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Komal Chaturvedi

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    The exceptional growth of B2B video marketing benefited multiple businesses because of a sudden rise in previous years and is also anticipated to rise in upcoming years too. 


    Businesses actively use video content to introduce or elaborate their products or services to the audience.


    Also, the audience shifting toward consuming more video content allows businesses to include video content in their sales funnel and use them on all paid and owned channels.


    Although, many businesses are not confident enough to implement video content in their marketing practices yet. The budget and complex creation procedure obstruct enterprises to accept the rising phase of digital marketing i.e. video marketing.


    But businesses fail to understand that they don’t need to spend much on creating video content. Simple budgeted videos can be more effective than fancy live-action videos.


    They just need to implement video content in their marketing to create a competitive advantage within the industry.


    Videos are helpful for businesses to rise within the industry by retaining new and existing customers. Also, the videos bring several benefits to businesses for ensuring better organizational growth.


    This B2B video marketing guide answers all doubts of the marketers and helps them to understand everything there is about video marketing. 

    Need help understanding why B2B video Marketing plays an important role in improving your B2B business?

    What is a B2B Marketing Video?

    The B2B marketing videos are prepared to promote the business among the B2B businesses. Businesses offering B2B services or products use B2B marketing videos to attract the target audience.


    These videos are specifically prepared to promote B2B businesses for generating leads and increasing audience engagement.


    There are multiple benefits of using B2B marketing videos and here are some benefits mentioned in this article that why should businesses use B2B marketing videos.

    Why Should Businesses Invest in B2B Marketing Videos?

    Videos today no longer work only for advertising or promoting your products but also communicate your brand’s offerings and build a community of people that strengthens your business’s foundation.


    The given figures tell how videos are important for your business.


    • 71% of marketers include videos in their sales funnel and report a positive return on investment.
    • 87% of users prefer watching videos before buying any products or services. 
    • In 2023, more than 95% of video marketers increase their video budget by 50% compared to 2022.
    • Video content on social media is shared 12 times more than on other digital media platforms.

    Importance of Video Content in B2B Marketing

    Attention Seeker

    attention seeker

    Videos has the potential to seek the target audience’s attention because of attractive visuals and creative content.


    The video content makes the audience curious to visit your website to boost their knowledge.


    73% of viewers prefer watching video content instead of reading the texts. Video content also increases the average time spent by the users on the website. 

    Improve Website Traffic

    how to increase website traffic

    Seeking audience attention and higher website traffic ensures better audience visits to the website.


    Higher traffic and engaging content reflect a better conversion rate which increases sales and profitability of the business. 


    Embedded video on the landing page or company web increases the conversion rate by 78%.


    Video content enables marketers to capitalize on opportunities and strengthen brand value within the market. 

    Favorable ROI

    worth investment

    The attractive visuals and creative content engage the audience and encourage them to experience the organization’s products and services.


    The videos develop the user’s trust in the brand and turn them into loyal customers of the organization.


    83% of marketers believe that video content positively increases the ROI.


    Even video content increases the business’s overall marketing practices and helps in creating a competitive advantage.

    MotionGility Expert Tips


    • Before creating a B2B marketing video, make sure to conduct market research because research helps you to know the pain points of the target audience and allows you to understand the market conditions.
    • Videos are not prepared for getting the customers only, but the main purpose of creating the video is to build a community of loyal customers that helps in the organization’s sustainable growth. 
    • B2B marketing video content should be relevant and specifically prepared to address the targeted audience. On the other hand, unnecessary and time-consuming content distracts the audience from watching the video.

    Why do Marketers prefer Video Marketing?

    b2b video production

    Video marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools, and videos are a significant part of content marketing.


    In addition, 81% of marketers believe videos are more important today than yesterday. 


    The videos have exceptional potential to deliver any kind of content without getting bored to the viewers.


    But do you know what are the reasons for preferring video marketing by marketers?


    If not, then let’s discuss the benefits of implementing videos in marketing by marketers.

    Benefits of B2B Video Marketing

    Improve SEO

    Today, more than 37% of marketers prefer videos only to boost search engine practices by improving page quality. 


    Better SEO ensures bringing traffic to your website and helps in increasing sales of your business as well.


