Role of SaaS Explainer Videos in Enhancing User Experience

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Role of SaaS Explainer Videos

I recently came across a marketer’s LinkedIn post stating how he abandoned a SaaS product’s website just because it didn’t have a smooth user experience for a first-time visitor.


The reason was – Upon landing on the website, he couldn’t find any landing page or something convincing that walks him through the software smoothly.


And if you deeply think about the same, it’s a big Red Flag in terms of user experience for thousands of web visitors just like him.


Since SaaS products involve complexities, bad user experience can lead to low signups, high website bounce rates, decline in user growth, etc.


However, thousands of brands today have begun to realize how important the role of SaaS explainer videos can be in enhancing their users’ experience.


These videos when integrated into the user onboarding journey can generate excellent results and enhance how visitors/users interact with a brand’s product.


Let us explore how videos can help improve user experience in detail:

Need help understanding how animated SaaS videos can help you strengthen your customer experience efforts?

Role of SaaS Explainer Videos in improving user experience

User experience is a critical element in a user’s or visitor’s journey. 


And even a tiny discomfort increases the chances of a visitor abandoning the website or app and switching to a competitor’s product.


To avoid such grave scenarios, animated SaaS videos can prove instrumental in helping brands upgrade their users’ journeys on their platforms.


Given that almost 40% of SaaS product users worldwide prefer animated explainer videos for accessing a new product, check out how such videos help enhance user experience:

Help simplify Complex Workflows and Processes

simplify complex saas processes

Using SaaS videos means you don’t have to narrate your product’s features because – you can creatively show them.


If you consider an average SaaS platform, there are multiple integrations in terms of APIs, workflows, dashboard functionalities, etc., that may confuse viewers.


But through animated videos, these complex terminologies and processes can be broken down into crisp infographics for better product communication.


This demonstration is further put into action through the usage of explainer characters and motion graphics thus providing an engaging experience to the viewers.


Here’s a similar video highlighting the pain of industry jargon being communicated effectively through animation:

Zoho | What is CLM?

Target Audience: B2B Enterprises

Video Type: Animated SaaS Explainer 

Animation Style: 2D Motion Graphics

AssetMark | SaaS Explainer Video

Target Audience: B2B Enterprises

Video Type: Animated SaaS Explainer 

Animation Style: 2D Motion Graphics

Easing the User Onboarding journey through interactive elements

Believe it or not but user onboarding is the most critical aspect of a SaaS product. 


And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is exactly the Make or Break stage for a product owner.


Since onboarding a user might come with its own set of difficulties in terms of product comprehension and navigation. 


This is exactly when SaaS onboarding videos can help users grab a crisp overview of the entire product within 90 seconds.


In this example video below, the Project Management giant Asana showcases its dashboard with a fusion of creative elements in the form of catchy icons and screen transitions.


The video is a great example of how a platform’s comprehensive interface can be showcased in an entertaining nature.


The best part is – The entire video is a Great Kickstarter for first-time users as it finely emphasizes the ease of adoption.


Check it out:

Meet Asana - Your Work Manager

Target Audience: B2B Companies

Video Type: Product Explainer 

Industry: Project Management

Getting Started in Confluence | Atlassian

Target Audience: B2B Companies

Video Type: Product/Platform Explainer 

Industry: Project Management

The defining role of SaaS explainer videos in today’s competitive and clutter-filled marketing scenario cannot be understated.


For hundreds of top-notch and other SaaS companies worldwide, they have proved to be highly instrumental in helping them achieve their target marketing goals.


As with the two key Customer UX reasons shared above, this reinforces the thought why every SaaS company needs an explainer video to market their products.

Want to avoid losing visitors and improve Customers' Onboarding journey on your SaaS platform?


To say the least, the role of saas explainer videos is to just simplify and make the technical aspects of products engaging for the audience.


As a result, rich visuals with a crisp narration in the backdrop effectively help SaaS brands communicate their complex product with ease.


This makes the product more accessible and easy to understand.

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