Importance of Animation in Advertising

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Animation in Advertising
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    The global animation market was valued at 394.6 billion dollars in 2022. Huge numbers, right?


    A large portion of it is contributed by animated advertisements; these ads have worked wonders since they were first used in advertising. 


    Nowadays, more and more people prefer creating animated ads for their businesses. The reason is very obvious they captivate more eyes and create a memorable experience for the viewers.


    Animation has become a major element in the advertising landscape, and it has completely changed the way brands engage with their target audiences.


    From TV commercials to social media campaigns, it offers endless possibilities for brands to leave a lasting impact and create meaningful connections with their consumers.


    Read on to learn how you can reach the full potential of your advertising campaigns using animation.

    What is Animation Advertising?

    Animated advertisements are short-length marketing videos produced using different animation techniques to promote products, services, offers, etc.


    These videos offer brands the flexibility and creativity to reach their target audiences and deliver impactful messages to generate engagement.


    Many different types of techniques can be used in advertising, like 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, and stop motion, to enhance the viewing experience.


    These advertisements are most commonly used because their vibrant colors, dynamic movements, and creative visuals draw attention. 


    They can be used on television and social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Now they are also seen as part of many advertising campaigns. 


    Animation captivates and evokes emotions in viewers, which increases engagement and interaction with the advertisement. 

    What type of animation is used in advertising?

    As already mentioned above, there are many advertising techniques to choose from.


    One can use any type of animation style; here are the top styles that work best in advertising.

    2D Animation

    Ad Type: TV Advertising

    Industry: E-commerce
    Company: Fepy

    2D Animation is the most popular style used in advertisements. It is just an image with two dimensions that creates the illusion of movement. 


    It creates and animates characters, objects, and backgrounds in a two-dimensional space, which gives them a flat, cartoon-like appearance.

    Stop-Motion animation

    Ad Type: TV Advertising

    Industry: Food & Beverages
    Company: Pringles

    Stop-Motion is another attractive style used in advertisements. In this style, the physical objects are moved and photographed frame by frame. 


    Stop-motion animation can create a nostalgic experience and a playful atmosphere in advertisements.


    Advertisers can use this style to demonstrate the product and highlight the USP in a creative way.

    Motion Graphics

    Ad Type: TV Advertising

    Industry: FinTech/Financial Services
    Company: Skrill Transfer

    Motion Graphics are also the most common and preferred style used in advertising. It shows the movement of graphic elements, which gives a very seamless effect to the viewer.


    Motion graphics open up the possibilities for adding visual effects and enhancing the video. It makes the advertisements more appealing and gives the viewers a memorable experience.

    Whiteboard Animation

    Ad Type: Advertising Video

    Industry: Automobile 
    Company: WOW Motorcycle

    Whiteboard animation is a slightly different style to use in advertising. The process of watching an artist draw and explain a concept on a whiteboard gives clarity.


    It makes it easier for the audience to follow along with the message that is being conveyed. The simplicity of the whiteboard format makes customization and adaptation easy to fit specific marketing objectives.

    How does animation help in advertising?

    Why do even need animation ads if live-action ads are already doing well?


    We have listed some points to help you understand how animation has changed the dynamics of advertising.

    To make your brand stand out

    The use of animation in advertisements can convey the essence of your brand and help highlight it among others. 


    It creates a unique identity for your product, and the best example of this is the use of a brand mascot. A brand mascot represents your brand and makes it memorable for people.


    The incorporation of bright colors in ads that align with your brand becomes the identity of your business, which creates a strong memory in people’s minds.

    For Storytelling

    role of animation in brand storytelling

    People connect with stories, and brands have used this as a weapon to reach their target audience for a long time now.


    When storytelling is infused with brands, it makes the content more engaging and interactive. It keeps people interested in what’s next.


    A great story is shared the most across the web and also gets more shares and views on social media channels.

    To build an Emotional connection

    stronger connection through emotional context

    To build a successful brand, emotional connection with the audience is a must. Animation in advertising; just do that.


    A strong emotional connection builds trust in clients which makes them loyal customers for years.


    Animation has no limit when it comes to experimentation. Brands can use this to create content that helps them connect emotionally with their audience.

    To Engage and entertain

    to engage and entertain

    Why will anyone watch a boring ad? It is important to create an ad that can represent your brand entertainingly and engagingly.


    Animated ads allow companies to create storylines and showcase products in imaginative ways that engage the audience for a longer time.


