15 Outstanding Ecommerce Explainer Video Examples You Should Watch

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Ecommerce Explainer video Examples
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    The exceptional growth of online shopping requires businesses to authenticate their brand among the target customers, and videos are a great way to increase brand awareness. 


    Animated eCommerce videos assist in comparing multiple products, and attractive visuals allow users to share more.


    In fact, 83% of people watch eCommerce explainer videos to know more about the products, and 71% of people decide to purchase a product after watching a video.


    Today, eCommerce videos are a boon for businesses and increase their brand visibility within the target market. Aren’t you wonder what makes eCommerce videos effective?


    Let’s talk more about eCommerce videos.

    What is an eCommerce video?

    The eCommerce videos are short videos that explain the brand’s products and demonstrate how these work. The eCommerce videos describe the hidden benefits of using the products attractively and engagingly.


    The video content increases the brand’s marketing competency and allows the businesses to provide a direction of sustainable growth by creating a competitive advantage within the industry. 


    How is an Animated eCommerce video fruitful for the business?

    Boost Sales

    The higher user preference for watching videos reflects the need for video animation for business. Also, the growth in online shopping impact businesses to provide more video content to convince the audience to purchase the brand’s products.

    Educate Audience

    The video contains information about the brand’s offerings and educates the audience to familiarise themselves with the brand. Customer knowledge of the brand and its products allows them to memorize the brand’s name for a while.


    Higher Conversions

     eCommerce Product videos are visually attractive and creative enough to grab the audience’s attention. These videos direct the audience toward the company website and try to convince them to experience the products.


    Attractive videos, including a touch of creativity, capture the audience’s attraction. Also, animation videos effectively convince people and encourage them to experience the brand’s products and services.

    Animated eCommerce Explainer Video Examples

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      1. Amazon Holiday

      Amazon is a well-known eCommerce brand leading the industry. The brand uses animated eCommerce videos to promote its newly launched service Amazon Holiday. The video also presents how this will benefit its users and why people require these services.


      There is rhyming in the voiceover that effectively uniquely presents all the information. The voiceover is an element that ensures engagement, and presenting this in a form of rhyming allows the audience to taste something new, and they will consume more information.

      2.Alibaba’s New Retail

      Instead of focusing on one thing, the animated eCommerce explainer video represents the Alibaba brand’s services and how effectively they modernize the different businesses as a combination of online and offline stores.


      The animated explainer video focuses on providing information about the brand. Also, the video works as animated instructional eCommerce videos by delivering instructions on how to perform specific things.

      3. Shopify + Aleran

      Audiences these days prefer watching short and relevant video content, and this eCommerce promotional video is particularly prepared to deliver specific information to the viewers.


      The attractive theme color and moving logo make the video engaging. Vibrant color and clear voiceover also play a significant role in grabbing the user’s attention. The video presents how Aleran benefits the target audience and how to get the benefits of using Aleran.

      4. PrestaShop

      This video is classified as an eCommerce explainer product demo video because it focuses on presenting unique selling points and targeting the B2B audience to avail their business’s services.


      PrestaShop presents itself as a solution to a problem and helps businesses to limit the quantity of ordering specific products. The video provides a demo for businesses that allows them to know how to set limits for specific audience groups.

      5. TRY | eCommerce Explainer Video

      Combining voiceover and background music increases the effectiveness of the video and allows businesses to engage more audiences. Also, a suitable theme and proper color selection make the content attractive, which reflects the significant increase in sales and profitability.


      TRY focuses on delivering a better consumer experience by providing easy return features. It facilitates easy returns for users who dislike the product’s quality. Also, the vibrant colors attract users to watch till the end.

      6. HIPCAMP

      Hipcamp is a platform where people can plan trips and explore new places. The video presents specific details to choose Hipcamp as your next trip partner. Hipcamp is an Outdoor stay and Camping Marketing Company. 


      The video includes great storytelling and attractive visuals to encourage the audience to know more about the brand and its offerings. Also, effective voiceover can help better audience engagement. 

      7. E-Commerce Video Animation

      Effectively delivering only the relevant information using attractive visuals is also a way to engage the users. Video without voiceover with simple content left an impression on the users because of their simplicity.


      The eCommerce video simply presents how to avail of their services by using the voiceover. This also presents how marketers can save their investment costs by removing the add-ons in animated eCommerce videos.

      8. Return and Earn

      This animated eCommerce video is also a good example of an animated instructional video or animated video advertising. This explainer video provides a brief of businesses working and how they work.


      The business also helps the environment by reusing waste materials. Also, it provides the benefits of returning the container after use. The first five seconds are for the attention seeker then the informational content begins to let people know about the brand.

      9. Local Express

      The animated video commercial presents how their services convert your business into an online business and mention the process they focus on doing the process. Local express provides complete assistance in increasing your brand’s visibility. 


      Laud and clear voiceover reflects a higher engagement rate, and visually appealing content enables the business to attract more viewers and increase brand awareness within the industry.

      10. ShitjaOnline

      Shitja online provides a platform for businesses to set up their business from offline and online both platforms. Shitja provides multiple options and flexibilities to businesses and individuals that how to grow their business using the online business platform.


      The animated video presents how to set up your business online by targeting individuals and groups. Attractive visuals and clear voiceover allow viewers to know everything about the brand and its offerings. 

      11. HevoFood App

      The HevoFood app presents business information including the process of ordering food. The first five seconds grab the user’s attention by fulfilling the people’s needs. The app provides a platform for local businesses by delivering food to the consumer.


      The short and specific video content allows the audience to watch till the end and relevant information ensures engagement. The video has an effective voiceover that attracts people and delivers all the relevant information.

      12. JIVO CHAT

      Watching the Jivo chat commercial is the best way to understand the eCommerce explainer video for SaaS products because it includes all the relevant content that presents the benefits of using Jivo Chat for businesses.


      The video presents the brand as a solution by targeting B2B businesses and shows several benefits of using the product. The video takes a few seconds to deliver all the important things that a person should know abou

      13. Worldline - Fraud Protection

      This fraud protection eCommerce explainer video uses smooth background music and presents a bit more informative content, which increases the video’s effectiveness and develops the user’s trust in the brand. 


      Worldline addresses a rising concern of online fraud and the first five seconds is like attention-grabbing, which encourages the audience to watch the videos till the end

      14. OneFood

      Have you ever thought about a video created using only white and green colors? If not so, then just watch this video. OneFood app provides a platform for local food supplier to sell their products. 


      OneFood ensures providing quality food and connects users to multiple producers to deliver quality products to their users. The attractive visuals direct the audience to check the application and experience the brand’s services. 

      15. Matt Hodges Book

      Another creative eCommerce video example presents how effectively videos can cover different domains. This is an eCommerce animated promotional video style that promotes the book written by Matt Hodges. 


      Videos effectively express all kinds of content engagingly and attractively. The yellow background and highlighted texts engage the users to watch videos till the last.


      Also, this animated eCommerce video is mobile-friendly is easily accessible over different devices.

      Need Help To Choose What Animated eCommerce Explainer Video Is Best For you?


      The rising demand for eCommerce explainer videos brings a new phase of marketing, and increasing users’ preference to consume more video content allows businesses to produce more video content.


      Explainer videos today help businesses by increasing brand visibility and building connection to the target audience. The videos bring multiple benefits to the business, including sales and returns.


      If you are looking for a better video, content to an explainer video production company for fantastic content and a well-researched script. The video production company can provide an effective video that helps to achieve market goals.


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