Top Animated Explainer Video companies in Mumbai

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Komal Kokate

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Animated Explainer Video companies in Mumbai

Top 10 Animated Explainer Video companies in Mumbai

The key to any communication is to make a lasting impact on the audience, and visual messages are more effective when influencing the audience into taking action. 


Whether it is to teach good habits that positively impact our lives and the environment or help a prospective buyer decide to buy our product. 

Animated Explainer videos have a vast scope in being a medium to carry your message.


These videos explain and convey messages in easy-to-understand terms and delightful animations, ensuring they will be easily grasped and remembered by all kinds of audiences. 


This realization has led more marketers to move into this realm and exploit its benefits before their competitors get their first. 


There is a lot of untapped potential in the market that can be reached using modern media like social media. Animated Explainer videos being a product of modernity and evolution means it is uniquely positioned to be effective on various novel media platforms.


It also helps in purchasing decisions as they don’t have to go through pages of technical specifications and user guides to get an idea of the product. 


A buyer will not like to spend much time on such matters under normal circumstances. Instead, they prefer to compare competing offers based on critical points and review the product at a glance.

Key statistics to know about Explainer Videos


Ask any marketer who has used this tool, and they will swear by its effectiveness in gaining new customers and having to spend less time convincing a client to make the purchase. Also, these videos are great in bringing traffic to the website and online store and making visitors more willing to spend time on the webpage. They help introduce novel ideas and products.


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How to know an effective Animated Explainer video?

An effective Explainer video has the hallmark of your organization, carrying its characteristics like theme, colors, fonts, and symbolisms. It will be short and crisp and sync with your organization’s other advertisements and messages. They also should enable you to create brand awareness and cause a buzz on social media. 


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Still confused about who can be the partner to unlock the market potential for you? We have put together a list of top companies in the industry; read find out who makes the cut. 


Pro Tip- Things to keep in mind while selecting a company


Who are the Top Animated Explainer Video companies in Mumbai?

We looked into various aspects when we came up with this list. Indeed, cost factors played a role, but cost alone doesn’t tell the whole story since high price doesn’t necessarily translate to guaranteed results. The following companies are experienced, talented, and proven in the field. In addition, they are innovative and stand out in their own way. 


The following companies made our list because they exhibited their skills and have a portfolio that speaks for them. So, the list:


  1. MotionGility
  2. Ripple Animations
  3. Brand Animators
  4. Video for Everyone
  5. Video Explainer Mumbai
  6. Capsicum Media Works
  7. Vidsaga
  8. Orange Videos
  9. Kreative Garage Studios
  10. Motion Magic Media


Yep, that’s us. At Motiongility, we pride ourselves on being one of the foremost companies in the space of animated explainer videos. We have served over 141 startups and 537 world-leading enterprises with impactful results gaining the trust of our clientele from a variety of industries. 


We cater to the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether small or big, delivering only the best-in-class videos to each client. In addition, our unwavering dedication and sticking to the right video creation process enable us to deliver time after time. 


Motiongility has the whole suit, covering all aspects by providing custom, high-quality videos to meet your marketing needs. For example, we offer the following types of videos to our clients-


Our videos will stand out and give you a leg-up from the rest of the market, ensuring a unique presence on the web and guaranteeing you success. 


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Ripple Animations

Based in Mumbai, this animation company’s core strength lies in creating animated explainer videos that drive business growth and claim to increase sales and efficiencies significantly. 


Their services include Explainer videos, IT Explainer videos, Product Demo Videos, How-To videos, social media videos, and logo animations. Working with specialist teams aided by data-driven insights, they offer cost-effective services.

Brand Animators

Brand Animators are a global company known for giving its works a distinctive take that is clever and imaginative. In addition, they are known for their live activity creations and fixed turnaround time for each development phase. 


Their creation procedure is centered around smooth correspondence and successful time-bound delivery. The skilled and experienced group makes explainer videos, whiteboard animations, induction training videos, ad films, sales videos, and product videos. They are into both 2D and 3D animation.


Video for Everyone is a Mumbai-based video production company specializing in producing imagery for broadcast. They create immersive and interactive videos with expertise in content creation. Furthermore, they have a passion for telling a convincing story that can engage audiences of their client agencies and brands. 


The experienced team has worked with some of the world’s top brands, working closely with them to bring focus and build relationships. They offer corporate videos, brand videos, startup pitch videos, explainer videos, product videos, digital marketing, 2D animation, and 3D animation.


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Video Explainer Mumbai

Video Explainer Mumbai is another Mumbai-based corporate video production house that is one of the best in the business. They have a host of clients, both domestic and international included. 


Specialized in training and orientation videos for the corporate world, they also offer event and media marketing videos, search engine optimization and e-commerce marketing services. They are also experienced in motion graphics, 2D, and 3d animation. 

Capsicum MediaWorks

Capsicum Media Works excels at coming up with out-of-the-box solutions. With the help of brilliant strategies and the latest technologies, they have a habit of standing out and attracting audience attention. Their mantra is “Client success is equal to Our success,” this pushes them to plan every project to add value to the client meticulously.


 Additionally, their web experts are up-to-date and put their skills to give an edge of panache. They work on Explainer videos, social media marketing, search engine optimization, graphic designing, and web designing.


Vidsaga is a young company with a solid and dedicated team working behind it, who love both videos and technology equally. Along with Explainer videos, they also offer social media videos, demo videos, and product videos. In addition, they are trusted by clients from over 15 countries. They are a bunch of efficient people with the aim to convey thoughts in the clearest and most captivating manner. 


Tip: Why partner with Motiongility


Orange Videos

Orange Videos is a Mumbai based video production house established in the year 2016. Their humble yet professional workspace and work culture offer a combination of a big house production facility and a boutique studio advantage. In addition, they also help businesses to elevate their brands and achieve their marketing goals. 


Orange Videos have 2D and 3D animation to go along with their ad making. Corporate video, explainer video, and product video are some of the services offered. Working in 8 languages with over 100 clients, a dedicated creative producer and committed project manager for each project.


Kreative Garage Studios

Kreative Garage Studios is 360-degree media professionals based in Mumbai. They specialize in entertainment, rebranding, events, conceptual, production, public relations, internet marketing, print & digital media, and contemporary web and media solutions. 


Being passionate innovators, they put forward services such as: Explainer video and Whiteboard animation, corporate films and Ad films, Digital marketing, website and graphic designing, 3D views and walkthroughs and Virtual reality. In addition, they count top multi nationals among their clients.


Motion Magic Media

This Mumbai based one-stop-hub for high-end Digital Video Production has over 30 satisfied international clients. They mold videos to a style that sits well with the brand and expresses the brand. No one video is the same as a result of this philosophy.  They first look to understand the marketing objectives and incorporate advertising principles into the video, highlighting the uniqueness of each brand. They develop explainer videos, corporate videos, ad films, 2D and 3D animation

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You surely will be able to figure out why you need to create an explainer video by now. The article entailed the basic requisites and whom to approach if you are on lookout for a reputed firm to partner up with you on your journey to bring it to life.

Surely, you don’t have look no further, as mentioned, we are one of the best in the business and you can reach out to us on or call +91 966 988 7834

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