    It opens the door for innovation that is limited by live-action. So, you get more chances to apply imaginative ideas and implement them with the use of animation.

    What is the impact of animation on Advertising?

    The impact of animation on advertising has been huge. It has completely changed the way products and services are presented to consumers.


    Animation has allowed advertisers to create imaginative and appealing campaigns that are difficult to create with live-action alone. 


    Advertisers use animation to target specific audiences and craft their advertisements accordingly for different groups.


    With animation, they create a unique brand identity, like animated characters, mascots, or animated logos, which become memorable symbols representing their brand.


    The rise of digital advertising is also one of the reasons for the increasing demand for animated ads. It has given us the opportunity to create short animated videos and GIFs to engage with audiences on social media.


    One thing is for sure, in the coming years, animation in advertising will keep expanding, and it will bring more exciting possibilities for marketers to experiment and innovate different advertising concepts.


    Given the increasing importance of digital platforms, there’s a surge in advertising jobs focused on creating compelling animated content to captivate diverse audiences.

    Why you should choose Animation in Advertising Campaigns?

    Here are three important points that will make you understand that choosing animation in your ad campaign can help you explore new opportunities for your brand.

    It is entertaining and fun

    where can you use motion graphics animations? - sale pitch

    Yes, animation is so entertaining that it attracts all age groups, which makes it a huge medium for fun and education at the same time.


    The magic of animation is its ability to take us to places we’ve never been. It introduces us to the fun characters and evokes emotions that leave a dreamy impact on our hearts.


    Nowadays, people get bored really quickly, and with animation, brands can experiment with content frequently. This can help them provide their audience with new content every time.

    It can help boost conversion rates

    According to studies, using animation on a landing page can boost conversion rates by 85-90%. With that said, animation has a huge role to play in increasing conversion rates.


    Why not? When we come across one animated piece of content in the crowd of live-action or other forms of content, it is very usual that our eyes will be glued to the animated one.


    Animation quickly convinces people and helps them make a decision about a product or service, leading to increased conversion.

    It is cost-effective

    cost-efficient & increased roi

    Animated videos or content is the most cost-effective way of branding. It restricts the amount that comes with live-action videos, like location, shoot, or management costs.


    If advertisers want to explore innovative and budget-conscious marketing strategies, animation can do both. It is a cost-efficient tool that can be used to reach and engage audiences.

    It gives a memorable impression

    When brands choose to create animations for their products, they choose unique brand colors and characters, which can help them stand out from others.


    This not only creates a strong brand identity but also creates a memorable experience for the audience. When they see the same brand colors and characters anywhere across the web, they will easily identify your brand.


    Not only this, on the other hand, if we talk about the experience of watching an animated video, with its engaging sound and visuals, it can leave a huge impression on the memory of the viewer.

    Want to create a compelling Advertising Video for your ad campaign to get maximum ROI?


    Animation in advertising is a powerful force that has reshaped the marketing landscape.


    Its ability to entertain, educate, and emotionally connect with audiences at the same time makes it an essential element in any advertising strategy.


    Harness the power of animation with our Animated Video Production Services and establish yourself as a strong brand in today’s competitive advertising landscape.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: How can businesses ensure the quality and effectiveness of animated ads?

    When getting your animated commercials created from your animated videos agency, ensure those videos are crisp and action-driven.Clear communication and action alignment with visuals will help you boost engagement.

    Q2: Is animation cost-effective for advertising compared to other media formats?

    Animated videos cost differs based on the complexities of visuals and storyline involved. Comparing their production cost with other media formats -Yes, they’re economical in terms of both impact and results.

    Q3: How can animation help in storytelling within advertising campaigns?

    Animated ads are a versatile medium to communicate a brand’s story.Using animation, brands can create compelling narratives and evoke emotions even within a quick timeline.

    Q3: How can animation help in storytelling within advertising campaigns?

    Animated ads are a versatile medium to communicate a brand’s story.Using animation, brands can create compelling narratives and evoke emotions even within a quick timeline.

    Q4: Does animation increase engagement and conversion rates in advertising?

    Animation when produced with realism is bound to boost engagement when it comes to advertising. The visual appeal present in such videos helps capture viewer attention and thus leads to higher click-through rates as compared to static ads.

    Q5: What type of industries can benefit from using animation in advertising?

    Well, there’s a variety of industries, mainly including SaaS, FinTech, Blockchain, AI, and also others such as Healthcare, E-commerce, Logistics, etc., that can leverage the power of animation in their advertising campaigns.

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