Why every SaaS Company must have Explainer Videos?

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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Explainer Videos for SaaS

Without a doubt, SaaS is the next big thing. Or is it already?


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has transformed into the go-to for many enterprises for reasons like functionality, applicability, and affordability.


The world is filled with technical jargon like cloud computing, data infrastructure, migration, app integration, API setup, and an endless list that follows.


Often, SaaS brands and new-age companies have been seen striving hard to declutter the environment created through such complex terminologies.


And why are they struggling and putting in so much effort?


A simple answer – To cut through the fluff and reach their target audience with a simplistic approach and attract them to their SaaS software.


To help companies tackle this issue, SaaS explainer videos are playing a crucial role in attaining customer acquisition and sales, app downloads, and brand awareness goals.


In this modern age of enterprising technologies available, customers are being burdened with tons of complex information.


Won’t it be beneficial to reach out to users via 60 to 90 seconds engaging animated explainer video instead of long and boring paragraphs?


Certainly, yes! However, the question arises: Should I invest in a SaaS explainer video to promote my product? Will it be worth it?

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The matter of ROI: using an Explainer Video for Saas Product

better roi using an explainer video for a saas product

Without a doubt, an explainer video works wonders when it comes to measuring the results and success achieved by brands due to them.


As per reports, a staggering 88% of marketers believe they amazingly clocked a significant ROI by using videos in their marketing strategies.


It speaks a lot about how SaaS explainer videos backed on solid animation can become the driving force behind your company’s path toward boosting revenues.


There’s no doubt about the impact a single video can create. From triggering engagement to making users click the Share button, they can be the ultimate weapon in your SaaS marketing strategy.


SaaS videos are a great tool to engage your target audience within short time frames with the help of interactive illustrated characters and motion graphics.


It’s natural for business owners to get lured by Live videos but when it comes to cost efficiency, explainer videos take over the driving seat.


Look – As a SaaS owner, it’s you who knows the ins and outs of your product more than anyone else. To get it in front of your target customers, it’s important to market it efficiently.


To spice up your reading flow a bit, here’s an intriguing graph that will throw light on why videos are the go-to choice for B2B guys:

As per the above graph, a thoughtful 58% of B2B buyers across industries believe that an explainer video will largely help them learn about a new product or service.


Now, why is this worth paying attention to? As discussed above, explaining SaaS products is difficult as compared to explaining an electronic commodity.


As far as the animation style of videos is concerned, there are multiple types you can consider while getting a video produced.


Most used video styles include whiteboard animation, motion graphics-based, product tutorial, app demo, infographic-based, etc.


Keeping in mind the term complexity which goes hand in hand with SaaS, using videos will help you easily approach your users.


Unless you successfully establish a connection with your customers, you’re most probably going to have a hard time reaching out to them again.

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Brand awareness: Leveraging the power of Storytelling & Communication

Let’s admit it – The SaaS industry is one of the highly commoditized markets right now.


And why? Well, with growing times, technologies have evolved exceptionally giving way to the creation of comprehensible algorithm frameworks and data-driven solutions.


Every brand has a small set of customers who are already waiting to try their hands on the new product. And this is quite true for a majority of companies.


One of the crucial aspects of building a SaaS brand is to spread & communicate the message of WHY and WHAT your product and company as a whole aim to achieve.


For SaaS brands, it’s necessary to establish their value proposition to strengthen their foothold in the market.


Be it solving 10 problems, building a community, or launching a new version, branding is much more than making money.


Not to forget, almost every SaaS company is switching to video-based content to pitch their cutting-edge services and demonstrate product features to their customers.


To cement your position, your software video needs to stand out and occupy a dedicated space in the minds of your prospective users.


It’s important to convince them to switch from traditional software to your tech and data-driven SaaS product.


How do you achieve this? By knowing your customer’s pain points and the language they use to express their problems.


SaaS videos are widely known for solving problems related to employee management, project lifecycle, floor communication, cloud storage, etc.

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With the help of videos, a lot of brands in this space have successfully addressed such problems by selling their solutions efficiently.


Storytelling is an underrated weapon that a lot of SaaS marketers tend to ignore while producing an explainer video.


Building a brand is not a cakewalk. And when it comes to building and scaling a SaaS brand, a ton of stuff goes into executing and attaining goals.


Making your target group aware of your presence is extremely important to make a lasting impact.

Retaining current & conquering new markets: by differentiating yourself through Explainer Videos

retaining current conquering new markets by differentiating yourself through explainer videos

Explainer videos for SaaS products open a ton of opportunities for establishing a global presence and getting a chance to offer solutions to ongoing problems.


Your target user may not be well-acquainted with his/her problems. By making yourself stand out, you get on the path of scaling the brand big.


One of the challenges that SaaS companies face is retaining users on their platforms. The churn rate faced by brands in this space can sometimes be a matter of great concern.


Here, explainer-based video marketing can help them in retaining them at least as free users, if not able to convert them into paying customers.


It sounds possible due to the visual and graphically rich appeal that animated videos carry.


Not to sound cliche but this is what the USP of explainer videos is recognized by.


Another important aspect of considering using these videos for your SaaS product could be addressing customer grievances efficiently.


It’s obvious for brands to set up a smoothly functional customer support system for the same but, with explainer videos, these issues could be addressed upfront.


One of the key success factors separating the world’s top SaaS brands from others is how subtly they address the probable & potential problems in the form of animated tutorial videos or How-to videos.


Talking about expansion, companies invest a ton of time in researching their target market to save themselves from reaching a non-target audience.


In a saturated and overly complicated market like SaaS, it has become slightly difficult for brands to establish their presence.


Your current audience expects from you solutions that are easy and quick to apply.


It is where videos can prove handy in showcasing benefits through catchy illustrations and easy-to-understand infographics.

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Garnering attention: through SaaS Explainer Video Ads

why every saas company must have explainer videos?

SaaS explainer videos are an amazing advertising instrument to attract users to your website or landing pages.


As a result of the exponential rise of creative video commercials, lots of global marketers are looking forward to spending millions in integrating different types of videos into their marketing strategies.


Animated videos are quality-driven and are known to generate tons of engagement for companies.


They are the most preferred choice to demonstrate a product’s features, benefits, and functionalities in a short time frame.


Video ads are gaining momentum, thanks to the constantly increasing number of internet users.


An explainer video can be creatively repurposed into an ad promo for your SaaS product.


Such ad promos can be used to hook the audience and attain brand awareness goals.


And the best part is: These videos are not just limited to the SaaS industry.


They are being widely used across industries such as healthcare, insurance, fintech, and many others.

Looking for a SaaS Explainer Video for achieving your customer acquisition Goals?

Final words

Believe it or not,  marketing your SaaS product through videos can help you explain your product, pitch a result-driven solution, and also generate leads from your viewers in just 90 to 120 seconds.


Viewers love content that is quick, appealing, and informative.


Keeping in mind the complexity levels of products launched on the SaaS based-model, explainer videos can prove to be of significant help in your customer outreach campaign.


If you are looking for an animated explainer video production company, we would be more than happy to create a custom animated video for you that matches your requirements and expectations.


Our talented team of storyboard artists, illustrators, and animators will be excited to create benefit-driven videos for your business thus navigating value in terms of growth and revenue.


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