9 Best B2B Explainer Videos To Form Long-term Partnerships

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B2B Explainer videos
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    Video marketing is at its peak, and it is going to stay strong for a very long time. While videos are the perfect marketing tool for all, B2B businesses need B2B Explainer videos more than any other type of business.


    Because videos have a way of creatively informing and entertaining the audience and turning them into customers with compelling storytelling.


    B2B businesses like SaaS companies needed a medium that makes complex topics easy to understand, and that’s when explainer videos came to the rescue.


    Animated explainer videos are the most watched B2B videos around the world. They can help to turn even the most boring topics into engaging stories.


    In a survey, 94% of marketers say videos have helped their customers better understand their product or service.


    The percentage has increased for all businesses, delivering video content to get more sales and brand awareness in recent years.


    We have brought some of the best-animated explainers created by B2B brands that could help you with your next video marketing campaign.


    Here are some of the videos that made it to our list.

    9 Best Example of B2B Explainer Videos

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      1. Grow better with HubSpot

      HubSpot is one of the biggest content marketing platforms providing hundreds of tools to marketing agencies worldwide.


      This video is an excellent combination of dynamic content and appealing visuals. The video narration focuses on the word Growth, and it takes you to the values that should be aligned with the goal of success in the business. 


      The emotional spot with collage-style visuals and simple background is mainly the best thing about this b2b explainer video.


      Grow better with HubSpot is an excellent example of a B2B business that wants to connect with its clients on a deeper level.

      2. Mailchimp - Facebook Ads

      Mailchimp has been publishing some of the best B2B explainer videos over the years, and this video is one of the best videos by them.


      The visuals, color palate, and voiceover combine to make it an engaging piece of content. The video discusses how businesses can use Facebook ads and Mailchimp tools together to make things easier.


      The graphics are beautifully designed, and viewers can easily understand the video from start to finish.


      For any businesses planning to create an explainer video for their B2B product, this could be an inspiration to follow.

      3. Etsy

      Once in a while, a video like this comes along and makes itself a remarkable example for other businesses.


      This video goes beyond excellence with its fantastic motion graphics, soothing color palette, and narration, perfectly fitting the video artwork. 


      Etsy is among the biggest eCommerce platforms for sellers who have promoted the innovative pricing tool with this motion graphics video created by professional video animators.


      If you are to promote your digital tools to target marketing, creating something like this would appeal to your potential customers in the best possible way.

      4. Web Ninja

      Web Ninja is a B2B e-commerce solution to manage all tasks smoothly. This video has made it to our list for many reasons, mainly the single-character animation that takes you on a journey.


      They have followed a brand’s identity approach and creatively provided a solution to the problem. 


      The background and voiceover perfectly fit the video and convince viewers to feel motivated while handling business tasks efficiently with Web Ninja.


      If you also want to display your brand as a prominent solution or to generate awareness, this video is a remarkable idea to let people know what you do and who you are.

      5. Hootsuite - Mix, and Match

      Hootsuite has always come up with engaging animated videos that instantly grab your attention. One of their animated product videos promotes how social media management gets more straightforward with their one-stop platform. “Join the party” is the main idea of this video.


      This indicates how modern businesses can find their space in the ever-changing social media trends.


      The video combines narration with vibrant animated graphics with the story. If you are looking forward to promoting a SaaS business, take this video as an inspiration for the Saas explainer video for marketing.

      6. Traffic by Slack

      Nothing works better than an animated video with colorful characters and funny sounds. This fantastic video by Slack is precisely what a perfect B2B explainer video should look like.


      3D animation, vibrant color, a clear message, and a pinch of humor to the story make it a perfect idea for Software based companies.


      The video is filled with cute animated characters showcasing as a team speaking gibberish (Like minions) and a playful vibe.


      The idea behind this video is to showcase how their product works for companies to run smoothly. One can undoubtedly use the idea for a software tool promotion.

      7. Ahrefs- Keeps it simple and (Silent)

      When talking about B2B companies that stand out, how can we forget Ahrefs animated explainer video that didn’t even need a voiceover?


      Ahrefs is among the most prominent SEO tools used by industries worldwide. The motion graphics and catchy illustration describe how to use the Ahrefs features correctly and get the best out of your business website.


      In addition, the video successfully showcases how the tools solve the most common Google ranking problem without using narration.


      Most brands avoid videos without a voiceover as it could go wrong if not done correctly.


      However, the video could become highly engaging even without sound if you have a solid script and professionally created visuals.

      8. MICROSOFT IT - Power BI

      Microsoft IT Power BI is one of the most innovative business intelligence solutions to harness the power of business data and turn it into valuable insight.


      Think how difficult it would be for a first-time reader when you promote it through text. Instead, Microsoft cleared the concept for everyone in just 1 minute with a simple yet interactive explainer video.


      You can easily understand the benefits of the products and how your business can leverage its features in such a short duration.


      For companies who want to engage the viewer with simplified video content for a complex project, this video is exactly how you can do it.

      9. Practicus - Another Way

      The video is created to break down a complicated topic into visual metaphors, data, and business benefits. Practicus is a project management & consultancy business aiming to help enterprises realize their potential individually.


      When you look at the colors, shapes, and script of the video, they all speak the message quite loud without being too salesy.


      The message of the video is straightforward and clean as the illustration of the video and its background voice is.


      With brilliant design and animation like this one, you won’t have to worry about engagement and effectiveness at all.

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      Why do Explainer Videos work best for B2B Businesses?

      While a professionally created explainer video is believed to engage customers, it should be no surprise that it could also be a great sales and marketing asset for B2B companies.


