Explainer Videos for SaaS: Why, Benefits & Examples

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Explainer Videos for SaaS
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    Are you one of those many SaaS marketers who believe that the ‘explainer videos for SaaS’ concept is limited to a marketing tool that just helps explain complex products?


    Well, explainer videos are much more than that when using it under a SaaS product banner.


    Today, marketers and brand managers at leading SaaS brands are using these SaaS  videos not only to communicate their products effectively but also to:


    • Improve the onboarding experience,
    • Train employees,
    • Address user queries, etc.

    And all this is happening under 60 seconds. It’s a decent time frame to break down a product’s complexity into simple, meaningful terms.


    But as I said above, there’s more about these videos. So much so, that I’ve brought up its key usage and how it helps enhance user experience alongside relevant examples in the article below.


    Let’s dive into it.

    Understanding the Role of Explainer Videos for SaaS

    better roi using an explainer video for a saas product

    In our 2023 B2B SaaS marketing Survey conducted last year, over 80% of marketers said they’re planning to invest in explainer videos to promote their products. 


    And a lot of others said they would even love to explore various video styles associated with these videos to better understand their usage.


    Here’s how they play an integral role in every SaaS brand’s marketing toolkit:

    1. Help Boost Marketing ROI

    Look – As a SaaS owner, it’s you who knows the ins and outs of your product more than anyone else. To get it in front of your target customers, it’s important to market it efficiently.


    As per statistics, 88% of marketers believe they amazingly clocked a significant ROI by using videos in their marketing strategies.


    Now this speaks a lot about how SaaS product videos backed by solid animation can become the driving force behind generating decent revenues.


    These videos are a great tool to engage your target audience within short time frames with the help of interactive illustrated characters and motion graphics.


    To spice up your reading flow a bit, here’s an intriguing graph that will throw light on why videos are the go-to choice for B2B guys:

    saas video stats

    So a thoughtful 58% of B2B buyers across industries believe that an explainer video will largely help them learn about a new product or service.


    As far as video animation styles are concerned, there are multiple types you can consider while getting a video produced.


    It could be a quick animated commercial to boost signups, a detailed walkthrough video for better demonstration, or anything that suits your product better.

    2. Help Strengthen Brand Awareness

    Let’s admit it – The SaaS industry is one of the highly commoditized markets right now.


    Every brand has a small set of customers who are already waiting to try their hands on the new product. And this is quite true for a majority of companies.


    One of the crucial aspects of building a SaaS brand is to spread & communicate the message of WHY and WHAT your product and company as a whole aim to achieve.


    Here’s an example of how Freshworks established its brand awareness and showcased its product’s benefits using a quick explainer video:

    I strongly believe that for SaaS brands, it’s necessary to establish their value proposition to strengthen their foothold in the market.


    To cement your position, your SaaS video needs to stand out and occupy a dedicated space in the minds of your prospective users.

    This is also where you can leverage the power of visual storytelling and engage your prospects into signing up for your product.

    3. Helps balance the Acquisition & Retention Game

    Explainer videos for SaaS products open a ton of opportunities for establishing a global presence and getting a chance to offer solutions to ongoing problems.


    Your target user may not be well-acquainted with his/her problems. By making yourself stand out, you get on the path of scaling the brand big.


    One of the challenges that SaaS companies face is retaining users on their platforms. The churn rate brands face in this space can sometimes be a matter of great concern.


    For the same, you can opt for a dedicated onboarding video for SaaS to ensure your customers stay with you for a longer period, reinforce brand value, and strengthen recall.


    Check out Clickup’s walkthrough video balances both on the acquisition as well as retention front with its video:

    Now that you’re clear with the role, check out why the explainer video for SaaS is a concept dearer to marketers from the User Experience POV:

    Struggling to figure out the best marketing strategy to promote your SaaS Product?


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    How SaaS Explainer Videos Help Enhance User Experience

    Two weeks ago, I came across a B2B marketer’s LinkedIn post stating how he abandoned a SaaS product’s website just because it didn’t have a smooth user experience for a first-time visitor.


    The reason was – Upon landing on the website, he couldn’t find any landing page or something convincing that walked him through the software smoothly.


    And if you deeply think about the same, it’s a big Red Flag in terms of user experience for thousands of web visitors just like him.


    Since SaaS products involve complexities, a bad user experience can lead to low signups, high website bounce rates, a decline in user growth, etc.


    Planning to get an animated video for your Saas product created? Check out below.

    Back to what we were discussing – 3 ways through which SaaS videos are your rescue fighters in battling bad user experience and navigation.

    1. Helps simplify Complex Workflows and Processes

    retaining current conquering new markets by differentiating yourself through explainer videos

    This is the primary reason for user experience. You know this well – Your newly onboarded customers expect from you a smooth welcome to your product.


    And if it doesn’t go as per their expectations, it’s an early red flag at their end.


    However, using SaaS explainer videos means you don’t have to narrate your product’s features because – you can creatively show them through catchy infographics, icons, visuals, etc.


    If you consider an average SaaS platform, there are multiple integrations in terms of APIs, workflows, dashboard functionalities, etc., that may confuse viewers.


    But through animated videos, these complex terminologies and processes can be broken down into crisp infographics for better product communication.


    This demonstration is further enhanced through the usage of explainer characters and motion graphics thus providing an engaging experience to the viewers.


    Check out Rebrandly explained its suite of link-shortening features using a crisp 56 seconds motion graphics video:

    2. Helps ease the Onboarding journey through interactive elements

    Believe it or not, user onboarding is the most critical aspect of a SaaS product. 


    And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is exactly the Make or Break stage for a product owner.


    Since onboarding a user might come with its own set of difficulties in terms of product comprehension and navigation. 


    This is exactly when SaaS onboarding videos can help users grab a crisp overview of the entire product within 90 seconds.


    What’s even better – You can use these explainer videos as per how your marketing sales funnel.


    In this example video below, Atlassian showcases its dashboard with a fusion of creative elements in the form of catchy icons and screen transitions.


    The video is a great example of how a platform’s comprehensive interface can be showcased in an entertaining nature.


    The best part is – The entire video is a Great Kickstarter for first-time users as it finely emphasizes the ease of adoption.


    To say the least, the role of SaaS explainer videos is to just simplify and make the technical aspects of products engaging for the audience.


    As a result, rich visuals with a crisp narration in the backdrop effectively help SaaS brands communicate their complex product with ease.


    This makes the product more accessible and easy to understand.


    If you are looking for SaaS Explainer Video Production, we would be more than happy to create a custom video for you that matches your SaaS product’s requirements.

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