How Explainer Videos Help Startups Launch Products Better?

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Explainer videos help startups
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    The startup ecosystem is flourishing with new ventures with domination from the the FinTech, AI, SaaS, etc. industries.


    In these growing times, it’s amazing to be a startup founder who is super excited about launching his/her product in the market efficiently.


    But as you already know, entrepreneurs are on the edge of their seats while aiming to nail the first interaction of their dedicatedly-built product with the target audience.


    And the common fear that unites each one of them is the fear of a failed or an inefficient product launch. 


    It’s here when animated explainer videos help startups deliver an amazing and effective product launch through catchy elements that hook the attention of the viewers.


    Let’s understand in detail how exactly do explainer videos play an instrumental role:

    Need help understanding how startup videos can help you launch products better?

    4 Convincing Reasons how Explainer Videos help Startups

    Out of all the notable benefits explainer videos come with, there are 4 key reasons why they have proven helpful to brands like Slack, HDFC, ADNOC, etc.


    Given their ability to help startups spread their product’s word out with ease, they have become a key asset for every B2B marketer’s toolkit of marketing solutions.


    Here are a few of them: 

    1. Demonstrate your Product Better compared to Traditional Methods

    Modern startups are adapting to the digital-first approach forcing entrepreneurs to switch to effective marketing tools that can potentially help them accelerate their product’s launch.


    And since we’re discussing about how explainer videos help startups explain their product in the best manner possible, here’s the reason why:


    You see, these videos are highly equipped with rich illustrations, explainer characters, and infographics that help put on a crisp presentation.


    Now this automatically puts them miles ahead of traditional tools such as lengthy text-based manuals, boring slides, etc.


    Considering the decreasing human attention span, these videos are an excellent tool to grab the attention of viewers and communicate the brand’s key message quicker.


    Here’s an example of a similar product demonstration animated video:

    Dock | The Best Way to Work with People

    Target Audience: B2B Enterprises

    Video Type: Marketing/Product Awareness Explainer

    Industry: SaaS

    2. Help create hype in the market and improve Brand Visibility

    As a startup owner, your concern about an effective product launch can be quite decent considering the impact it can have your marketing strategy.


    It’s here when you can explore the advertising [read curiosity-building] side of explainer videos in the face of animated commercials


    Regarding commercials, there’s a simple reason to it – They are quick, carry engaging elements, and are the best when it comes to creating a product’s hype.


    On top of that, startups are free to leverage their usability beyond creating hype such as for launching new features of their existing product line.


    This characteristic fuels the concept of how explainer videos help startups strengthen their brand’s visibility by utilizing a tool that helps reach a mass audience.


    Here’s an appealing example of a top FinTech explainer video that talks about the introduction of a new era in UX design of a mobile app:

    CRED | Welcome to NeoPOP

    Target Audience: Credit Card Holders

    Video Type: Brand Awareness

    Industry: FinTech

    3. Enhance the initial Onboarding Journey during the Product Launch

    Shifting the focus to SaaS or complex tech-based startups, the prime concern product owners face is facilitating a hassle-free onboarding experience for its first-time users.


    Usually when a new product is launched, marketers largely expect a huge & concentrated inflow of visitors on the website or landing page.


    And they least expect a situation when visitors bounce off their websites due to absence of a convenient onboarding process.


    This is exactly when startup owners can make use of explainer videos by attaching them on product landing pages, thus providing a clean guided tour of the product.


    Check out below how Amazon’s Cloud Computing arm AWS enhances its users’ onboarding experience through a motion graphics video:

    Amazon Web Services | AWS Onboarding

    Target Audience: Large-scale Enterprises/MNCs

    Video Type: Platform Explainer

    Industry: Educational

    4. Boost product signups and conversions

    Imagine a situation where a potential customer saw your new product’s advertisement on the internet and visited your landing page –


    Only to find out there’s nothing that convinces him to sign up for your platform!


    Well there could be nothing worse than this as it’s a clear loss of a potential paying customer.


    Here, explainer videos help startups leverage this opportunity and convert prospects into customers by offering them a quick walkthrough of the product.


    As a result, the video acts as a guide helping visitors understand the ins and outs of a product, thus encouraging them to sign up.


    Here’s an example of the same:

    Zapier | Animated Commercial

    Target Audience: B2B Enterprises

    Video Type: Platform Explainer

    Industry: Project Management

    Now that you have explored the 4 core reasons how explainer videos boost the product launching efforts of startups, it’s evident how valuable they can be.


    For marketers and startup owners worldwide, explainer videos can definitely grab a place in their marketing toolkit.


    Since they offer a bundle of benefits in multiple facets, startups can fairly leverage their power and achieve their target marketing goals.

    Want to strengthen your product's launch and onboard customers better through an animated explainer video?

    Final Words

    To say the least – In today’s clutter-filled marketplace, it has become more important than ever for startups to possess a dominant marketing presence.


    And explainer videos can be a sure shot of way of establishing that presence and capturing a significant portion of the market share.

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