How Startup Explainer Videos Can Help Startups Stand Out?

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    Struggling to make your startup stand out in this highly competitive market? Startups are growing rapidly, and so is the competition.


    Explainer videos have emerged as a necessary tool for startups looking to stand out despite the hard competition and have proven to be a very effective marketing tool. 


    Whether you want to showcase your new product or create a visually appealing and convincing startup pitch for investors, well-crafted startup explainer videos can do it all.


    They are short and can very impressively convey a startup’s value proposition. 


    Read on to know how explainer videos can help startups gain a competitive advantage.

    Need help understanding how explainer videos can help your startup stand out in the competition?

    6 Reasons to Use Startup Explainer Videos

    We can brag about how effective explainer videos are for startups all time.


    Here are six sure short reasons to help you understand why using them can help give a kickstart to your startup.


    Let’s explore how using startup explainer videos can make your business reach new heights.

    1. To Acquire Customers

    Acquiring and retaining customers is the biggest pain point for startups. It is not only becoming more costly but also more challenging to reach out to new customers. 


    Well, nobody can be blamed here; if we look at the consumer’s point of view, they have lots of options for similar products and services, each offering identical benefits. 


    It becomes necessary for startups to understand what their users are looking for and how they can let people know about their services. 


    Here, explainer videos can be of great help. With the use of video content, a startup can not only make people understand their offerings but also create engagement and generate interest among them.


    Startup explainer videos are designed in such a way that they guide the viewer through the journey from highlighting a problem to giving a solution. A video can hook and bind the audience to your services like no other. 


    These videos simplify decision-making and shorten the process of acquiring new customers. 

    Want to acquire customers for your Startup?

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    2. To Establish Brand Identity

    to establish brand identity

    The first impression is the last impression; this statement fits perfectly in many situations.


    If we talk about a startup, think of it this way; you are launching your product and introducing it to the world for the very first time. It needs to be perfect and should leave a lasting impression on the viewers, right?


    What can be better than an attractive video that not only showcases your brand’s identity but also hooks them into knowing more about your product?


    Startup explainer videos just do that. They help startups establish themselves in a competitive world like no other and also help them to launch products better.


    Whether it’s quirky animations, a friendly narrator, or humorous storytelling, startup explainer videos capture the essence of the brand and leave viewers with a memorable experience. 


    This creates an emotional connection with the audience, which fosters brand loyalty and worldwide recognition.


    As a startup, there can be nothing better than an explainer video to establish themselves in a competitive industry.

    3. For Effective Marketing Strategy

    Marketing acts as a bridge that connects startups with their audiences. No matter how great your product is, if you are not able to reach the right audience at the right time, people won’t know about it, and they will not buy it.


    For startups, explainer videos fill that gap in marketing. They allow marketers to present the startup to the world and explain any complex ideas in a moment.


    These videos can be easily shared and have a high chance of going viral in no time. In a world full of distractions, a good explainer video sticks in people’s minds. It becomes easier for them to recall a brand through engaging visuals.


    Let’s look at an example of OPA Marketinghere they created a video aimed to help their audience understand the growth potential of the brand.

    Target Audience: Micro-Influencers
    Animation Style: 2D Animation
    Company: OPA Marketing
    Industry: Digital Marketing(Influencer Marketing) 

    In marketing, startup explainer videos can do wonders for generating leads and encouraging the buyer to make a decision by creating awareness about your product.


    These videos are always beneficial, first to hook the viewer and then to create an urgency to know more about the product. 


    Including an explainer video in the marketing strategy is a decision that nobody will regret.

    4. To Get Investments

    to get investments

    Investment is what most startups look for. When investors constantly get pitches, they lose interest in the product and show a lack of engagement. Startup explainer videos prevent a startup from this situation. 


    With an interacting voiceover and creative animated visuals, videos like these are built to grab investors’ attention and hold it throughout.


    An explainer video highlights the unique value proposition of the startup and helps investors understand the potential impact your business can have in the market.


    It helps investors remember your proposal through captivating storytelling, which increases your chances of getting investments.


    These videos can pitch your product like no other; they explain the product in a limited amount of time and hooks the investors as well. 

    5. To Increase Conversion rates

    We are all aware of the fact that when competition increases, conversion rates start to decline.


    Not only competition but lack of awareness, an unclear value proposition, a limited marketing budget, and many other factors affect conversion rates.


    All these challenges can be solved easily by using an animated video to increase conversion rates, showcase a brand’s value, and help people know what sets it apart. 


    The most wonderful thing about explainer videos is that they are cost-effective if we compare them to other marketing strategies.


    A startup only needed to create a compelling explainer video, and the video will do the rest of the work.


    Startups can add a CTA at the end of the video that encourages viewers to take action, which can ultimately increase conversion rates.

    6. To Stand out in the Competition

    to stand out in competition

    We all know that as technology advances, new innovations take place, and with this, competition also increases.


    When a startup is looking to stand out from its competition, it can effectively use explainer videos to showcase its product.


    Create a video in a way that not only grabs the attention of the audience but also helps them connect with your product.


    People love personalization, and it is the one thing that can help any startup stand out from the competition.


    If an audience is able to connect with your product and believes in it, it becomes easy for startups to establish themselves in the competitive era. 


    Where your competitors can get stuck explaining their services to the audience, your startup can reach the target audience in no time just using explainer videos.

    Want to achieve goals faster for your startup using effective explainer videos?


    It must be clear by now what effect an explainer video can have on the startup world. A great video provides an opportunity to communicate their message effectively.


    These videos are a valuable asset in your marketing strategy and help you stand out from the competition. 


    If you are a startup looking to make an impact, it’s time to take advantage of explainer videos and make a mark on the startup industry.

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