    Also, 71% of marketers believe videos are more effective in generating leads. 


    Videos do not only work as increasing brand awareness or generating leads, but they work to build a community of people that ensures better connectivity for a longer period.

    Build Trust

    More than 57% of marketers prefer video content to text content because they believe explainer videos help to connect people and authenticate the content of your website. 


    Developing trust is a reflection of conversions. Content that builds trust can easily encourage users to experience the products or services of the business. 


    Better trust ensure higher sales and conversion rate, and videos have the potential to connect people to the brand and create a loyal customer base.

    Google Rank Videos First

    If you want to rank your website on the first page, you must embed a video in your content.


    A video along with content gives a perfect touch to the users and satisfies them by providing what they are looking for.


    Research also says that video content websites are 57% more likely to show up on the first page by Google. 


    Getting ranked on the first page helps you to get higher traffic and improved sales. Also, it helps by converting more visitors into customers. 


    These are some major benefits that attract marketers to implement video content in their marketing that ensures business growth and sustainable development.

    How to use video reviews effectively for your business?


    There are three ways to use video reviews for your business, and these are mentioned below:


    Customer Testimonials: In customer testimonials, the enterprises present how their services are liked by B2B marketers easily and understandably. 


    Case studies: videos in case studies show how you solve the real world’s problem using your creativity. 


    Customer Reviews: The customer reviews are the videos are customers mentioned how your products or services benefitted their business.

    What Makes a Good B2B Marketing Video?

    Many organizations use B2B marketing videos to leg up within the industry.


    The reason for choosing these videos is their ability to build connections and engage the audience with the brand’s products and services.


    There are various options to create good and effective videos but do you know which option is suitable and effective for your business?


    To understand what makes a good B2B marketing video you must understand these key terms:


    Refers to Text and Motion Graphic Animations in the Video. The proper text content increases the engagement and video’s attractiveness.

    Character Elements

    Make sure your characters resonate with the audience you’re targeting. Characters provide an emotional touch to the employees and make the story relatable to the audience.

    Customer or Buyer’s Journey

    This refers to the entire walkthrough of the  Application’s User Interface. The knowledge of customers’ journeys helps businesses their needs and requirements.

    Audience’s pain points

    Make sure your video defines a clear problem statement and generates the need for the product amongst the audience. The focus on the audience’s pain points ensures building a better connection.

    Minimalistic Transitions

    The number of transitions in the video must not compromise the visibility of Text and Images.

    Customer Retention

    The video must be engaging enough to retain the viewer throughout the entire video. 

    Keeping these terms in mind, let’s understand the production issues you need to understand and Take Care of while deciding whether or not a B2B Marketing Video is Good.

    The top issues with B2B marketing video creation are given below.

    1. Make sure the video doesn’t look shaky and transitions are flawless.
    2. Avoid the use of unnecessary soundtracks or background music as it kills engagement.
    3. Do not fill the background with too many details. Make it clear and easily readable for the viewers.
    4. Voiceover should be clear and specific which ensures engagement.
    5. Make sure to use clear and enthusiastic audio.
    Are You Looking Forward To Create Animated B2B Video For Your Business?

    What are The Types of B2B Videos?

    1. B2B Explainer Videos
    2. B2B Introduction Videos
    3. B2B promotional Videos
    4. Product and Service Videos
    5. Brand Videos
    6. Testimonial Videos 
    7. Case Study Videos

    What are The Best Channels to Distribute B2B Marketing Videos?

    B2B marketing videos prepare to address the specific audience to ensure better engagement. These videos are easy to repurpose and easy to share via different platforms.


    These videos help to fulfill the organization’s marketing goals and enable the organization to make a significant place within the industry. 


    Here are some suitable distribution channels where businesses can distribute their marketing content.


    Social Media, Landing Page, Company Website, Digital Platforms, TV commercials

    Wrap it Up

    Video content is an effective way of explaining complex things and suitable video content delivers specific information to the target audience.


    We, as a B2B video production company have expertise in delivering the perfect animated explainer videos that help to deliver the desired results from marketing practices.


    An effective B2B video marketing help in delivering the expected results and enables businesses to leg up within the industry by creating a competitive advantage.


    We support businesses by creating the best B2B videos for business growth.

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