7 Industries That Must Use Explainer Videos For Their Growth

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Industries That Must Use Explainer Videos
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    In this evolving age of cut-throat competition and diminishing human attention spans, brands are struggling to find a breakthrough in the face of marketing tools.


    Sadly, they have been unable to let go of traditional instruments such as colorful yet lengthy PPTs, boring walls of text, and lifeless graphics.


    For almost every industry present today, animated videos have time and again proved their dominance in terms of communicating the most complex of products with appealing visuals in a matter of just 60 to 90 seconds.


    By winning the trust of startup owners, decision-makers, and marketers at large, videos have cemented their position as an effective tool to increase brand awareness and reach target customers.


    Today, all businesses have realized the need for explainer videos while failing to achieve desired results through their marketing campaigns.


    From industries perspective, let’s understand how videos can play a vital role in boosting revenues and growth:

    For SaaS Industry

    The SaaS industry is currently going through its golden period witnessing substantial growth, thanks to the availability of seamless cloud servers. 


    However, we must not forget that this industry hosts products and services that are way too complex for the end users to comprehend. 


    Such complexities have sometimes become a frustrating obstacle for owners on their way to brand success and customer outreach. 


    In 53% of cases, videos have enabled marketers worldwide to gain considerable awareness for their brands. As a result, SaaS brands have been witnessing an upward trend in the adoption of products by their target customers.


    To help you understand how explainer videos play a crucial role in the SaaS industry, here’s an example:

    Merren | SaaS Explainer Video

    Animation Style Icon-based InfoGraphics

    Merren is a platform that helps businesses collect feedback and other necessary data from their customers through a quick & hassle-free process.


    They basically leverage the power of messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. 


    The video has been created by integrating rich & detailed infographics and icons. Also, illustrative backgrounds and an energetic background voiceover help hook the attention of the target audience till the end.

    For FinTech Industry

    With the ongoing advancements, traditional industries have adopted a new Avatar by leveraging the power and application of various technologies available.


    Among others, the finance industry has seen revolutionary changes in terms of how we carry out digital transactions, interact with banking institutions, and avail varied financial services. 


    Despite such rapid changes, there are certain factors that fintech marketers struggle to fix such as educating customers, addressing privacy concerns, easing digital experiences, etc.


    But the biggest challenge they encounter daily is: Identifying and reaching out to potential customers who will download the app and transact via their platform.


    Here’s a financial explainer video example for more insights into how videos can help fintech marketers with their marketing efforts:

    ZScore | FinTech Explainer Video

    Animation Style Infographics

    Today’s financial institutions are in dire need of pathbreaking solutions to solve complex financial & credit modeling problems.


    Meet ZScore – Finbots.Ai’s latest AI-powered platform that helps institutions bridge the gap of limitations caused by legacy credit systems.


    The animated explainer video uses rich infographics and smooth transitions to demonstrate the usage & functionality provided by the platform.


    Not to forget, an energetic voiceover in the background guides viewers in understanding what the platform is all about.


    For Healthcare Industry

    Just like the financial industry, the healthcare sector has also witnessed an uptrend in the adoption of technologies for medical processes.


    Although from the educational perspective, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies still find it difficult to explain diseases and thousands of other healthcare terms to their patients.  


    With the help of colorful illustrations in videos, lifecare professionals and medical practitioners can easily break down common disease-related myths wandering in the minds of their patients.


    Just like above, here’s a quick healthcare-based animated explainer video for your better understanding:

    MetricAid | Healthcare Explainer Video

    Animation Style 2D Animation

    MetricAid is an advanced physician scheduling software developed for hospitals and medical institutions.


    The mobile application and web-based tool allow physicians & admins to input their availability preferences thus helping them improve their productivity.


    By leveraging the power of detailed backgrounds and smooth screen transitions, MetricAid successfully generated new users and boosted its platform’s awareness among its potential clients.

