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    You started working on your dream idea with a vision to build something that might solve the problems faced by millions across the globe. But you are looking for investments to convert that idea into reality.


    Or you’ve already built the product and now seek audiences’ attention to grow.


    No matter what stage of production or growth you are in, animated startup videos can help you reach the target prospects and also be repurposed to create brilliant Ads and social content.


    Are you confused about how to do it?


    Let’s figure out how some of these best startup explainer v ideos helped users reach new prospects and grow exponentially from scratch.

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      What Are Startup Explainer Videos?

      Startup Explainer Videos are short informative videos created with the intent of sharing the vision of your business or idea with the world. 


      With Startup Videos, you can share complex ideas, exceptional products, and idealistic visions with the world in a limited time duration.


      These Videos can help you reach both prospects and stakeholders if distributed properly and grow exponentially.


      Let’s check out some of the exceptional examples and how they helped startups to grow into global enterprises.

      Need help to choose which is the best Animation Style for your Startup Video?

      9 Best Startup Explainer Video Examples

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        1. Linktree

        Animation Style Motion Graphics Animation

        Target Audience: Social media marketers

        Video Type: Product Explainer/Demo video

        Industry: Social Media Marketing

        Linktree is one of the freemium social media referencing dynamic landing pages developed in Australia. It allows you to create a personalized and customizable page that houses all the important links that you want to share with your audience.


        The video is a brilliant combination of vibrant colors and minimalistic graphics with smooth typographic transitions. The video explains all the features of both paid and free versions of the application.

        These Videos are a great choice for startups looking for video options with a limited budget and are in ideation or early development stages.

        2. Uber Wave Pool

        Animation Style 2D Animation

        Target Audience: Cab riders, Generic audience

        Video Type: Explainer/Demo video

        Industry: Transportation Network Companies (TNC)

        Uber Technologies Inc. is a multinational tech-enabled cab service company offering mobility as a service, ride-hailing, package delivery, couriers, and freight transportation. 


        This Animated video is a brilliant combination of typographic elements and minimalistic motion graphics animation and a vibrant voiceover.

        These Videos are a great choice for both growing and established startups looking for a video to introduce a new service in a limited time. 2D minimalistic animations are faster to deliver than any other animation style.

        3. Onlyfans

        Animation Style Animated Infographics

        Target Audience: Content creators, Influencers

        Video Type: Explainer/ Tutorial video

        Industry: Social media

        Onlyfans is a UK-based Internet content subscription service for content creators to host content for loyal fans and get paid. It allows content creators to receive funds directly from their fans on a monthly basis as well as one-time tips and the pay-per-view (PPV) feature.


        The video is a brilliant combination of minimal colors, animated infographics with UIs transitions, and a detailed voiceover that help users to understand the application better.

        These Videos are a great choice for startups looking for videos to engagingly explain complex applications and web products in a short time span.

        4. Yellowbag

        Animation Style Line Graphics

        Target Audience: Shopping Integration and Businesses

        Video Type: Walkthrough Videos

        Industry: API and shopping

        Yellow bag is an online shopping assistant where you can add products you are willing to buy and the yellow bag will notify you of the price drop.


        The video is a great combination of limited graphics, smooth transitions, and a great walkthrough  that explained the entire app in less than a minute

        These videos are a brilliant choice for startups in mobile applications and web development industries for creating quick walkthroughs.

        Want to know benefits of Startup Explainer video

        Explore  : How Animated Explainer video can can help startups to gain success

        5. Near lock

        Animation Style Live Video Production

        Target Audience: Apple Users

        Video Type: Live Action Video / Advertising video

        Industry: Technology

        Near lock is an app that turns your iPhone into a personal key for your Mac. The moment you step away near the lock will lock your Mac.


        The video is a great combination of a relatable storyline, daily life visuals, and clean cinematography. This placed Nearlock in the life of a lot of customers.

        These Videos are a great choice for early stage startups looking for DIY options to create an Ad.

        Interesting Fact

        Startups using explainer videos are 30% more likely to receive funding in ideation stage.

        6. Edpuzzle

        Animation Style Screen-Cast Animation

        Target Audience: Students

        Video Type: Tutorial video

        Industry: EdTech

        Edpuzzle is an interactive assignment-centered tool focused on creating assignments by embedding open-ended questions, MCQs, audio notes, and comments on a YouTube, pre-recorded, or uploaded video.


        The video is a great combination of minimal transitions and vibrant Motion Graphics with an informative voiceover.

        These Videos are a great choice for startups in the growth stage hustling hard to reach an enterprise stage.

        7. Mighty Call

        Animation Style Icon-based infographics animation

        Target Audience: Startups and Businesses

        Video Type: Explainer/ Infographic Video

        Industry: Telecalling

        Mightycall is a virtual phone system designed for small businesses to offer online phone numbers for sales and outreach purposes


        The video is a brilliant combination of minimal graphics and smooth transitions offering an infographics video-like feel.

        These Videos are the best choice for startups looking for quick explainer videos under budget.

        8. Base Camp

        Animation Style Line Infographics Video

        Target Audience: Generic Audience

        Video Type: Walkthrough/ Infographic Video

        Industry: SaaS

        Basecamp is an online Project Management Platform that helps users to organize all their tasks in one place.


        The video is a brilliant representation of line-based infographics representing a clear visual of the entire portal UI in a walkthrough.

        These Videos are a great choice for startups looking for budget walkthrough options.

        9. WOW Motorcycles

        Animation Style Whiteboard Animation

        Target Audience: Operational Management

        Video Type: Whiteboard Video

        Industry: Automotive

        WOW Motorcycle is a US-based pre-owned Powersports dealership located in Marietta, GA. WOW Motorcycles is now America’s largest dealership when it comes to pre-owned Powersports utilities.


        The video is a great combination of engaging visuals and brilliant storytelling.


        All the videos selected represent a unique style of Startup video production and helped companies in their early stages to reach target prospects.


        Startup videos are an inseparable part of almost all marketing campaigns. Leveraging them Properly can help Startups not only Build a Brand but also help them to achieve target goals faster.


        But are they really relevant?

        These Videos are a great choice for startups in the growth stage working hard to become the Best in World.

        Relevance of Startup Explainer Videos

        All Startups whether in the ideation or growing stage need to build trust and share their vision to onboard both customers and stakeholders.


        But With the rising global competition, startups must find a unique way to build healthy relationships and share both ideas and vision with the entire world.


        What better way can be there than using Animated Video Content that can be repurposed for everything from a brand introduction to marketing? 


        Companies like Byjus, Slack, Asana, Zendesk and Zoho One are actively using Videos from the early stages. This helped them drive relevant traffic and reach a brand status so much faster in their journey.

        Need an Explainer Video for your startup?

        Final thoughts

        Building a brand ain’t at all about growing and scaling your business by pitching for fundraising and dissolving equities. It is a sure way to visualize false growth and fall eventually.


        Sustainability is the factor that every Startup must focus on in its early stages. Thus, Investment in Startup Explainer Videos can help you build new clients and retain existing ones.


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