      The way Dropbox leveraged its B2B explainer video to explain its product worked for their business impressively and led to 10 million additional customers. 


      Here are some significant reasons explainer videos are becoming a must-have for B2B marketing strategy.

      1. To Showcase the Brand's Identity

      Explainer video allows brands to tell stories engagingly so the audience understands what a brand is all about.


      They can better understand your services and their benefits for their business with a compelling video simplifying complex topics.


      Adding animation to a video offers excellent perks for brands who want to connect with customers and deliver a unique personality.

      2. Make Complex Ideas Accessible and Digestible

      Let’s say you have launched a SaaS product that helps businesses with finance. Now the topic is already a bit difficult, and when it’s a digital product. 


      The most significant advantage an explainer video offers is by making complex ideas look simple and easy to understand.


      Your video can include animated characters using the software and making financial tasks quick and easy.


      Even if you want to showcase the entire process of using the product,  explainer videos let you do so without making it look dull.

      3. Helps with Audience Retention

      The human brain processes images 60000 times faster than plain text, So it is better to leverage the power of visuals to let customers remember your brand and its offerings.


      By utilizing a well-crafted explainer video, you can help the audience consume the information better.

      The more they remember the video, the better the audience retention gets.


      Let’s say you are creating a video for your SaaS business, the target audience should be the businesses looking for the same solution, and the goal should be to attract as many potential clients as possible and make the video shareable.

      4. Explainers are Shareable

      Most customers decide to purchase after watching a video on social media. They like to watch a brand video before using a digital product or to compare services before buying. 


      Not only do video explainers solve such problems with how-to tutorials and product demonstrations, but they can be created interesting enough to be shareable across communities and social media pages with the same discussions.


      From almost all video distribution channels you can see, b2b explainer videos are the most shared video content If you want your brand to be a topic of discussion online, why not create an explainer video worth sharing?

      5. Explainer Videos are Perfect for Boosting SERP Ranking

      Do you know what Google loves the most? Videos with great content!


      As mentioned earlier, explainer videos are the most shared videos online. They impact the overall ranking of a website if crafted correctly.


      When Google finds a unique explainer video on a website and analyzes its keywords and content, the chances of the website ranking on search engines get higher.


      You can bring more traffic to the website, and the conversion will start to show in no time! Incorporate the right keywords and content into your explainer videos to let google find you!across the internet.

      How to create animated explainer videos for your B2B business?

      Now that you understand why it is crucial to create an b2b explainer video, you must know how it is done. Although the process and the ideas might be different, there are a few significant steps that you cannot avoid.


      Here are some tips for creating compelling explainer videos for all businesses.

      1. Define your Goals and the Right People to Target

      Two of the most critical elements of a video marketing strategy; are your target audience, primarily the company’s business executives, managers, CEOs, and CMOs, and Second, the goals your video should help with. 


      Make sure your video production team is aligned with the key objectives and the end user of your service or product. This could include customer identification, buyer persona, industry insights, and target reach.


      Your team will create a video based on the information as the script and tone of a video are based on these points.


      Let’s say you are creating a video for your SaaS business, the target audience should be the businesses looking for the same solution, and the goal should be to attract as many potential clients as possible and make the video shareable.

      2. Combine creativity with professional language

      When working on a B2B explainer, it is essential to create the video keeping the professional audience in mind.


      You are not making a video for B2C or D2C customers. So, it would be best if you were not entirely driven by emotions and trends.


      There should be a complete balance between creativity, emotion, and information.


      Most commonly, remember that the audience you are targeting is already aware of the technical terms. They want to understand why your business is better for their needs and how you can help. That doesn’t mean your videos need to be formal or dull.


      There are examples like CrazyEgg and Adobe, who made the best explainer videos of all time with the right elements in the correct quantity.

      3. Highlight the Brand's Individuality

      Your brand’s personality should always highlight while creating any marketing campaign. It leads to a positive impression and overall business presence.


      When creating an animated explainer video, always use brand colors, logos, and characters that speak your brand’s voice. 


      For example, you can create an animated character that people remember as your brand’s personality every time your brand is mentioned.


      This helps increase brand awareness. You might remember the video discussed above by Slack, where they used all the brand colors. Work towards making your brand recognizable through videos.

      4. Keep them short

      Most videos go unnoticed by the audience as they are lengthy and dull. Company executives don’t have time to watch a video that’s more than 3-4 minutes long and doesn’t reach a point. 


      You can create videos at least 90 seconds to 3 minutes long to attain your goals. Your production team should be skilled enough to make an explainer that includes the best of your scripts within the duration and grabs the viewers’ attention.


      Of course, you can always start a series and relevant videos later to address questions related to the business.

      5. Offer a solution without being to sales oriented

      When you are getting to sales oriented with an explainer video, viewers most likely give it a thumbs down and might not return to watch your next video.


      The art of bringing a client through your videos should seem effortless.

      Your videos should be a problem solver rather than a sales pitch. The most successful B2B explainer video displays a problem and suggests a solution.


      When you provide a solution, people like to engage with your brand, or they may realize the existence of a problem they need to be aware of.


      So start with a story with a real-life situation that could be turned around by using your product or service.

      Final Thoughts

      An explainer video is a powerful asset in B2B Video marketing. Most B2B customers watch a video to help themselves make buying decisions. Whatever you create, keep it brief and conduct the production efficiently with a B2B Video Production Company.


      Creating videos for a B2B business does not mean that the videos will be boring and can only be understood by potential clients. On the contrary, even the most complicated B2B concepts can become entertaining if done creatively.


      These examples mentioned above are some of the most viewed online videos. If you can follow the proper process and combine the right skills with the creative elements, your B2B content doesn’t have to be boring.

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