How Animated Blockchain Videos Help Brands Boost Growth

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Animated blockchain videos
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    Take into account a blockchain-enabled startup that proposes tailored financial and health decisions to your target audience.


    Wouldn’t it enhance the user experience by 2x and help strengthen brand loyalty in their minds?


    But is user communication so easy? In reality, the audience has little interest in the flagship processes that your blockchain startup uses.


    Their sole concern is how you can solve their problems, and animated blockchain videos are the most effective way to do so.


    Today, using blockchain technology, customers’ lives are being improved through innovation, and customer services are being reshaped.


    So in this blog, let’s focus on the bigger picture and understand how these videos play a key role in helping brands boost their growth and improve product reach.

    4 Ways: Animated Blockchain Videos Help Brands Grow

    animated blockchain videos help brands grow

    Explainer videos are more than mere concept or product demonstration videos.


    Their usage has quite confidently become mainstream with the world’s leading blockchain and other industry startups leveraging its power to achieve their marketing & branding goals. 


    From educating potential customers to helping brands integrate blockchain solutions in their operations, these videos prove to be of immense help. 

    Here’s how they help brands boost their growth in the market:
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      1. Help launch products & educate the audience

      Often, blockchain startups find it intimidating to communicate new blockchain products to their target audience as it relates to understanding backend infrastructure, for obvious reasons.


      Now this is mainly because there are numerous complex terminologies that only brands understand, but not their intended audience.


      Animated videos, on the other hand, can simplify things since they help to break down industry-specific jargon into a language that is much easier to comprehend. 


      As a result, brands can ensure that their brand communication revolving around blockchain & AI technology in general is delivered seamlessly. 


      Here’s an example of how these videos help brands:

      2. Address Data Privacy and Security Concerns

      Usually, AI-backed products and solutions require access to consumer data which often contain sensitive pieces of information.


      And in today’s fast-paced world, addressing data security concerns in clear terms has become mandatory for brands to maintain a positive market identity.


      What brands can do is integrate animated blockchain explainer videos into their campaigns and promote awareness around how they’re taking steps to eliminate security breaches and data theft activities.


      This would directly enable them to foster a safer environment that their users can experience while using their blockchain application or platform.


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      3. Train Professionals better and Improve processes

      Integrating AI solutions into ongoing systems can be highly complex, taking into account the numerous training hours and financial resources it would require.


      However, using animated videos can help demonstrate the entire integration and setup process via rich infographics, appealing explainer characters, and icons for efficient training.


      Also, brands can provide clear guidelines and technical support virtually by including a compelling narrative that answers user queries.

      4. Generate signups and boost conversions

      boosting lead generation using videos

      One of the key benefits of using animated blockchain videos is their ability to produce curiosity and generate action from target viewers. 


      As product comprehension has been simplified with visual elements and motion graphics through the video, a catchy call-to-action at the end can increase conversions.


      Moreover, blockchain/cybersecurity/NFT-based startups can even leverage the power of animated blockchain commercials and pitch their product within 30-45 seconds to promote offers and generate a decent ROI.

      Looking forward to improving your blockchain-technology based product's reach in the target market?


      Blockchain technology comes with a ton of complex terminologies and issues that are necessary to be explained for enhanced customer outreach. 


      Be it B2B organizations or final consumers at mass, using animated blockchain videos can help startups create an impact and stand out with crystal clear communication driven by such videos.


      As an award-winning explainer video company, we can help you demystify the clutter and help spread the word about your product in the market.


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