8 Amazing Explainer Video Examples To Help Businesses Build A Brand

Komal Kokate
Komal Kokate

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Explainer Video Examples

Explainer videos are bite-sized videos, usually 1-2 minutes long, that help explain your products or services to your prospective customers in a quick and succinct manner. 


These videos are ideal for introducing your target audience to your product or service and show them how it really works.


Explainer videos usually sit on the top of the marketing funnel and they can be used on different platforms and for campaign goals — right from generating awareness, to increasing conversions, and encouraging engagement. 


To get a better idea of how to go about creating explainer videos for your own brand, start by gathering inspiration by looking at the brands that are doing it right.


Here are some amazing explainer video examples to help you get inspired and build powerful explainer video examples as part of your brand’s video marketing strategy.


Amazing Explainer Video Examples

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    Animation Style Motion Graphics Animation

    The video begins with a progressive voiceover and simple shapes to explain the communication chaos within an organization.


    The video progressed with voiceover targeting solutions to key pain points and used the same simple shapes playing along with lines representing how Slack can be helpful in solving problems.


    The lines move along the patterns and represent the flow of information, engaging users during the entire walkthrough. 


    This  SaaS explainer video is a great example of a vibrant voice walkthrough with a simple minimal visual style and limited transitions greatly introducing the product to the world.

    Crazy Egg

    Animation Style Animated Infographics Video

    CrazyEgg is a website optimization tool that offers heatmaps, scroll maps, A/B testing, and more.


    The brand’s animated explainer video features a character that embodies the brand’s prospective customer. 


    The video starts with the main challenges faced by CrazyEggs’s target customers and then goes on to explain how the tool can help resolve those challenges.


    The explainer video not only features screenshots of the actual tool but also puts the spotlight on different features of the tool, one by one.


    The brand’s signature green color which is present in its logo and website is a big part of the explainer video too.



    Animation Style Motion Graphics Animation
    With their explainer video, Spotify relied heavily on a great soundtrack and fun animations to explain their digital music streaming platform.
    But instead of going into detail about how the platform works, the video actually shows how Spotify is personalized for every user. 


    The explainer video seamlessly transitions between animation and live-action, which makes it even more engaging and fun to watch. Instead of overcomplicating the video, Spotify uses only a few lines of text to get their point across.



    Animation Style Animated Walkthrough
    Airbnb offered a rather new way for people to rent out vacation houses and other people’s homes.
    With a considerably new concept, it was important for the brand to nail their explainer video in order to show how the company’s services actually work. 

    This explainer video has a great combination of animation and live-action to showcase the unique experience of using Airbnb. It also goes into detail to show the different perks that Airbnb customers get to have.



    Animation Style Animated Infographics Video

    Mint is a money management app that helps people get their finance in order. The brand’s explainer video uses animation to showcase the many benefits of the finance app.


    It uses illustrations to share how Mint can help streamline the different aspects of the customer’s life and make money management superbly easy for them.


    The explainer video also uses the actual screenshots of the app to make it easier for viewers to visualise how the app works.



    Animation Style Motion Graphics Animtion

    The pandemic has been a strange time for most people and brands have had to take extra steps to ensure the safety of both their employees and end customers.


    Nissan, a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer, created this explainer video with the help of MotionGility to share all the safety precautions that the company has been taking at their dealership stores. 

    The goal of the video was to promote contactless service by the company in its main showrooms. Since creating live-action videos would have been rather challenging for the brand due to the pandemic, they decided to go with character-based animation, which turned out pretty well.



    Animation Style 2D Animation

    Skrill is a platform that allows users to seamlessly make international money transfers in just a few minutes.


    The explainer video that was created by partnering with MotionGility was published by the brand to not only showcase how safe and secure the platform is, but also explain the money transfer process that goes behind the scenes in the easiest way possible. 


    This short 30-second explainer video has also been customized for six different countries by changing up the country names and the currency values mentioned in the video.


    It’s important to note how the video follows the same color palette as the brand.


    Animation Style Motion Graphics Animation

    ICICI Banking is one of the biggest multinational banks in India, in terms of both market capitalization and assets.


    With the looming pandemic, the bank felt restricted in ways to engage their employees since there was no way to have direct face-to-face interactions with all of them at the same time.


    That’s when they turned to MotionGility to help them come up with an engaging explainer video for their employees and in turn, improve internal communication within the organization.


    The video talks about the major problems that many employees were facing while quarantining and also shares effective tips for achieving optimum productivity levels.


    The character-based animation video uses colors that align with the company’s branding guidelines.

    Ready to Make a Killer Explainer Video for Your Brand?

    Just like with all kinds of videos, it is important to carefully understand your core messaging as well as the target audience before you get down to creating an explainer video.


    Though, you don’t need to set up a whole video department of your own just to create a custom explainer video for your brand. 


    MotionGility is the best Explainer Video Production Company that can help you create powerful explainer videos which are guaranteed to improve brand awareness and increase conversions. 



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