6 Practical Healthcare Video Marketing Strategies To Execute

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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healthcare video marketing
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    Healthcare marketing involves the strategies that are applied by healthcare organizations like hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, or medical device manufacturers to promote their products or services. 


    As the technology in healthcare advances, so does the competition, and to stand out in the competition, companies engage in marketing strategies to attract their intended audiences.


    Today, videos play a huge role in healthcare marketing. Videos help healthcare organizations to personalize their brand and build trust with viewers.


    Through colorful animations and infographics, healthcare video marketing helps patients with easier access to information.


    That is the reason why healthcare marketers and practitioners are getting ahead of the game and taking full advantage of videos in their marketing strategies.


    Let’s understand how videos are effective in the healthcare sector.

    Need help understanding how healthcare videos play an important role in marketing strategy?

    How is healthcare video marketing effective in the healthcare sector?

    The accessibility of video platforms and the engagement of the audience on those platforms have given rise to video content, even in the healthcare sector. 


    In recent times, we have witnessed many healthcare professionals engaging with their audience on social media platforms, which has helped them showcase their expertise, gain trust, and build a strong community.


    While videos can connect you to your audience in no time, they can also boost growth in the medical industry.


    People tend to engage with videos the most if we compare them to any other type of content. 


    Videos in healthcare marketing have surely brought a revolution to the healthcare sector. Whether it’s educating patients or showcasing new health technology, videos do it all.


    After covid-19, telemedicine and virtual consultations have also become the preferred choices for patients.


    Videos help doctors give personalized guidance and address patient concerns conveniently from a distance.


    Here are some of the best healthcare video marketing strategies that healthcare professionals use to reach their target audience.

    1. Choose relevant platforms for Your video

    The thing that most marketers miss out on is choosing the right advertising platform. 


    Every individual has a unique approach and goals. What worked for someone else might not necessarily work for you.


    It is important to analyze your own needs and make decisions based on your own goals.


    Choose the right platform where you can reach your target audience quickly and also engage with them.


    Creating healthcare video ads on a random platform without analyzing them may lead to a waste of time and resources and may also be the reason for your discouragement.


    Find the relevant sites for your video that are trusted and authoritative and where you can find a valuable audience. 


    This may sound like a very basic thing to do, but the right platforms for video ads can prevent you from appearing on insignificant sites.

    2. Make Use of Patient Testimonials

    patient testimonials

    If we talk about one thing that the healthcare industry revolves around, it is trust. Because people need to have belief in their fellow doctor to get treated by him.


    Here, patient testimonial videos just do that, as they give a real perspective on the quality of services provided.


    Patients share their experiences and outcomes, which has a positive impact on their fellow patients. 


    When the audience hears from the actual humans on the other side of the testimonial video who have benefited from a specific treatment or service, it develops trust and belief among them. It shows that the organization truly cares about its patients.


    These videos are an excellent way to increase your audience’s trust in your services. It gives a boost to marketing efforts and drives more engagement.

    3. Educate patients through physician Q&A sessions

    physicians q&a sessions

    In healthcare, spreading the right information is very important. Develop videos that educate patients about various healthcare topics. 


    Q&A videos also stand out as one of the best ways to educate patients. In these videos, a renowned doctor answers the most commonly asked health-related questions.


    This video showcases the expertise of the doctors and builds trust in the institution as a reliable source of information.


    The collaborative nature of Q&A sessions allows viewers to feel involved and encouraged. Viewers can submit their own questions and consider their answers in future videos.


    This helps boost engagement and creates a sense of curiosity, and they start to look forward to the next Q&A video eagerly.


    Educational content displays the organization as the most authoritative and also increases credibility. 

    4. Include personalization and storytelling in healthcare videos

    personalisation and storytelling

    Patients think twice before choosing any medical organization or treatment. When the video is personalized, it helps patients see themselves reflected in the stories and allows them to connect with the video.


    At that very moment, you have established a special bond with your patient. It gives them relief and builds a lifetime of connection with the organization.


    Sharing real-life stories and highlighting their treatment journey through your videos will help build a strong doctor-patient relationship.


    Make the most of the authenticity of patient experiences and the emotional pull of storytelling to help organizations create healthcare marketing videos that leave a lasting impression on patients.

    5. Optimize the healthcare videos for SEO

    In the world of digital media, where we see many demands for attention, it becomes important to optimize videos for search engines.


    Video SEO means that when someone searches for a related query, your video appears in the search results.


    An informative healthcare video can be of no use if it can’t be visible to the right audience at the right time. 


    When healthcare video is optimized for search engines, it not only reaches a wider audience but also builds a strong online presence.


    Have a look at the following video by MetricAid.


    To showcase their advanced physician scheduling software, they have created an explainer video that is very well SEO optimized. 


    They were successfully able to achieve the maximum number of physician recruitment through this video.

    6. Analyze the performance of video marketing

    Creating the video and uploading it is not enough; timely analyzing the performance of the video is equally important.


    It gives us statistical data on how the video is performing and what can be changed to boost its performance.


    Tracking the marketing strategy helps us better understand our audience and lets us know how much they are engaging with the content.


    By measuring video performance, healthcare marketers can make more data-driven decisions for future campaigns. 


    To measure the success of healthcare videos, track key marketing metrics like views, engagement, conversion rates, and SEO performance. 

    Want to enhance your marketing strategy using animated videos?


    Apart from creating a good explainer video, the focus should be on having the right video marketing strategies.


    Throughout this blog, we have explored various healthcare video marketing strategies that can help healthcare professionals achieve their goals.

    Embrace the power of videos in healthcare marketing and improve the overall healthcare experience for patients.

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