Top 12 Animated Explainer Video Companies in Bangalore

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Top Animated Explainer Video companies in Bangalore
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    Animated videos that detail the message you are trying to get across can be found everywhere nowadays, but do you think they are one of the alternatives present? 


    Not at all – it is an essential tool in the arsenal of a marketer, organization, government, or individual. 


    They present a simple yet compelling case for the message at hand. Even those who possess minimal knowledge of the subject matter can quickly grasp simple visuals with easy colors on the eye.


    The power of animated explainer videos lies in their simplicity. They are self-explanatory.


    An excellent visual’s impact can never be understated and accompanied by concise audio; these videos can create magic. 


    A more significant number of businesses realize the advantages of an Animated Explainer Video. 


    These videos act as insights into the organization, brand, and product.


    They help brands to:


    • Standout in the sea of competition
    • Help their employees understand organizational goals. 
    • Create awareness on social issues, trumpet achievements
    • Publicize social outreach programs and efforts for social and environmental causes as in going carbon net neutral or recycling efforts. 

    An explainer video is beneficial to the consumer as it saves them time and hassle of going through pages and pages of manuals and brochures to understand the product’s key benefits.


    It also sheds light on how it is the right one for them. As a result, a consumer can make quick decisions by spending less time comparing and quickly analyzing the options at a glance. 


    Before we share with you the list of top animated video production companies in Bangalore, it’s necessary to understand few vital elements related animated videos.

    Want help in understanding how Explainer Videos can amplify your brand's reach?

    Key statistics to understand Explainer Videos

    Any marketer who has used an explainer video will surely use it again as the gains and advantages when making a sales pitch or introducing the product to a first-time customer are excellent.


    It also helps in presenting the product better than a cold call. It can be shown in a non-intrusive manner, unlike unsolicited emails or calls, as proven by the example of Instagram.


    A person is more likely to engage with a short video than a lengthy write-up describing the product. Videos also help boost traffic on the website, generate intrigue, and capture attention quickly.


    By keeping the user engaged, they are more likely to browse when a video welcomes them on the landing page of your website. 


    They help introduce new ideas, explain product functionalities, guide users, act as tutorials, and help collect feedback from the target audience.

    What Makes a Top Animated Explainer Video?

    b2b explainer videos

    Built around your brand, a good Explainer video helps set the message’s tone and introduces the company’s theme, design, colors, and symbols.


    This helps build brand awareness and recognition. It should reflect your organization’s values and philosophy. 


    Explainer videos are to have the following qualities:


    • save time for the audience
    • versatile and usable on multiple platforms
    • short and succinct 
    • light in content and enjoyable for a greater variety of audience
    • touch all key points
    • establish a rapport with the audience
    • create a positive attitude towards the Product or Brand

    Situations and examples used in the video should be everyday instances that the audience finds relatable and should be presented with clarity and simplicity.


    All this might seem a bit too much to evaluate when you are going for your video.


    However, finding the right company that can bring your idea to the screen can be daunting.


    So we have compiled a list of the best in the business when it comes to it.

    Top Animated Explainer Video Companies in Bangalore

    We have looked exhaustively into the industry and come up with the following list, carefully curated. Many criteria were kept in mind while compiling the list.


    These brands can help build a compelling case for your organization and create a unique proposition for your videos. 


    While a pricey bill doesn’t guarantee top-notch products, neither does every cheap deal turn out to be value for money.

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      Yep, that’s us. At MotionGility, we pride ourselves on being one of the foremost companies in the space of animated explainer videos.


      We have served over 141 startups and 537 world-leading enterprises with impactful results gaining the trust of our clientele from a variety of industries.


      We cater to the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether small or big, delivering only the best-in-class videos to every one of the clients.


      Our unwavering dedication and sticking to the correct video creation process enable us to deliver time after time. 

      We have you covered by providing custom, high-quality Explainer videos, Educational videos, Tutorial videos, Product videos, Whiteboard videos, Mobile App videos, and Social Media videos to meet all your marketing needs. 


      Our videos help you stand out from the rest ensuring a unique presence on the web and guaranteeing you success.  

      Visual Connections

      Visual Connections company was established in 2014 and provides many services, including visual effects, corporate videos, explainer videos, advertisements, and commercials.


