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Animated Social Media Videos
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    In today’s era, social media has an edge over traditional marketing techniques. 


    Being an integral part of our lives as a daily dose of entertainment, it has also proved to be a powerful tool for businesses to connect to a relevant audience. 


    However, establishing a credible social media presence and then managing is not at all a child’s play.


    Digital success with animated social media videos is possible if the roadmap is aligned with the goals, and supported by a concrete social media planning roadmap.


    Let us dig deep into what social media planning is and how essential these videos can be for brands to rule the digital landscape like a pro…

    Social Media Planning: The Concept

    First and foremost, it is important for you to know what is meant by social media planning: 


    The term ‘social media planning’ refers to a well-structured approach to managing and executing social media strategies. Each business niche involves a set of components that are essential for its social media marketing strategy. 


    Most businesses integrate a social media dashboard that is designated to identify the target audience, track analytics and content performance, help you choose the right social media tools, manage interactions, and boost performance.

    How to Become a Social Media Planning Maestro With Animated Social Media Videos

    Now that you are well aware of the concept of social media planning, let’s understand the elements and techniques alongside social media videos that you must know in order to successfully establish your social media presence. 

    Below are some strategies for you to take inspiration from:
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      1. Research About Your Target Audience

      audience targeting and retention

      Before you begin to create content for social media, a prerequisite is to conduct market research and know all about your audience’s demographics.


      Analyze their personas, preferences, and interests to be able to tailor your content accordingly. The more you know about your audience, the more you will be able to attract them with captivating content strategies.

      2. Set Goals to Achieve

      Every social media plan consists of a set of SMART goals that help businesses thrive and generate incredible profits. 


      Be specific about the milestones that you want your social media plan to achieve for you. Do not go generic with just aiming for an increased number of followers or virality of a content piece. 

      What’s more, you can chalk out a plan to integrate animated social media videos by aligning your goals with your overall social media marketing strategy. Then, choose any of the monitoring tools to keep track of your performance.

      3. Select the Right Social Media Platforms

      Be it Threads or Mastodon, every day, a new social media platform has a new update for the users. 


      Each platform has its own significance and attracts a unique audience. TikTok and Instagram work well for businesses geared towards Gen-Z, while LinkedIn and Twitter are more effective for businesses in specific industries.


      However, there’s something that unites these platforms – Social media videos. This is because they are universally fit for any platform you pick for your business and provide that edge in terms of attention-grabbing and evoking engagement.

      4. Create Compelling Content

      It is all in the content, they say, and well, they say it right. Create a social media content marketing strategy and focus on delivering useful and interesting content pieces.

      Indulge in experiments and try different content forms such as explainer videos, reels, infographics, blogs, newsletters, e-books, guides, and whatnot.

      To avoid the stress of content posting every other day, check out any free social media scheduler or a content calendar and schedule all your posts in advance.

      5. Build a Community

      internal communication explainer video

      Businesses cannot thrive alone on social media. You need like-minded individuals and experts around to hype up your presence and add a certain value to it. 


      Hence, it is essential to build a community around your brand by engaging with people on social media, interacting with customers, asking for feedback, etc.


      Not many are aware of the fact that social media videos are used as an ice-breaker for kickstarting new programs or even launching business communities.


      It’s quite exciting to unite people for a common business or brand awareness cause by using non-profit or awareness videos which can be further rolled out on social media platforms, thus accelerating marketing efforts.

      6. Run Social Media Ads

      Alongside organic marketing techniques, invest a little in social media advertising. 


      You can boost your rankings and drive more traffic to your website by integrating your social media videos both on social handles as well as on website and landing pages. 


      Allocate a budget mindfully and ensure track of the performance of your ads with the help of social media monitoring tools.

      7. Stay Updated With Social Media Trends

      why are social media videos critical for your brand’s growth

      To own a successful digital presence, your social media planning must include tracking trends and campaigns in the news every day.


      Become a social media bee and stay updated with new trends that people in your community are talking about. 


      Look for trending hashtags, viral memes, and hot discussions, and mould your social media marketing strategy by using social media videos to jump on the bandwagon accordingly.

      8. Analyze Performance Consistently

      Once your social media plan is crafted and in the execution phase, an integral strategy is to keep track of all the marketing activities. 


      Check up on the social media metrics, engagement, reach, click-through rate, conversions, and other relevant KPIs of your business. 


      This way, you will be able to make changes to your social media planning and become better.

      9. Keep An Eye on Your Competitors

      While your hard work tops the list of efforts that will pay back the most, it is important to keep an eye on the strategies your competitors are working on. 


      Analyze how they are making content and how they are leveraging their social media videos for maximum reach. 


      Take inspiration and make room for improvements in your own social media marketing strategy to deliver the best to your audience.

      10. Establish a Unique Brand Identity

      brand identity

      Identify what makes you different from other brands of the same niche and establish a unique brand identity on social media.


      A strong brand identity goes beyond the traditional conventions of logo and color theme because there is certainly a lot more to it. 


      Hence, begin with a clear understanding of your brand’s values, define a few foundational elements, and stick to them throughout your journey on social media

      11. Encourage & Appreciate User Engagement

      Your audience is your most valuable asset. Appreciate their engagement and interact with them by asking questions, running polls, and seeking opinions. 


      Roll out giveaways and contests to reward them and make them feel valued. 


      Another strategy that you can use to generate engagement is by using customer testimonial videos. This will strengthen your brand’s identity in the market and increase value in the minds of your target audience.

      Summing It Up!

      Planning is essential for a long-lasting social media presence. Hence, cherry-picking the strategies that suit your business niche is a must. 


      Doesn’t matter, if you are a fresher on social media or an experienced individual struggling with driving results, using animated social media videos in your strategies can largely help you elevate your social media game.

      If you’re someone who wants to strengthen their digital identity with videos, get in touch with us today, and let’s create your rocking customer-centric video.

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