8 ways how animated explainer videos can help startups to gain success
animated explainer video services

8 ways how animated explainer videos can help start-ups to gain success

In today’s scenario ample of exposure is available everywhere. With a very short span of grabbing the attention of audience it becomes very crucial to serve them a content that can motivate them to listen or view the whole content. It becomes harder for the startups to come into this lane as there are 2 reasons, first – mind of people is conditioned to accept the changes hardway, second – startups have to grab their market share from the giant players already playing in the market.

Well for the startup – fellows there is nothing that they need to get tensed about because they are favoured by one factor and thats, people always like uniqueness. Video marketing is something that’s going on around from a long time and there would be no saturation point for it in future. But the only thing that adds more value to video marketing is the uniqueness in the content.

Startups are fully loaded with uniqueness as they have a unique idea, unique branding and marketing strategy and the dream to create a unique identity in the market. Motiongility is a startup and we can relate to the challenges and goals of a startup very closely. The first challenge that comes up in the way for startups is to create a loyal customer base with a cult following. For this you need to hit the mind and heart too of your customers. This would be achieved only when people remember your message, your story and your brand.


animated explainer video services

Various researches and studies show that people grab and retain 90% – 95% of the information viewed through a video as compared through a text content. Hence it is very much recommendable for the startups to deliver their brand message, business story, product and service utility through a video. Also the startups usually deal with a common issue of using the marketing funds economically hence they try their best to avoid trial and errors when it comes to branding and marketing.

We take it as a moral obligation to assist the startups and suggest them a way to make their branding and marketing impactful.

Every new person who watches your video should become your fan in the first attempt and here  animated explainer videos come into play. As these animated explainer videos are not just the videos but they have one of the most appealing factor of animation too which makes your video marketing engaging, interesting and impactful.

An animated explainer video is a short video explaining the message, story or utility of your product/service. Element of animation and engaging graphics makes it favourite for all audience type. As startups usually do not have budget for researching on what kind of videos audience would like therefore animated explainer videos are here to help them out.



Why startups need to go for animated explainer videos for video marketing?

animated explainer video services

Here are the reasons why to opt for animated explainer videos to get the most of your video marketing strategy-

1. Explainer videos explain your product/service in few seconds –

As the name suggests they are, ‘explainer’ videos which conveys the idea, message or qualities of a product/service. Your viewers usually have an attention span of average 8 to 10 seconds, therefore you need to convey the need and utility of your product or service in such a short time before they get distracted. As explainer videos are a balanced combination of attractive visuals and convincing audio they have proved very influential in grabbing and retaining the attention of targeted audience. Moreover they deliver information in the form of a story which makes it more interesting and understandable for the viewer.

2. Animated explainer videos help to save on ads –

You are spending a lot of money on pay per click ads but still after clicking on the ads when the user visits your website they do not find anything interesting enough to satisfy their search query, in such case they just bounce back which ultimately gives your website a higher bounce rate (not good for your website). Putting up an animated explainer video on your website engages the user and gives the information he is seeking to absorb. By adding an animated explainer video to your landing page gives you the most of your ad cost and conveys your message effectively.

3. Audience finds explainer videos more engaging –

Studies reveal 64% people make online purchase after watching the brand video and the chances of sharing the video content as compared to text and images are 12 times more. The reason for these facts has been scientifically proven that people tend to retain the information more easily and in comparatively more volume when they watch the video instead of reading a text. People usually learn either by watching or by listening, animated explainer videos provide a perfect combo of both the elements. Motion graphics with informative voice over gives out all the necessary information and content needed by audience to absorb and make decision.

4. Various explainer video type options are available –

This is more of a quality of explainer videos instead of a reason that there are several types of explainer videos are available in the market to fulfil all sort of requirements of businesses and organisations. Among product explainer videos, mobile app explainer videos, business explainer videos, educational videos or whiteboard videos you can choose any type as per your requirement. Like while explaining your business idea you can go for business explainer video, for delivering any complex or major informative content that requires a clear depiction of the process then you can go for whiteboard videos. Companies these days also opting for explainer video together with presentations while holding meetings and conferences as they convey the ideas more effectively and precisely.

5. Earn a better ROI –

If you are spending any amount on animated explainer videos then it obviously becomes the part of your marketing cost and where there is any element of cost the expectation to get the return arises. 51% of the marketing guys consider videos the type of content with best ROI. Also another study reveals that using a video for marketing purpose increases your conversion rate or you may also call it sales as directly by 50% as compared to those who does not use any video content in their marketing strategy. Hence every startup that needs to grab their huge market share should opt for animated explainer videos as they are more engaging than any other form of video.

6. Explainer videos are mobile friendly

Because of the fast paced life people need everything at go . They want all the information on their fingertips. Accessing videos is quite a piece of cake now a days as everybody owns a smartphone laced with a high speed internet connection. Animated explainer videos are quite less in size, easy to upload and download, compatible with all the operating system softwares whether it may be on desktop, tablet or mobile. Moreover explainer videos are made by using various softwares such as flash, after effects, premier pro, and so on which gives various format options that makes it easy to use them anywhere.  

7. Have a higher recall rate –

The major challenge for startups is to create their identity and leave their mark on the mind of the consumer. People daily watch several videos on the internet which makes it a bit tough for them to keep a track of all the visual content . But animated explainer videos is something that makes stand out the crowd and also researches show that people tend to retain the visual information for long hence it becomes easy for them to recall. A study conducted has revealed that 82% of the people who watched any video remembers it for 30 days and out of them 12% make the purchase in those 30 days. Seems like an animated explainer video gives you the sales boost you needed.

8. Production of animated explainer videos is a troubless process  –

As compared to live action video of any kind the cost and efforts to make an animated explainer video is quite reasonable. Sometimes creating a live action video takes month but this is not the story with animated explainer videos. They usually have a turnaround rate of very less time which usually depends upon the script and details of video. The process is also quite easy as it requires 5 steps only-

1. Script writing
2. Voice over
3. Storyboard
4. Illustration
5. Animation

And that’s how you get an amazing animated explainer video for your startup.

animated explainer video services

Animation has always appealed to people and these animated explainer videos are being produced to spread excitement and generate interest in people about what the organisations are offering. Startups usually go through the challenge of standing out and built up their name and position in the market, these explainer videos help them to leave their mark, grab their market position and increase the conversion rate really quick by effectively and efficiently putting into the marketing strategy.

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