with minimal or no boundaries on when and how can people interact with the content, digitally.

With the popularity of digital content at its peak, the scenario of content marketing is also changing rapidly. A piece of content will succeed in the market if and only if it is marketed in one of the apt ways, as per what, when and how the consumer wants it.

One of the cutting-edge forms of content marketing is videos. Videos now referred to as future of content marketing, have gained a lot of attention, because of their effective results and massive reach. If you are someone who is not easily convinced by everything that has been mentioned above about the importance of videos in content marketing, then here are some statistics that will justify the popularity of explainer videos in digital marketing.

-Videos for business are claimed to grab more than 80% of the total web traffic in the year 2019.

-Businesses tend to boost the click-through rates by more than 200 percent by adding videos to marketing emails.

-More than 60 percent customers buy a product or service, after watching explainer videos around it.

-Of all the ad spending online, more than 35 percent is accumulated by corporate explainer videos.

-More than 50 percent of the marketers and customers would prefer to watch an explainer video than read a piece of content.

Aren’t these stats mind-blowing?
No wonder why videos are the future. There are numerous companies and businesses that focus more on videos since they have been attracting more audience than any other form of marketing.

So why you should really opt for videos when it comes to content marketing?

video marketing

Already proven via the stats, videos are appreciated in the global and local markets. However, there’s more to look at. Here are some more reasons that would provide an apt answer to why videos are the future of content marketing?

-Videos are shareable.

Yes. That is one of the reasons why videos spread so easily. When you come out with a crisp and strong video around your business or company, people will share; if not for your product, then for the amazing animation or message. Video content is so engaging that it attracts customers like a magnet.

-Brand recall is an add on.

Going by the facts, more than 70 percent customers purchase a product because they felt moved by the video that was used during the marketing. Customers usually remember the visuals they have watched and they often relate to it. The visuals, when combined with some audio and animation, leaves an impression that is hard to forget. Videos are easy for most of the viewers or potential customers to remember than the text-based content. This enhances your brand reach and recall value.

-SEO and video marketing go hand in hand.

Relevant video marketing and quality video content automatically drives people to your homepage or landing page. This triggers SEO and enhances the conversion rates. More than 30 percent of marketers and potential customers make a decision of opting for your product or service after viewing a video for business.

-Blends well with all the devices.

Be it your mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop, a video performs well with all the devices. This makes sure that the business or the company attracts users with various devices, not losing out on any of them.

-The brand message.

Videos drive your brand persona in the most enhanced way, hence the keep strengthening your brand message. Simple elements like the visuals, audio and design carry your brand message and delivers it to the audience in the most interesting manner possible. This is how the audience will remember who you are, and what you do.

-The viral factor.

Going by the facts, more than 90 percent of the audience that consumes videos, shares it. Now that is a massive portion. Any brand that would like to expand its reach, videos would turn out to be a boon. Videos, being informative, entertaining and engaging have turned to be one of the most shareable forms of content, hence reaching out to a wider spectrum of audience.

-A powerful tool.

These days, the audience barely has time. And it has also become very selective. Thus, corporate videos turn out to be a strong and effective tool for content marketing. Videos have made getting the target audience and promoting, altogether easy.

Videos for content marketing

Videos have captured a wide portion of the market and this is an absolute truth of the digital industry. It has now become the modern day ‘word-of-mouth’, influencing most of the purchasing decisions of potential customers. With the world becoming more and more gadget friendly, and time running out in every mini-second, videos are worth all the popularity. No wonder why they go viral so easily.

One reason why videos are more widely being opted for content marketing is because of the understandability. Once a customer is dissatisfied by  a particular product, he’d always search for a better product. When he lands to your product, make sure you’ve all your pros wrapped well in a video, which will influence the customer in minutes. It has been proven that a customer would go with a product or service that has an explainer corporate video around it. A video, when starts playing is uninterrupted by anything. And once the customer watches it till the end, he knows what your product holds.

Videos are not just about your product, but they are also about you, your organisation and your culture. It introduces your company with more warmth and hence creates a sense of acceptance towards your products and services. You can smartly embed a culture-explaining video on your About Us page and all the sales reps would love to do business with you.

Videos are one of the best selling tools, and there’s no doubt in that. When you market your product through videos, it elaborates all the action that your product holds. The video testimonials often turn out to be a great story for any potential customer to be loyal to that product for the rest of life. Videos come with lesser production costs and promised return on investment. Isn’t that fabulous? Approach a video animation company and explain to them your need for a crisp video. With pointers, list out all the requirements and expectations of your video. And in no time, you’d have an explainer video to flaunt in the market.

How to use videos for marketing ?

Video content is used almost at every platform now. Social media platforms love them. It is highly creative of the marketers how they have started using the videos. Be it YouTube, Facebook or the official website itself. Some marketers also attach videos in the emails and get access to some 24% of conversion rates just by the emails.

With this reasonable jump of marketers towards videos in content marketing, brands are also shifting towards video. There are some huge brands that would opt for marketing campaigns based only out of videos. It is now not just a tried and tested format, but something that is widely accepted by the audience all over the world.

Video for marketing

Types of videos that have captured the market:



-Animated videos

-Whiteboard videos

-Product videos

-Informative videos

-2D animation videos

-Educational videos




These days, a lot of marketers make their webinars more interesting my embedding videos than text for better understanding of the audience.



Demonstrate your product with the help of a video and you’ll save time, energy and efforts. Also, you’ll be presenting yourself as technologically advanced and effective.


Animated explainer videos:

Tell your brand story with the help of an explainer video. The animation, the sound effects, the storyline, and the narration, wrapped up well in a video to create an impact like never before.


-Whiteboard videos:

A visually appealing and engaging animation video where the author draws and illustrates the whole story on a white background with effective narration. It is usually a time lapse video where the story turns out to be very creative and influential.


Product videos:

A video that demonstrates the pros and usability of a product in the easiest manner. Add this to your product and it will enhance the understandability of your product. A lot of service based companies have opted for this category of videos in content marketing.


Informative/Educational videos:

Videos that spread a message along with animation and some effects can add on to your brand credibility. This way, a lot of brands have created an image for themselves by having a say for the social issues as well.

content marketing videos

2D animation videos:

Two-dimensional moving images with the concept of your product or company is always an eye pleaser. Sweet and simple, it usually leaves an impact.

The reasons why videos are the future of content marketing are hundreds, but you as a marketer will have to realize that video is going to be the king of digital media in no time. They are emotionally charged, visually pleasing and increasingly more accessible. What more would a brand, company or business could ask for? Be it your own story, your product or case studies, embrace videos and your content would be ready to rock the digital world and reach a wider audience.

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