      Having a host of esteemed clients, they have experience collaborating on large and small projects. A robust background in the product and service sector ensures optimized solutions and a user experience ideal for the customer.

      DreaMart Interactive

      Headquartered in Bangalore, this dynamic company delivers high-quality solutions in a time-bound manner leveraging its expertise in the field. They are keen on increasing efficiencies in their productions and guaranteeing quality. 


      Offering a plethora of services, they can offer services like Architectural walkthrough, Virtual Reality, Corporate video films, Documentaries, animation, brochure design, video film production, among others. Major multinationals are among the clientele.

      Moshi Moshi

      Driven by a desire to achieve a distinguished presence in the media world, they began in the year 2014.


      Starting in digital signage and eventually branching out into the creative field. Unconventional but effective, they have out-of-the-box ideas to yield excellent results and generate specific brand awareness.


      With a focus on helping brands creatively communicate with their stakeholders, Moshi Moshi offers branding, PR, marketing, and Animated Videos.

      VedAtma Animation Studios

      Over two decades of experience coupled with a highly skilled and dedicated team of creative people, they strive to be at the very top.


      With experience in creating content for education, medical, engineering, architecture, marketing, and corporate, they provide services for all multimedia needs.


      In addition, they have web designing and hosting services to complement their animated videos for all types of industries. They have experience with reputed clients and have a laudable reputation.

      Bode Animation

      Established in 2011, they have impacted over 27 countries and work in 19 languages.


      They pride themselves on imbibing the requirements and coming up with innovative and captivating solutions. They are an award-winning team that provides animated explainer videos with a suite of their products.


      In addition, they provide stop motion videos, whiteboard animation, blackboard videos, handcraft motion, and typography. 


      Counting over 200 global clients, Studiotale has the knack for turning your ideas into stories that move the audience.


      Studiotale offers various animation styles and packages with an eye on hard results such as conversion rates of website visitors and ad campaigns. In addition, they are focused on explainer videos and animated product demos.


      Funnily enough, they have the experience of starting by creating the explainer video for their failed startup.

      Animation Explainers

      While a relatively new company established in 2018, Animation Explainers certainly has the numbers to back them up with over 250 clients worldwide.


      They specialize in unique solutions to their global clients, minimalistic and eye-catching with their short videos. They offer the following services-


      • Travel videos, 
      • Medical animation videos, 
      • Induction training videos, 
      • Infographics, 
      • E-Learning videos, 
      • Video editing services, 
      • Research & pitch videos, 
      • Motion graphics videos, 
      • Advertising videos, 
      • Motivational videos, 
      • Explainer videos, and 
      • 2D animations. 

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      Blink Tower

      With over a decade of experience, Blink Tower serves businesses of all sizes, from small startups to corporate behemoths and charities and non-profit groups alike.


      They cater to the needs of both B2B and B2C. They specialize in making interactive and enjoyable videos for the audience. These tailormade videos also allow viewers to click, connect, signup, donate and call.


      In addition, they offer infographics, motion graphics, product demo videos, client testimonial videos, product training videos, and explainer videos.

      Immortal Dreamz

      iDZ or immortal Dreamz offers expertise in two verticals, with game-changing concepts in branding and technology.


      They offer social media marketing, virtual reality, content marketing, search engine optimization, time-lapse videos, online advertising, and explainer videos.

      Immortal Dreamz

      Crux Creative solutions provide website development, social media services, online marketing, and search engine optimization.


      In addition, they offer services in Explanatory videos, corporate video, 2D motion graphic video, Q&A video, product launch videos, and testimonial videos.


      So whether you are looking to refresh your brand or create a comprehensive marketing strategy, they got you covered by helping organizations strategically engage the targeted audience.

      Planet Nutshell

      Want to boost your brand's success and achieve target marketing goals ?

      Wrapping It Up...

      Well, to conclude, you might have now got an idea of what an explainer video is and why it is so essential in the present scenario.


      You might have also understood where you can start looking for a reliable partner if you are in the market for one.


      With our creative and experienced team of animators, illustrators, and video marketing experts, we work on our clients’ explainer video with one goal in mind:


      To help them attain their marketing & revenue goals. And that’s what defines us.

      Just a few details of yours and our video marketing
      expert will contact you within 24 hours