Are Animated B2B Videos Really Worth the Hype & Investment?

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Animated B2B videos really worth
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    A lot of businesses believe that B2B videos are only effective while converting prospects at the bottom of the funnel stage.


    But that’s not true because if you look closely, they can prove instrumental at infact every stage of the marketing funnel.


    Considering their usage becoming mainstream, an obvious question arises as to: Are animated B2B videos really worth the hype or not?


    Well, here’s a quick statistic: Over 71% of B2B marketers tend to be using videos in their marketing campaigns.


    Quite well does this define how effectively your fellow marketing colleagues are leveraging the power of animated videos in attaining their respective marketing goals.


    But before I give you a few solid reasons regarding why investing in B2B videos can prove beneficial to you, it’s important to clearly get the concept right.


    Here’s a visually appealing animated explainer video highlighing the concept of B2B Marketing:

    What is B2B Marketing?

    Simply put, B2B or [Business to business] marketing is the process where one business markets it’s good and services to another business who might be interested in buying their products.

    Here, the marketing efforts are directed toward generating leads, converting prospects into paying customers, and maintaining those relations with the customers for a lifetime.


    In the video above, you can notice the extensive yet appealing use of infographics and animated characters that help in the crisp demonstration of the concept. 


    What’s even better is the smooth transition of catchy elements made possible through motion graphics which hook the attention of the viewers till the end.


    This is exactly how today’s brands can leverage the power of B2B videos and boost their brand’s awareness in the target market.


    Having said that, let me now provide you with 2 core reasons that shall answer the question: Are animated B2B videos really worth your time?

    Role of B2B Videos in influencing Decision-Making

    b2b videos help influence decision-making

    Since there are multiple stakeholders involved and a longer sales cycle, the decision-making process in the B2B space often experiences a few delays.


    And sometimes, these delays are more on the negative side in terms of conversions due to lack of proper product comprehension.


    To ease the B2B purchasing process, animated videos can largely allow and help brands address the needs and concerns of multiple stakeholders simultaneously.


    Through the integration of brand storytelling, these videos allow the creation of tailored content that speaks to various decision-takers.


    This way, brands can ensure to push the decision-making process forward and transform the conversation with the prospect by convincing him for a closure.

    Role in helping Comprehend Complex products

    For obvious reasons, B2B products are complex in terms of their technical features and the way their usage is defined.


    This is exactly where B2B videos come to the rescue of brands selling complex products that include mainly SaaS, Blockchain, FinTech, etc.


    Imagine your jargon-filled product failing to convince your target users just because of poor graphics and boring text-based documents. 


    But with an animation video by your side, you are well off with communicating the key benefits of your complex product to your potential customers that too within 90 – 120 seconds.


    For numerous brands like Zoho, Ahrefs, DAO Network, and many more, such videos have played a vital role in helping them break down their complicated terms into easy digestible chunks of information.


    Definitely another reason to add weight to the question: Are animated B2B videos really worth:)


    Now that you know how powerful B2B videos can be in boosting your brand’s sales through decision-making and easy comprehension, check out a few of the best examples:

    Best Animated B2B Video Examples

    If you look around, you would come across dozens of B2B animated explainer videos that have helped brands attain their target marketing goals.


    But to help you catch a quick glimpse of their effectiveness, here are 2 of the best video examples:

    1. FreshWorks CRM: Animated Brand Awareness Explainer

    Target Audience: Enterprises & MNCs

    Video Type: 2D Motion Graphics

    Industry: Customer Support

    Freshworks through this animated video, highlights the importance of its CRM product regarding how it eases the problems of customer support faced by brands.


    By showcasing it’s product as a tool that offers quick and actionable insights for improved customer service, the CRM giant highlights the key benefits with the help of infographics and beautiful characters.

    2. OPA Marketing | Animated Mobile App Explainer Video

    Target Audience: B2C Brands

    Video Type: Service Demo Explainer Video

    Industry: Influencer Marketing

    In this explainer video that we created, the main agenda was to help OPA position themselves as a one-stop solution for brands looking for micro-influencers for promotion of their products.


    Considering it’s core target group as B2B audience, we navigated the presentation of its influencer marketing platform through the use of storytelling, realistic illustrations, and motion graphics.


    As a result, the video successfully captures the pain brands currently experience and how OPA provides an effective remedy to their problems.

    Want to build & strengthen relationships with potential stakeholders and improve sales using Animated B2B videos?


    Today’s marketers are realizing the power of B2B videos as to how effective they can prove if integrated into marketing strategies.


    And considering the current rate of usage, the adoption graph of these videos in the future only seems to rise to the next level.


    So why not take advantage of this opportunity and gain an edge over your competitors in terms of brand awareness and better customer loyalty?

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