Simplified Process of How to Create a Whiteboard Explainer Video for Customer Retention

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

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    Whiteboard explainer videos are unarguably one of the most common and popular forms of explainer videos and all for a very good reason.


    By using a digital whiteboard, these explainer videos help viewers easily understand even the most complex concepts. 


    While there is no doubt that a well-made whiteboard explainer video can be an amazing way to drive engagement and conversions for your business, there is also a lot that can go wrong with it. 


    In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about creating the perfect whiteboard explainer video.

    What is a whiteboard explainer video?

    A whiteboard explainer video uses a digital whiteboard as well as illustrations to break down complicated topics. It is perfect for when you want to explain your business’s products or services to your prospective customers, while still holding their retention until the very end of the video.

    Whiteboard Explainer Video Examples

    1. IRIS

    IRIS, an omnichannel fashion analytics tool, created this explainer video in partnership with MotionGility to show how customer behavior and market trends can affect sales in the fashion industry — and how IRIS can help companies get ahead by providing them with accurate predictions and actionable insights.

    2. Deep Roots

    This whiteboard explainer video was created by MotionGility for Deep Roots Farms, a local business that offers pure milk and cow ghee.


    The video starts by explaining the many benefits of cow milk and also tells the viewers how the company extracts, packs, and delivers pure milk products.

    When to use whiteboard explainer videos?

    1. When your products/services are complicated or highly detailed

    Whiteboard animation videos make the information easily digestible. They communicate intricate and complex topics with ease, which helps people understand the concept more quickly and effortlessly.


    Just like traditional whiteboards have been used for ages to explain complicated concepts, strategies, and scenarios, whiteboard explainer videos do the same thing digitally.

    2. When you have an abundance of information to cover

    Videos are always the best way to go when you have a lot of information you want to convey and you want to make sure people pay attention to what you have to say.


    According to a study, the average retention rate of an explainer video is 77 percent, which means, that if you create a 1-minute long video, you can at least expect the viewers to watch the video and retain information from it for 47 seconds.


    Whiteboard explainer videos help you cover a big chunk of information at a fast pace while ensuring high engagement and retention through engaging graphics.

    3. When you want a mixture of a corporate and cheerful tone

    Whiteboard videos are the best way to go when you want to quickly pique the interest of your leads and capture their attention. Their clean aesthetic animation makes them a pleasure to watch and their crisp script makes them ideal for all types of business models.

    A Step by Step Process of How to Create a Perfect Whiteboard Explainer Video

    1. Outline the script

    outline the script

    The script gives structure to the video and acts as its backbone. That is why, it is important to ensure that your script has all the necessary segments, including — introduction, the middle body, a conclusion, and of course, a call to action.


    When creating your script, you should segregate your narration into different parts in order to answer the main questions: 


    • What problems does your product/service solve? 
    • How does it solve the problem?
    • Why is your product/ service the best substitute in the market?

    Remember that you are not just selling your product/service but educating, explaining, and teaching your audience about it.

    2. Prepare the storyboard

    simplified process of how to create a whiteboard explainer video for customer retention

    A storyboard shows all the significant scenes of your video graphically to make the process easier for your illustrators, voiceover artists, animators, and everybody else involved in the process.


    It is like a rough sketch of the entire video. Creating a storyboard in advance ensures that your final explainer video looks exactly how you envisioned it.

    3. Make illustrations and animations

    whiteboard explainer video illustrations and animations

    The next step is to create illustrations for your whiteboard explainer video and then add animation to it. During this step, you should make sure that your illustrations are as direct, simple, and easily understandable as possible.


    When you are adding animations, ensure that they aren’t too slow or too fast. Their speed should be just right to make the content digestible without slowing down the overall video.

    4. Record a professional voice over

    voice over illustration

    Once you are done with most of the graphic part, comes the second most crucial step – voice-over! It is vital to find high-quality and professional voice-over artists who have a clear accent.


    Choose the perfect voice-over artist after a few trials, as you need to make sure that their voice clarity is unparalleled. The right voice-over artist makes a significant impact on the success of your whiteboard explainer videos.

    5. Edit your video animation

    lifeup whiteboard video

    The last step, but also a crucial one. After completing all phases of composing scripts, creating storyboards, finding the right voiceovers artists, and adding animations, this is where you start and edit your whiteboard animation explainer video.


    It is vital for you to understand which parts to keep and which ones to forgo to maintain the video’s relevancy and flow. However, the professional touch in these videos is irreplaceable.


    If you plan to do all of it yourself, you might end up spending days, weeks, or even months to get the perfect explainer video. Not to mention, you would essentially have to hire an entire video production team to make this possible.


    A better alternative?

    Partner with an explainer video company like MotionGility to streamline the entire process and create a professional whiteboard explainer video that gives you the results that you want.

    Final Words

    A whiteboard explainer video is a potent tool that effectively communicates even the most complex concepts while successfully retaining the audience’s attention. 


    Of course, creating whiteboard explainer videos is not as easy as it seems and there are too many things that can go wrong. But by hiring an explainer video company to manage this on your behalf, you can simplify and streamline the entire video production process.

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