    For Automotive Industry

    Automobile manufacturers can greatly benefit from animated videos as they extend a rich visually-appealing approach to their target audience.


    Also, they can help auto brands in engaging viewers by showcasing the latest technology, features, benefits, and design of vehicles.


    Considering the level of intense competition ongoing in the market, automobile companies can bring their products to life, enhance their customer support experience, and stand out from their competitors.


    Here’s a quick example of an animated automotive explainer video for your reference:

    Porsche | Automotive Explainer Video

    Animation Style 2D Animation

    Porsche is one of the world’s leading automobile brands. 


    To explain and highlight their manufacturing and production process in general, we used illustrations that helped the target audience get a quick briefing.


    Also with characters in place, the video aimed at establishing relationships with the target audience.

    For Real Estate Industry

    If you work in the real estate sector, you are well aware of the importance of videos in convincing decision-makers or potential purchasers of real estate.


    This is mostly due to the bespoke nature of the criteria and the fact that judgements are made only after comprehensive assessment of the proposed investment.


    Yet, animated real estate videos allow you to establish solid ties with your qualified prospects and launch a genuine relationship, which increases the likelihood that they will convert.


    Since most purchasers of residential and commercial real estate start their search online, such videos can help real estate agents & developers in boosting the visibility of their properties.

    Propy | Real Estate Explainer Video

    Animation Style 2D Animation

    Propy is an end-to-end real estate transactional platform that is built on blockchain-based technology.


    To present the unique features offered for real estate agents, we integrated icons and characters to establish relatability with Propy’s target audience.


    Rich colors and smooth transitions helped them pitch their services and generate brand awareness around their platform.


    As a result, the video garnered thousands of views and established Propy’s mark in the real estate market.

    For Blockchain Industry

    The blockchain industry is witnessing rapid changes in terms of development and integration with existing technologies.


    However, in the majority of cases, blockchain companies often find it difficult to launch their products and pitch their services to the final customers just because of the level of complexities involved.


    In such scenarios, explainer videos can largely assist brands operating in this domain with breaking down complex terminologies into easily digestible pieces of content.


    For your better understanding, here’s an example video:

    DAO Network | Blockchain Explainer Video

    Animation Style Infographic-based

    In this video, the concept of a Decentralized Autonomous Organized Network has been extensively demonstrated with the use of crisp infographics and appealing icons.


    With the help of visuals, the video builds trust and credibility in the minds of the target audience regarding how they can communicate and transact in a secure environment.


    By attaching the video to its landing page, the brand witnessed increased clicks and a boost in the session duration.

    For Cyber Security Industry

    In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses are facing an unprecedented challenge in terms of malware threats and overall security issues. 


    Thus, the need to educate customers regarding how they identify and eliminate the probability of cyber attacks happening has risen exponentially.


    Here, cybersecurity explainer videos can help brands raise security awareness around their software and thus position themselves as the best against their competition.


    Below attached is an example to help you gain a quick insight:

    BitSight | CyberSecurity Explainer Video

    Animation Style Infographic-based

    Through this animated explainer video, BitSight presents & explains its enterprise cyber risk solution by making use of appealing icons and quick infographics. 


    On top of that, the subtle brand colors used in the video strongly capture the attention of the audience, thus successfully holding their attention till the end. 


    The voiceover running in the background also plays an instrumental role in helping viewers comprehend the core message of the video.


    Now that you have run through industry-specific examples of explainer videos, check out why they are vital for your brand’s growth.


    If you want to get across in the eyes of your target customers, explainer videos can be your go-to option.


    Probably, this is why these animated videos boast about being extremely versatile in their usage across a diverse set of industries.


    So it doesn’t really matter the industry in which your brand operates, given that such videos can prove to be a game-changer for your brand’s marketing objectives.


    They helped Dropbox soar high and so did they help Nissan spread the word about its services.


    So if you want us to create a similar-sounding video for your business, get in touch with us today, and let’s create your dream explainer video.

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